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Thanks to FlyLady… my son has told me to flush after I clean, because he can’t see his pee in the toilet. That is just too funny, but makes me proud.Presentation1

Since our apartment is so tiny, I can get the Weekly Home Blessing, which I do on Sunday evening, done in less than an hour.


Our tiny, but organized living room

This week it was our master bedroom, including the closet with the washer and dryer. Hubby mostly sleeps in this room. His snoring is quite horrific, so bad that I truly can not get any sleep at all. I prefer to sleep in the living room, where I  know it is much cleaner. While hubby changed the sheets I believe that is all he has done. There are still clothes hanging everywhere, but he did vacuum.


our plain apartment bedroom, but pretty organized.

I still need to clean out my night stand and work on my closet, but then the rest the room will be cleaned from floor to ceiling.


YES, it’s a dark picture. I wanted to keep my unmentionables a little hidden. To save space I keep my undergarments all on the back of the closet door in shoe storage.

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Cozi Calendar LOVE

Without my Cozi Calendar, I would freak out.

I have birthdays, appointments, vitamin reminders, meetings, FlyLady morning and evening routines, FlyLady Zones, and FlyLady Daily Focuses all in my schedule.

There is no way I can ever function without this calendar in my life. I try to explain to people what exactly it is, but I get so excited and possibly scare them. Oooops. I am just thrilled by how easy it is to use and how much it has changed my life.


My home page shows our picture and the various links we can go to.


My calendar page shows what I have to do each day, the color dots show each person who is involved in the task. You have a variety of colors to choose from.


My to do list…as I complete each task, I check them off. When all completed, I uncheck them and start all over again. DARN ringer volume…grrr.

What do you use to get organized? Do you have a cleaning routine?

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I’m FLYing

I’ve been posting about my love for FlyLady Clipping Curtains and FlyLady and FlyLady and Cozi Calendar…well, I can’t begin to tell you how much she has changed my life.

My place is cleaner than it has EVER been, cleaner than when I had my own schedule.

Between the

Habits of the Month

The Current FLY Zone and detailed missions

Daily Focus

My place is rocking, don’t get me wrong. I still have loads more to do, but what a difference…not only in the way it looks, but the way it feels.

With her swish and swipe  my toilet is clean enough to eat off, this is definitely a toilet I would want to get sick in. Balboa’s  toys can fall behind the toilet and I don’t care that he sticks his head there to get them, because it’s clean! I know that when my son goes to the bathroom and touches the toilet I no longer cringe and worry about what germs he’s contracting.


Now that son is old enough, he knows that he can’t play with the cleaning products. I can happily keep them within reach for a fast swish and swipe or wipe up.


My fridge is amazing and less cluttered. It’s not just about getting rid of clutter in your house, it’s about getting rid of clutter in your life. Can I keep my family healthy with items in the back of the fridge that I can’t see? I know what’s in my fridge and know when it needs to be tossed and I do it immediately.

Something spilled in the fridge? before I would pretend it wasn’t there saying I would do it later, now I WANT to keep it clean and quickly clean it up with just soap and water.

WARNING…It’s an OLD fridge in a rented apartment…despite that it looks GREAT! 


Everything has it’s place and container. In a few days the cold cuts will be used up and new ones will be bought and placed into the right container. The pot roast will be eaten, the container emptied and, hold a new dinner. I have room for my son’s lunch bag and even have room for mine (not pictured).


clean kitchen

clean kitchen2

clean kitchen3

clean kitchen4

this post is my opinion, I was not paid or asked to write it.

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