New Furniture and Toys


 Some new and exciting things happening over here. First mommy is trying to get me to sleep till 6 instead of 5. She says it will make me feel better in the morning and when she goes back to work she will have more time to get ready if I am still sleeping. I think she’s pretty mean, but if I get toys from it I’m okay with that.

chartMommy bought me the batman cave. Aunt Julieann and Uncle Adam bought me the Batman jail a few weeks ago. So now I have two cool places for my people.

cavesMy people bin is full of lots of people: superheros, Scooby-Doo people, Disciple Me people, Thanksgiving figurines, robots, and other people I picked up along the way.

peopleI told mommy any superhero, Spiderman, Batman, Scooby-Doo and robots would be great prizes for my chart. What other things do you think I should ask for?

I have been using mommy’s old dresser for my clothes, but it was so old some drawers didn’t close. So when my cousin Micheal got new furniture because he is a big boy, I got his old dresser and chest. Isn’t that cool?

I went from having one old dresser to having a NEW dresser and a NEW chest. On the dresser I have my TV, batman places and people. My easel fits between the chest and dresser, great place for it, right?

dresserOn the chest I have photos, my sleep machine, and other things that I need.


What do you think of my new furniture? Do you bribe your kids to do
what you want them to do?


Dino’s mom here…He is doing really well with the chart…I bought him these colored blocks that look like jenga…you can do a number of things with them. He is starting a new line and is almost done with it…soon I’ll give him the Spider man play castle. I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into. With each new toy he gets rid of another toy…but OMG…it costs money.


I am thinking about…

(a) smaller gifts (like small superheros and cars)

(b) choices of favorite things to do..which might be just as expensive

(c) putting ideas and tickets for toys/activities in a jar and letting him pick but what if he doesn’t like what he picked?

what do you all think? any suggestions? 

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CollageLast week I posted about starting Team Dino…and so many of you want to be just like me, a cool dinosaur. Then I found another dinosaur with a blogging mommy, just like me. That’s right, TWO DINOSAURS. Being a dinosaur makes him automatically part of Team Dino! Go check out the other Dino…

Mommy helped me line up all my dinosaur’s in a circle and helped me get in the middle. I asked mommy to help me match the my dinosaurs to the ones in books. I want to know there real names.

I look just like a dinosaur, right? 


 Trying to keep my dinosaur’s from falling over.


I think they keep moving on purpose.


That’s better.


Which dinosaur is your favorite?


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Before I tell you my story, mommy wanted to share the three things she would NEVER do from yesterday’s post.

Mommy would NEVER go sky diving from a plane she is too scared of heights. She told me that when she was fourteen her mommy and daddy (La La and Pop Pop) made her climb to crown of Statue of Liberty. She said it made her fear of heights worse.

Mommy would NEVER swim with the dolphins She is too scared of sharks and other sea creatures lurking in the dark ocean eating her up…I would love to swim with dolphins though. I’m braver than mommy.

Mommy would NEVER  ride on a roller coaster .Mommy would never go on a ride that goes up in the air and moves around fast. She said that she would have to be drugged and after she got off she would hurt those who put her on the ride. 

Some of you guessed wrong…but Mommy wanted me to explain…she wants to learn how to change a tire just in case she ever got stuck and had no help. She REALLY wants a tattoo and swears one day she will get it. Mommy is getting better at crocheting and makes cool scarves and hats. I don’t know what laser hair removal is, but Mommy said if she had the money she would she would and happily throw out her razors and wax.  She loves to dance and really wants to pole dance for exercise…she is so weird. Once mommy gets into better shape and feels better, she would LOVE to run a marathon.

Most of you KNEW that Mommy would love to be serenaded by Jackson Rathbone, she is crazy.

Did you guess correctly? 


for calendar5

I have some thing to admit…

I broke the standing fan in the living room by stabbing it with my sword. It’s not my fault though, mommy and daddy should only have things that can’t be broken in the house. It’s almost like they wanted me to break it. Mommy got a new one, I’ll wait the proper amount of time before I break that one.

I keep climbing on the table and jumping on the couch. If they didn’t want me jumping on the couch they shouldn’t have it in the house and make it so much fun.

I keep slamming the toilet bowl seat and cover, but I can’t help it. I have HUGE muscles and am a strong dinosaur. What do they expect?

I shove food in my mouth and they tell me to slow down. They don’t realize I CAN’T…the faster I eat the more time I have for playing. Don’t they understand that? If they don’t stop telling me how to eat, I will eat so slow, it’ll be bedtime before I finish.

I am super cute, give lots of love, hugs, and kisses…but you all knew that already.

Dinosaur’s Story: Our Vacation


It’s Saturday and time for my story again…this time it’s about our vacation. We went away last week…none of you knew….hee hee hee… Mommy said we couldn’t tell anyone till we got back for safety reasons.

Rocking Horse Ranch

I had fun at Rocking Horse Ranch… look at all the cool things I got to.


swimming at the indoor pool with cool slides

pool pool2

pony rides

horse back riding horse back riding2 horse back riding3

bungee jumping

bungee jumping bungee jumping2 bungee jumping3

watching horses go back to their fields at the end of the day

horses horses2

playing in an awesome playground

playground playground1

kayaking with my daddy while mommy freaked outkayaking kayaking2 kayaking3

rock climbing (I don’t have a harness because the wall moves down as I climb up…cool, right? rock climbing

learning about reptiles and petting a boa constrictor

snake snake2 snake3

painting souvenirs to remember our vacation

painting painting.jpg2

dancing and magic at night. I got cool moves, right? Mommy’s camera STINKS at action and dark photos…so sorry for the pad pics

dancin3 dancing dancing2

Running around the big field, I don’t have this big of a backyard at home. 

running up hillrunning up hill2

Mommy is going to post her opinion of the vacation tomorrow, so stay tuned.


CollagewordsIt’s Saturday and time for my story again. I’m super cool and awesome on my bike, but I have a few questions.

How does it work? Why is it hard to push the pedals? Why does my bike stop when I pedal backwards? Why does it need a break? Why is there a chain on my bike? Who created the bike? After you answer all these questions please tell me why for each one.



CAM04423 CAM04422PNG CAM04430PNG CAM04418PNG CAM04417PNG CAM04416PNG CAM04415PNG



CollagePNGwordsIt’s Saturday and time for my story again. Mommy used part of a box to draw dinosaurs. Then she let me color them. I wanted to use markers, but she said since I drew on the wall and couch with the markers I couldn’t use them right now. That’s not really fair…I will have to find a way to sneak them, I know EXACTLY where they are.PNG   CAM04448PNG CAM04449PNG CAM04450PNG CAM04451PNG



What do you think of my coloring?



It’s Saturday and time for my story once again. Mommy said she was so proud of me, want to know why? I rode a bigger bike and I did an awesome job.

Aunt Julieann, Uncle Adam, and my cousins Nicholas, Michael, and Vanessa bought me a cool SpiderMan bike for my birthday. I’ve been really scared to ride it, but then I decided to give it a chance and I ROCK!

I pedal pretty good for only a few times


I can turn fast and freak mommy out

 CAM04277PNG CAM04264PNG

Or I crash into the garage and do cool tricks while giving Mommy gray hairs. Don’t worry she loves gray hairs so it’s all good.


Here’s some cool videos of me riding my bike and Mommy showing how proud she is of me.

Dress up with Mommy

coverIt’s Saturday and time for my story again. Even though Mommy can be mean sometimes by making stupid rules, she is a good mommy. I don’t always want to clean up, eat my food, or get dressed; but she makes me. She says it’s because she loves me, but I think she likes to torture me.

Though she has a evil side, she can be lots fun too. When I want to act silly, dress up, and take pics with my mom being silly she does without thinking twice. She says she wants me to have lots of memories of all the fun we had together, but I think she might use these pics against me when I am older. I may have to hack into her account and delete them.

Anyway, here are some photos of us having fun playing dress up. CAM03565 CAM03561 CAM03560 CAM03552 CAM03554 CAM03558 CAM03551 CAM03550 CAM03549

I tried to make Balboa dress up too, but he refused.


Does your mommy do silly and fun things with you?

Taking a Walk

It’s Saturday and time for my story again. When the weather is nice, mommy and me go for walks around town.

Mommy brings my stroller in case I get tired and don’t want to walk anymore. Though I love to walk like a big boy now. I get to press the buttons that say we can walk. As long as I walk close to mommy on the sidewalk and hold her hand as we cross the street, mommy says I can walk. 


Okay, I’m ready for a great walk mommy.


I love watching the cars drive by.


I made mommy buy a super expensive hot dog and then refused to eat.


Here’s all the great things I told mommy to take a picture of on our walk. Mommy says I have a great eye for pictures.




walk4 walk6

showing mom how I can walk like a big boy and how I can stop before I get to the street.







We had a great walk. I wish this rain would stop so we can go walking again.

I Rock

It’s Saturday and time for my story again!


I’ve been in the fours classroom at daycare for a week now and I am doing awesome! Last week we did an experiment with gummy bears and water, the next day it got HUGE in the cup. I didn’t think that would happen, I love learning new things. When I come home I just want to play with cars, but mommy suggested we do something fun with cars.

Mommy said we should put the cars on the matching construction paper. I didn’t want to work, but it turned out to be lots of fun.

My mommy ROCKS!

 car colors2


See what a great job I did!

car colors

Now, I’m just waiting to mash all the cars together.

car colors3