You DON’T Know It All

So tired of people telling me about allergies and dairy.

Dinosaur was born at 35 weeks at 4lbs 6oz, due to preeclamapisa, which should have been diagnosed by my FORMER doctor. He was in the NICU for 12 days due to lack of ability to suck. During that time I had numerous people say I was suffering from post-partum depression, which was frustrating and annoying. Everyone WHO HAD NEVER HAD A BABY OR NEVER HAD A BABY IN THE NICU WHILE THEY WERE STUCK IN THE MATERNITY WARD all had comments to make about how it would be okay or how I was feeling. Yes, I was depressed, any mom would be if you had to be let into a locked room to see your newborn son and go home without him. It was NOT what I expected at all. I was mourning for the loss of birth I expected. But, I also loved my son and held, kissed, fed, rocked, and talked to him every chance.

I cried a lot and everyone, but my mother was the only one who understood that I was just sad about the situation, NOT suffering from PPD. Everyone, except my mother, kept giving me advice and told me stories which only pissed me off more.

He couldn’t breast feed and I had numerous infections in a two-month span, so I decided to do formula and I am very happy with my decision, but that is a story for another day. He spent so much time at doctor’s appointments and was put on inhalers for asthma, since my father-in-law and  SIL’s oldest son have asthma issues. I kept asking if he was allergic to dairy, but doctors and everyone else said NO.

He was then put on a very special and expensive formula with no soy or dairy, and he was a little better, but still sick all the time. Then he started drinking milk, because I was bombarded that milk was what he needed and he would be fine. Well, his “outside allergies” got worse and was going to be put on a higher dose of singular.  His colds were horrific, when he got sick he would be sick for up to two weeks and I would have to sleep with him for about three nights, because he coughed ALL NIGHT.

Thankfully I went to a chiropractor recommended to me and after casually talking about son’s allergies he suggested I take son off all dairy for five days. Now, I have IBS and can’t have any dairy myself, but was pissed that I should have listened to myself. So I immediately took him off all dairy, which was hard to do at first, and gave him almond and rice milk to drink and substituted soy cheese for regular cheese. Well, needless to say after only three days, all his allergies disappeared. He did NOT need any singular, and I have not used the inhaler for asthma since I took him off dairy over a year ago.

Of course some people can’t handle that and every time they see me have comments to make. They insist  that I get him tested for allergies to prove that I am wrong. They insist that Dinosaur will grow out of it. They insist that because FIL has allergies, Dinosaur does too. Well, could it be that FIL should eliminate dairy and maybe half of his allergies would go away.

I am NOT forcing anyone else to go dairy free, I am not forcing my beliefs that cow’s milk really isn’t healthy for anyone and should only be fed to cows. I feel…”LIVE AND LET LIVE”, so why do other people feel the need to get me to live how they want? Is my son’s lack of reactions to outside allergies not enough evidence? Is my son’s ability to now sleep through the night with a cold not enough evidence? Is my son’s lack of need for medicine not enough evidence?

Or how about, it’s not your flipping business what I choose to feed my son. It don’t care if you have three, ten, or one kid, you are NOT my child’s parent. You do not get to tell me how to raise my son.

I have never been good around know-it-all people and would always speak my mind. Now, I am just getting nasty and braver. Perhaps I should print out all the evidence that dairy causes allergies just hand it to him and other annoying people and tell them to get their facts straight before they decide to talk about what they know nothing about.

Anyway, I knew there was something wrong with my pregnancy, but everyone kept telling me after six years of trying to get pregnant I should stop complaining and enjoy it. I WAS RIGHT, I had preeclampsia

I knew that having that breathing tube down his nose into his throat and his failure to suck was going to result in speech issues and I WAS RIGHT! Dinosaur had speech services for a year. 

I knew that once  all his allergies disappeared, he was in fact allergic to dairy, and he has been better ever since, I WAS RIGHT.

Thank you for letting me rant today.

run washing machine if full, put away dried clothes, clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
dust all furniture
wipe down cabinets

What’s your cleaning agenda today? 

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Dinosaur’s Side of the Story

So my mommy has been doing a lot of complaining lately and I think it’s time I tell you my side of the story.

First of all, it is not my fault that the plexiglass over the screen door is so cheap and breaks easily. All I did was hold on to it and it snapped in half on its own. I must be a strong dinosaur.

~duct tape over original crack~

 Then mommy puts that gray tape on it, but it snaps in half again. I think she should blame the company that makes the plexiglass and not a three year old innocent little boy.

~more duct tape on second crack~

Do I look like I am capable of doing that damage? Look at my sweet innocent face.

~sad face when he broke the plexiglass~

Then mommy and daddy put tape on the screen door lock and wooden door lock, because they think I am going to lock them out of the house. Is it my fault that the locks are fun and exciting to play with? Again, mommy is blaming the wrong person.

~duct tape over screen door lock~
~packaging tape over door knob lock~

I have a few questions of my own. Why is not okay for me to drive a car? They look so fun with all their buttons and big steering wheel.

~jumped from car seat into drivers sea and insisted on driving to store~
Why can’t I put sticks in a car’s tailpipe?
Why can’t I put rocks in wheels of a cars?
Why can’t I throw toys at the TV?
Why can’t I drink out of Balboa’s water bowl?
Why can’t put toys in people’s drinks?

I think mommy makes all these rules up to just be mean. I bet you all can do those super fun things? What mean rules do you make your kids follow?       

Never again will I…

…let hubby plan and book a vacation, no matter how hard he pleads to help me. Hubby  meant well, but we are staying at the hotel in hell. He booked a package deal for Sesame Place and got the hotel in the worst part of town with NO pool. What was he thinking.. or rather NOT thinking? The first room didn’t have a working fridge and the second room was missing a desk. There bathroom was not cleaned well and there was hair on the floor. I spent half and hour cleaning that bathroom before I would let my boys step one foot in there. The people who work here are clueless, seriously. One person said she never heard of any diners in the area! Isn’t she supposed to know the area?

If we ever do this again, we are going to stay in a hotel closer to Philadelphia so we can visit both Sesame and Philly. I will plan it out and make sure its a great hotel and itinerary.

On the bright side, Dinosaur loved Sesame Place. He was in awe of the character breakfast and rocked all the water rides. I thought he would be scared but he was crying for more. Even though the heat was a killer, being soaked from the water rides helped us stay cool. When the heat got to be too much for dinosaur and he started to get tired we put him in his strolled and covered him with a wet blanket. That was his personal AC and he LOVED it. Soon he was off to dream land and we got to relax in the shade near our car.

The Crayola Facotry was an awesome place to visit but not for a wild dinosaur who wants to be constantly moving. That place is for kids who like to sit and focus on what they are doing, which is NOT my son. I will do a better job of researching a place before going to it based on its name. I want to make sure my son gets the most of his vacations.

Anyone ever learn from their vacation mistakes?

Taking a dinosaur on vacation

Packing last minute items and trying to load the car with a 3yr old dinosaur is NOT fun, at all. He spilled gold fish all over the rug three times and kept trying to leave the house in the rain. Then laid down in the middle of the floor, exhausted from his destruction.

Then I had to explain to him and answer thirty “whys?” as to why we can not bring ALL his toys on vacation.

When we finally left the house, we had a late breakfast at our local diner. Dinosaur loves to play with his cars, and drawing a road always keeps him busy.

After a few minutes on the road he thankfully fell asleep, but it only lasted an hour.

He DID NOT NAP the rest of the day. Instead he ran around the mall in PA screaming like a maniac and trying to run away form us. Are vacations fun for parents? Maybe I’ll feel different when we go to Sesame Place tomorrow.

This photo was taken only minutes after he got to the mall, exactly five minutes later his rampage of terror began. The rampage which left both my husband and I in a state of exhaustion, one that I don’t think we will ever recover from.

Now we sit in the hotel bed, playing with the horse and barn set daddy bought him at Cracker Barrel. You would have thought hubby bought him a real horse, he was beyond excited.This came in handy as we had to move hotel rooms since the fridge was NOT working. They moved us to another room with a working fridge, but an old AC and dirty bathroom. I WILL be leaving poor reviews when we leave and on the website. Yes, I will blog about their poor service, after I leave.

Here’s to hoping that tomorrow will be a fun day with son at Sesame Place. I can’t wait to see his reaction to the character lunch and water parks. Every moment he is thrilled makes me excited, seeing it all through his eyes is a wonderful trip.

How do you all survive vacation with the kids? 

Saturday – Dinosaur Says

Finally my chance to speak. ROOOOOAAAARRRR

The only reason I go shopping with mommy is to help her. She would forget half the food if I wasn’t there to hold the list, jump around and not listen when she asks me to stay next to her. When we went to the toy store, there were these cool rides, but she said I had to wait till after we were done shopping. Hey if I am going to get a toy, I can wait to ride the elephant and truck.

Well, imagine my horror when she DIDN’T get me a toy and only let me ride the elephant ONCE. Of course I cried and kicked my feet, wouldn’t you? I should have at least gotten six rides out of that elephant and four from the truck behind me.

I need to have a talk with mommy about her parenting, one ride was not fair. After all, she bought a gift for another kid and bought me NOTHING. I think I deserved the fun, don’t you? Maybe you can all talk to mommy for me?


 My Pop Pop stayed with us this weekend and we went out to dinner. I love my Pop Pop, but he is too nervous. I’m a boy and need to move around. He wants me to sit still, aint gonna happen.

Anyway, here we are waiting for our food. He looks really old in this picture and almost like his head was pasted onto his body. LOL. But he is still my buddy.