All out of flour

So after seeing the Healthy Pizza Pocket tutorial on The Busy Mom’s Diet Blog I had to try it.

Healthy Pizza Pocket

Now, if you haven’t realized already, I make up my own rules when cooking and try things on the fly. I don’t really follow recipes exactly and like to experiment. I find that when I do that my dinners turn out much better.

For starters, hubby was late and kind of messed me up, I wanted us to do this as a family. So I was doing this in a rush while watching Dinosaur climb on the couch and swiffer pole.

I didn’t use whole wheat dough, I have bad reactions to whole so we used the dreaded white dough, LOL. I didn’t have any flour, I thought we did, but we didn’t. Without flour, a rolling pin was useless. But that is okay, we can improvise and figure it out. That’s the fun part. I want my son, even though he wasn’t helping this time, to know that cooking is fun. We are not supposed to be perfect and orderly, messy is good. Cooking should be fun, NOT a chore.

I used my sauce and homemade meatballs (with zucchini chunks). I have to sneak veggies in anyway I can. I also used soy cheddar cheese and totally forgot about the eggs. I will post about my meatballs on one of the Tuesday posts in the future.

I will now be moving Healthy Pizza Pockets  from my “Recipes to try” list on Pinterest to “Recipes I Tried and Loved

Super messy, using just olive oil and sauce. I think I over did it on the sauce, oooops.
On the pan they looked horrific, I was worried they were going to be too thick and doughy. Next time I am going to bake them on the iron cast skillet.

On the plate they looked really good. The soy cheese was spilling out and the dough was red from sauce.
That first bite was magical, but the real test was Dinosaur. He totally approved and would not put the pizza pocket down in between bites.
He ate an ENTIRE pizza pocket. He is one messy, but sated dinosaur.

 Do you like to follow recipes exactly as they are written? 
Or do you prefer to experiment as you go?

I also wanted to share my stove with you. It’s an electric stove and I spent ten years cooking on a gas one. I have to say electric heats up faster and cooks quicker, so it took some getting used to.

As I have stated in previous posts, we live in a small apartment and ALL of the appliances are outdated, but still work. That is what happens when you rent. How old is my stove? Well, I’m not sure, but here are some pics to show you how old it is.

If you can’t see from that pic, how about this one? The timer and clock doesn’t work, I use my phone to time how long foods are baking/boiling. Yes, there is a pocket knife on the stove, that is our letter opener. We open our mail right away and throw useless information in the garbage. It’s not a perfect plan and we sometimes forget, but it works for the most part.
Do you have updated appliances? 
Or do you love your outdated appliances and all their quirks?

Daily: run washing machine if full, put away clothes, clean up kitchen
Tuesday: clean the bathroom 
7th: wash bathmats
What’s your cleaning agenda today? 

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Chai Tea and Ice Cream

 Mommy’s Chai Tea
To me the perfect tea drink is my homemade chai tea. I know what is going into it and it’s cheaper than getting it in a store. Please ignore the duct tape in the background. We never know when we will need it, LOL. 

Start with sugar in the mug then add one Lipton tea bag, no other tea is quite like it.  I know they have iced tea bags, but I prefer the taste of hot tea cooled off.

Then add the boiling water, obviously.

In a tumblr add lots of ice
Trader Joe’s chocolate almond milk OR you can use their vanilla almond milk as well.
After tea has brewed in mug, pour tea into tumblr. I pour it in the sink,
to make spills an easy clean up. 

Then enjoy every delicious sip…oh so yummy and refreshing on a summer day. You can have it on the go or enjoy it at home.  

How do you enjoy your tea? Any special ingredients?
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 Dinosaur’s favorite ice cream

We love this ice cream, not only is it dairy free, but Dinosaur feels like he is eating ice cream he sees other people eat. They are  too big though, that is my only complaint.
 ALMOND DREAMĀ® Vanilla Dessert Bar

Now I wish I was able to find this in stores, but I don’t see it anywhere I live. Such a shame, a few of these would be the perfect portion for Dinosaur. 

ALMOND DREAM Dessert Bites

Dinosaur happily eating his ice cream bar. Don’t mind the wires to the right, lol
What is your favorite dessert?


New Products and Store Frustrations

I found this new product, well it’s new to me. I have always liked Skippy peanut butter, but can’t always bring it to daycare since they restrict peanut products. At home I can eat it every day for lunch; adding apples, bananas, mangoes and other fruits to the sandwich to mix it up and add nutritional value.

I’ve used a lot of jelly and preserves over the years, but after finding Mango Butter in Trader Joe’s I am hooked. It doesn’t clump, fall out, and get sticky like jelly, jam, or preserves. I will have to save up and get more.

Since my local health food store doesn’t carry any sunflower butter, I also use Trader Joe’s sunflower butter for daycare. It does get a little greasy, but keeping a paper towel underneath it helps. 

I am disappointed in my local stop and shop store. They have just left a sour taste in my mouth. First their brand of freezer bags opened up too many times at the WORST times. Then they had expired almond milk products out for over a month. Yesterday they a had NO almond milk products at all. NONE. ZERO. ZIP. They are reorganizing the store and forgot to order more almond milk I guess. 
It’s frustrating because they will double coupons up to 99c, but that is just not enough to keep my loyalty. Now I have to find a local store with good savings that accepts coupons. I do a good deal of shopping in Walgreens and Rite Aide because of their deals, coupon rules, and money back in the form of register rewards and up rewards respectively. But they don’t sell meat, almond milk, fresh fruit and veggies.
Trader Joe’s has lower prices than the supermarkets. Instead of buying frozen meatballs I’ll buy the ingredients and make my own. The brand of almond milk and rice milk was cheaper than the local supermarket. They have a pre-made  guacamole and hummus mix which is AWESOME! Dinosaur and I love hummus and guacamole, but I CAN NOT make hummus and suck at making guacamole. 
And I just found this site lists the deals and manufacturer coupons each week for Trader Joe’s. How cool is that! 

Where do you shop for fresh foods? How many stores do you use for grocery shopping? Do you use/like Trader Joe’s?