Another Saturday and time for my story. Did you all know I LOVE dinosaurs? Seriously, I LOVE dinosaurs, they are cool, big, loud and love to ROAR. I love to roar too. Mommy says that my throat will hurt if I keep roaring, but it’s so much fun.

Mommy got jealous and wanted to wear my Dinosaur hat too, she tried to roar…but it wasn’t as awesome or scary as my roars.

I told mommy to tape me roaring and I made her laugh, I love when my mommy laughs. But before you watch the videos turn DOWN the volume, I am a LOUD dinosaur.


A video of me showing off my roaring skills.

A video of me roaring and throwing mommy’s phone, I got crazy but enjoyed making mommy laugh. Don’t worry, mommy’s phone is fine.

Dairy Free Resources

Hey Dinosaur here,

I usually tell funny stories on my day. But mommy got questions from a few people about dairy free resources or foods she uses. She asked that I explain it to all of you. I love when mommy makes pasta and rice mixes. They do contain some milk, but it is not enough to make me sick. They have such little amounts of milk. Now if she bought the creamy kinds, then I would be coughing all night. I can’t have any premade mac and cheese products, because there is just too much dairy in there. Mommy makes a really good soy mac and cheese, I’ll have to tell her to post about that one day.

I can have doughnuts or cake, but really can’t handle the frosting. Not only does it contain dairy it has tons of sugar which makes me really wild and then I don’t feel great afterwards. Mommy says it’s hard for me to make good decisions on my own, because I’m still little. But, when I get older I can decide what I want to eat and see how it makes me feel. Right now, it’s hard not being able to eat what others eat, but mommy gets sick from dairy too, so we have each other. Mommy makes my pancakes and waffles with our dairy-free milk, it tastes really good to me.

Restaurants can be scary for both of us, often foods are cooked or come into contact with butter, cream, cheese, or milk. Mommy makes sure they know we are allergic to dairy and choose foods that she knows will have no dairy.

For more information on dairy-free here are some resources. There is a food pyramid that many people follow, but mommy and me follow the Harvard Healthy Eating Plate, it doesn’t say you need milk at every meal. It explains that you only need 1-2 servings of dairy a DAY. It then goes on to explain how dairy can come from OTHER places besides animals.

Mommy doesn’t want people to think she is forcing them to eat dairy-free, but for those of you who asked…it is possible to live healthy and happily without animal milk. Some have no choice and others choose to live without dairy because they feel better. Basically mommy says you have a choice, and no one should make choose for you.

Other great sites my mommy likes are…

Go Dairy Free

Cooking Dairy Free

Recipes from Harvard Healthy Eating Plate

We drink rice milk and almond milk and use almond milk to cook with. We buy whichever products are on sale. They all taste yummy to me.

Silk Pure Almond Original

RICE DREAM Enriched Vanilla

We don’t buy it too often but use coconut milk and soy rice pudding. It is expensive to buy on a regular basis. We do love coconut
yogurt with granola and rice pudding at night.

Passionate Mango

Since we can’t use butter we use dairy free butter for spreads and baking.



We also use soy cheese, which I LOVE and mommy has gotten used to the cheddar one and loves it melted on her food.


I hope I answered all your questions…oh wait, mommy said I did a great job. I learned so much about dairy-free from my mommy.
She loves me so much that she wants to keep me healthy and happy.

None of the companies paid me or mommy to talk about their products. We would love it though if they wanted to work with mommy, or even do a giveaway…*hint* *hint*

The Coolest Mommy

It’s Saturday again and that means you all get to hear from the coolest Dinosaur around. Aren’t you all so lucky?

Sometimes mommy can be really cool. She always sits down on the ground with me and today we ate our snack there too. Then mommy said we should bring out a blanket and have a picnic one day. See…how cool is that?

Then we played soccer and catch, mommy is the best mommy, she runs around with me and kicks the ball off the garage and it flies high in the air.

She even laughs when I kick the ball under her car, but she says I have to run around to get it. Even if it lands in the scary bushes, I have to get it-but she will hold my hand. Mommy says if I can kick it over there, than I have t get it. I would get mad, but we have so much fun.

Then I decided to treat mommy to a show of my awesome talents. See what I can do? I can balance on a ball! I bet you can’t, mommy can’t either so don’t feel bad. She said the ball is too small for her, but I know she’s just scared.

Then I found the coolest thing. A squashed piece of chalk, so I did what mommy wanted to do but was too afraid to. I rubbed my hands in it and stomped on it. IT WAS SO COOL!

Mommy was too lazy to get a wet rag, she told me to just wipe it all over my pants and shirt. I was so happy, but wanted to show her my blue hands first.

I love getting dirty, but was upset over my Lightening McQueen sneakers getting dirty. Thankfully there were lots of leaves around to help clean Lightening off.

Mommy says I’m the cutest, handsomest, sweetest boy on the planet. I would have to agree with her on that. That’s why I LOVE my mommy.

Going to spread my charm around later. It’s my Aunt Janet and Uncle Phil’s birthdays and we are going over for a barbecue. I know I will get spoiled and given lots of yummy food. I can’t wait, but have to start practicing my cute looks now.

Do you all have cool mommies and daddies too?

What would they do without me?

It’s Saturday and that means it’s MY turn to speak my mind. I know you all look forward to this each week.

Mommy keeps hurting her toes or gets them hurt by others. I don’t know why she is so clumsy? I mean, she always says that I fall down, bur she’s the one with bruised, broken, and damaged toes. So mommy finally, with my guidance, bought slippers. She wanted to get me a pair too, but the store won’t have kids slippers till after Halloween. Don’t they know I might carry mommy’s genes of self-destructive toes? Anyway, I picked out her pair of slippers. First I told her to buy a purple pair, but then I saw the pink and liked that better. There is no pink in our house, I find it a fascinating color and think mommy should water it more often. Do you think I did a good job?

Then I was playing soccer with daddy. I take soccer lessons at daycare on Thursdays and I am getting so good. Daddy started to play soccer with me, but I told him to sit down and listen to my directions. He couldn’t kick the ball into the kid net. Now before you all start laughing at him, he did play football, baseball, and boxed when he was a kid. So he is really good at sports, just NOT soccer. I had to keep showing him how to kick the ball, I think he needs lots of help.

I was doing so good kicking the ball into the net that I couldn’t help but celebrate by falling down onto the net and rolling around on it. I think mommy and daddy were a little jealous, because they don’t have my mad soccer skills.

Then I realized that it would be even cooler to just roll around on the grass, it was SO MUCH FUN!!!! I tried to get mommy to do it, but she was scared of buggies getting into her clothes. She said something about a spider jumping on her, she’s so crazy.

What have you taught the adults around you? What do they need you to help them with?

Training Mommy

It’s hard being a Dinosaur, Mommy thinks it’s all fun and games for me, but it’s hard work. I have to be crazy sometimes to keep her on her toes. Though sometimes I give her a break, like the other night I sat nicely on the couch with Balboa. I fed him some of my goldfish and mommy rubbed my head and pet Balboa. Of course I have to reward her for good behavior, how will she learn if I don’t?

I have to make a mess around the house. Mommy openly admits she hates exercising, so I am doing this to help her. By making her move around and find hidden toys, pick up pillows, recover the couches, clean up spills and crumbs it gets her moving and almost like exercise. I think she should be thankful I care so much about her health, right?

She thinks that by bringing me to the mall play area is a work out for me. Little does she know it’s for her. I have to make her walk around and keep her quick mommy ninja skills in working order. The little guy in the white T-shirt told me his mom keeps getting up to make him go down the slide. So far she came over eleven times, mommies are so easily tricked.

Then I climb up the slide and make mommy nervous because I pretend to fall down. I love seeing the panic on her face. She cracks me up. The little girl behind me keeps falling to see how many times her mommy will get up, so far it has been fifteen times.

When mommy relaxes and enjoys watching me play, I reward her with my “Silly Dinosaur Dance“.

Check to see if mommy is keeping up with her cleaning schedule

enter to win a backpack

She’s NOT Fooling Me

I finally get on my mommy’s laptop, she hogs it all the time. Can
someone tell HER to share, please?

So mommy blogged about this stupid schedule she wants to do with me, well…I don’t like this one bit. Now she has gone crazy. She actually got off the computer and started writing on colorful papers, as if that would make it better. She is NOT fooling me. Can you see some of these ridiculous activities?

Then she added “store” and “go on a trip”.

Then this is what I see one afternoon

and one morning

CHORES???? Reading and Writing???? Are the colors supposed to make it fun? I want TV time and free play ALL THE TIME!!!!! Then she started putting Velcro on them and stuck them to a folder. I really need help here guys.

I found out the vegetable police don’t exist, but there has to be a schedule police, right? Can someone get me their number, this is an urgent matter.

I also want to add that adults are crazy around me and not very smart. LaLa and PopPop bought me a used bike with training wheels, a helmet, knee pads, and gloves and think they don’t have to push me around. Am I suddenly going to pedal a bike on my own?

Then LaLa and PopPop took me out one day (when mommy was sick) and realized they could bring me to Aunt Janet and Uncle Phil’s house where there is a pool. Why did it take them all summer to realize they could do this? Do you know how many wasted weekends we have had? Why do adults claim to be smart but don’t think? Mommy didn’t ask if she could put these pics up of Aunt Janet or LaLa, but you never know what is going to end up on mommy’s blog, right? Plus, it’s my post and I say they go up and Dinosaur is always RIGHT!  ROOOOAAAAAR

run washing machine if full
put away dried clothes
clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
clean door knobs and light switches (vacuum living areas from yesterday)
charge car generator
What’s your cleaning agenda today?

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Vegetable Police

***Names have been changed for privacy.***

On Friday, we went for a play date at an old friend’s house. I played with Greg and Sarah and mommy talked about boring stuff with their mom, Judy. I got to play on Greg’s playground, sand area, water table, and I just watched him and Sarah jump in the bounce house. I was too scared of the noise to go in there.

Then Judy made us all delicious zucchini bread, I think there was vegetables in there but I’m not sure, but it was still very yummy. After some more fun, Judy made us chicken nuggets for lunch. While they were good I heard there vegetables in them and I did not like that. Sure they were good, but they tricked me.

Then the worst part…mommy and Judy talked about how to make these vegetables chicken nuggets and a potty training chart. Can you believe that? How mean are mommy and Judy? I need you to tell mommy to not make these stupid things, I don’t need them. Is there a number I can call to report mommy? I bet Greg would want to report his mommy too. There has to be a vegetables police number, right?

Mommy says she’ll post about how to make Judy’s homemade chicken nuggets and will post her version Greg’s potty chart very soon.

I think for all my suffering, mommy should get me all this for dinner and dessert.

I’m Cute and I Know It

It’s Saturday and time for my side of the story again.
I was a SUPER good boy yesterday. We all went out to eat at Chuck’s Steakhouse in Danbury, CT. I love that I can look at the fishes swimming around and see pictures of boats in the water. Did mommy get a pic of any of that? NOPE, because SHE is the one who doesn’t listen. I was super good at the table. I played nicely with my cars and pretended to pour sugar, salt, and pepper on them. Why? Well, because they love when I do that.

We ordered great food, but did mommy get a picture of any of that? NOPE, she said she did but her phone was being silly. I think she is just old and doesn’t know what she is doing. I think if she put her phone in my apple juice it would have worked better.

I did get to take awesome pics with mommy and daddy, not together though, perhaps one day mommy will think about asking someone to take a picture of the three of us. Am I the only one who thinks ahead around here? 

I think me being a good boy makes up for me calling mommy mean, telling her I’m mad, and saying I would throw her in the garbage for not giving me a lollipop. Hey, I’m only three and allowed to get super angry. Besides with my awesome smile, I can get away with a lot.
Don’t you agree?

Here, even when I am messy from a SO Delicious mini fudge bar, I am still quite handsome.


run washing machine if full, put away dried clothes, clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
door knobs, light fixtures and switches
wipe down walls

What’s your cleaning agenda today? 

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Magic Fork and Figerpeens

~*~Dinosaur’s Side of the Story~*~
Why do adults only get to have fun when they eat? I wanted the special, magic fork and my mom said no. I sulked in the corner near my bedroom for a few minutes, then asked for gummies. She instantly gave me the fork. I think I may have found a new trick. Ask for two things and maybe she’ll give me one of them. Anyway I got my special, magic fork.
Here you can see it better. It gets bigger when I pull on it, but mommy only let me open it a halfway. Even though it was hard to eat with it, I refused to give it up. I won this fork fair and square and I was going to eat my yummy pancakes with it.
Mommy got a little upset at me yesterday, because I added something to her special cabinet.  She said it’s only for her figerpeens, which are special objects I guess. Well, I wanted to add my special robot to her cabinet too. He’s really special, he can fly, shoot fire and growl like a dinosaur. He looks really nice in the cabinet, don’t you think?
I know you all agree with me, so please tell mommy to stop being so mean or I may have to take out and hide some of her figerpeens. Or maybe I did already, *giggles*

may be altered as we head to Cooperstown

run washing machine if full, put away dried clothes, clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
clean door knobs, fan and light fixtures
clean out utensil drawers
What’s your cleaning agenda today? 


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