My Cozy Bed

It’s Saturday and time for my story again.


Mommy says I have too many animals and toys in my bed, but I love sleeping with them. They keep  me safe and I like being all squished in with them. I have Clifford, Duckie, Buckie, Tryone, Pablo, Rexie, Dino, three Doggies, one Bear, Piggy, Crocodile, Woody, Buzz, my cars and my dinosaurs. I think that’s it.

Sure sometimes I lose animals or toys in the middle of the night, but that’s what mommy is for.

What do you like to sleep with? Do your parents try to take them away?




What evil tricks or lies have you told your kids to get them to listen?…then provide your name and address so I can tell your kids what you have done!


Two bloggers gave mommy an idea. Carla said mommy should show more Balboa. Miranda said mommy should let Balboa blog again, so I am sharing my Saturday posts with him now. He used to have a blog before I came along, but he got too busy running away from me. So thanks So here’s my doggie, Balboa.


Finally I get to speak, about time. It’s been years. Dogs always get forgotten about. Sure I do a lot of hiding that darn kid is always roaring in my face and trying to put toys on me.

When I do get a moment to myself, a QUIET moment, I just want to chew on a treat. Hey, could I PLEASE get a treat in this toy, that is what it is for.

Hey wait, did I see something moving. Maybe a leaf got in the house and I need to kill it.


Silly Bike Rules

It’s Saturday and time for my story again!  I know you wait all week for this.


Remember the post of me riding my bike like a super cool dude? Well, now I am even better at it. I’ve been practicing and building my riding muscles. I don’t need mommy to push when I get stuck, I just use my powerful legs.

I want to ride my bike all over town, but mommy says I need more practice, have to wear a helmet, and have to listen when mommy and daddy says stop. Why do they have so many silly rules. I just want to ride. How about you talk to them for me, okay?

Oh, and there are other rules too. I have to keep both hands on the handle bar, have to not crash into the cars on purpose, and not go past a certain line in the driveway. I need to start making rules for mommy and daddy to follow.

new bike3

new bike2

Balboa thinks everything that moves in the wind is an animal he has to hunt down and eat. Mommy and daddy get mad, because he will throw it up in the house. The have to keep him on a leash to keep from running all over the driveway to eat falling leaves and sticks.

I know he’s not hungry, because I help mommy and daddy feed him in the morning.  Do your doggies eat things they are not supposed to and then get sick?


Riding My Bike


I learned to ride my tricycle on my own. I kept falling and tipping over and my mommy had to walk behind me to make sure I didn’t tip over as I turned the handle bars. Mommy made sure I didn’t fall over from going to fast and had to remind me to look where I was going and to not get to close to the car or I could hurt my hands.

I wanted mommy to keep holding on to me, I was scared. The more I practiced, the more she let go of me. I didn’t understand why? I thought she was being mean, but then suddenly I was doing it all on my own. Mommy looked so happy and said she was proud of me.

It took a couple of times, but I did it all by myself!!!

I think she was even crying a bit. Why do mommy’s cry when they are happy? That makes no sense at all.




Mommy even got a video of me in action. Look at me, I’m rockin’.

Don’t I have a super cool bike?

Shooting Dinosaurs


It’s Saturday and time for my story again! I know you all wait impatiently for my stories, just makes your days, right? Well, you’ll like this one.

As a dinosaur, I must protect my family from evil dinosaurs. It began as a normal, spring day. I lined up my special bikes and they were all ready to be filled with gas, when I heard a growling.


So I grabbed my special gas tank and immediately changed it into a laser shooter that
destroys evil dinosaurs and monsters. I told mommy to stand back while I had a look.


Then I spotted them, all walking around trying to eat and fart on us. I shot them and turned
them into ashes. 


Then I heard one near mommy. I told her to watch out while I shot the evil dinosaur behind her. What would she do without me?


Up Early and Ready

It’s Saturday and time for my story again!

I went to bed late at 8:50 and fell asleep right away, I was so tired. Then I got up at 4:52…mommy was so tired, but I was refreshed and ready to go.

You can’t waste time sleeping when there are so many things to do. So mommy let me watch some TV in the living room since I won’t let her sleep. She really should be thanking me for helping her get up early.


“Hey Mommy, stop looking so sad. Let’s sing and dance.”


Is your mommy and daddy so whiny and tired in the morning too?

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Family Fun

It’s Saturday and time for my story once again!

I had a super fun day with my mommy and daddy. First we went to eat at our favorite diner, Dimitris. Everyone there is so nice and the food is yummy. Though I prefer to play with my toys than eat, I am a kid after all.

Then we headed off to Kohls to get sheets for the bed and I got daddy to buy me a Spider-man sprinkler. Mommy and daddy says it will be broken before summer comes, but I don’t care. I love spinning him around and pretending he is shooting webs at everyone.

spider man toy

Before you email or comment about my straps, I would not let mommy finish strapping me in until she took a picture of my Spider-Man toy. Mommy is SUPER crazy about my car seat and checks it after anyone but her straps me in. AND the coat looks bulky, but it is quite thin, I was just slouching before mommy fixed it. 

Then we were off to Monster Mini Golf, my parents had a feeling I would be scared, but they took a chance anyway. I am glad they did. While I didn’t like mini golf because of all the scary monsters, the arcade was fun and I won two cool toys with all my tickets.


SAME disclaimer about the car seat…SEE ABOVE PICTURE…
Anyway, like my monster finger and rubber snake?

Then we went to subway for lunch and I got my own sandwich. I’m one lucky kid. Mommy and daddy said I was eating like a gentleman (wiping my mouth with a napkin after every bite).

subway lunch

Tomorrow my Lala and PopPop are coming up to celebrate Easter with us and then we are going down to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house on Sunday. I’m going to get lots of attention. Mommy says I am blessed, I just think I’m really lucky.

Snowing Again?

It’s Saturday and time for my story again.

I can’t believed it snowed again, I LOVE snow and love to play in it and throw snowballs at my mommy and daddy. But I really wanted to ride my bike and play ball on the grass.

A few days ago I was playing outside with mommy. We had to stay off the grass it was muddy and gross, but I still had fun. I played ball with Balboa

wed soccer ball

Kicked another ball around. Mommy tried to get it, but I was too fast for her.

wed kicking ball 

I rode my car around the driveway. Mommy said I’m too big for the car and I should ride my tricycle instead. I think I can still squeeze
into it, right?

wed car ride

Now, everything is covered ins now again and I have to wear my snowsuit to play in the snow. Mommy said even if it melts, the grass will be all muddy and yucky.

At least I got to play in the snow yesterday.

snowy Saturday3

I made m own snow slide.

snowy Saturday2

Then we built a snowman. Daddy said it doesn’t count because it’s built into the pile of snow, but I really like what mommy and I did.

snowy Saturday4

What do you all think?

You ready for spring or want more snow?

Early Riser

It’s Saturday and time for my story again.

Mommy says I get up too early, but I think there is so much to do and don’t want to miss anything. Mommy says she used to be an early riser, she used to get up early and do lots of things. Now she says she would just like to sleep till 6:00.

I laugh to myself, 6 am? That is too late and so much will have been missed by that time.

sleeping mommy

Should I jump on mommy to wake her up?

I NEED to get up about 5 am and start my dinosaur routine.

Now that mommy and daddy have bought something called Netflix on the computer, I get to watch this show on their. They say soon I will get to watch it on TV.

I want to be a part of their team, so I keep screaming “GO DINO!” all the time and try to change into a dinosaur.

Which dino do you think I should change into?

No More Diapers

big boy now

It’s Saturday and time for my story again.

I don’t need to wear diapers or pullups during the day anymore. I still wear them at night, in case I have an accident. I wear cool and hip undies and can almost dress myself.  big boy now 2

So now that I am a big boy, I thought I would work on some old topics with mommy.

1. Eat chocolate, cake, cookies, and lollipops whenever I want

2. Watch whatever I want on TV

3.  Jump, run, and scream anytime I want.

4. Go to bed when I want

5. Choose what rules to follow

What did mommy say to all that???? She gave me her mommy look and said “Not happening, dude.”

I think I’ll have to sneak out how to hypnotize your parents into doing what you want books from the library. Any good book suggestions?