LOVE our Elf on the Shelf

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I see many posts about the Elf on the Shelf. Some praise the little creature, other blast it ever being created. I simply made my own rules for it to work for us.

I let my son hug, hold, and put the elf in his special spot each time he finds him.

Why you ask. I reply with Why not?

The elf is all about fun and magic for us. It’s about a GOOD elf who only reports all the kind, sweet, wonderful things AJ does. It’s about an elf that only gets caught being silly and sweet, NEVER mischievous, rude, and doing anything mean spirited or dangerous.

It;s about adding the magic and joy of the Christmas season, not about me needed to threaten or bribe my son to behave.

It;s always sad saying goodbye to our Scooby Doo, but so much fun meeting him again after Thanksgiving.

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It Will Happen

Finish the Sentence FridayThis week’s sentence is “My best dream ever was…”

OMG, well I have had some beyond awesome dreams that I really can’t share. Though my friends Kit and Cathy know EXACTLY what I am talking about.

Since I can’t talk about those dreams, have had dreams I just don’t remember, and have quite a few horrific nightmares…I decided to talk about my vision board. 

What is a vision board? Well it is a place to visualize all your dreams, inspirations, hopes, and future goals. It is a place to talk about them, wish about them, envision them. If you live in the positive and believe it will happen, it WILL happen. it may not happen the exact way you wanted or when you want, but it Will happen the way that is best for you. 

In the past my vision board held pictures of motherhood, a home with a yard, teaching job, being healthy and happy. Now while things have not worked how I wanted, they DID happen the best way for me. I am a mom, we rent a house with a yard, I still have a job, I may not be  skinny model but I do feel good and love myself.

So what’s on my vision board now…well check it out.

vision board

my vision board –

  • I will keep teaching
  • We will live in a house with a yard
  • I will find time to exercise
  • I will find ways to cook even healthier foods
  • I will continue to crochet and sell my projects on Etsy
  • I will continue to be happy and enjoy life and each moment
  • We will find extra money
  • We will put money in savings
  • We will be surrounded by babies. No, I do not want another baby, I have come to terms with Dino being an only. But…I WILL be SURROUNDED by babies and HAVE them in my life.
  • We will grow old together and enjoy life
  • We will proudly watch Dino graduate college and be a true success
  • Dino will be a great dad

What are your dreams?

Getting out and Father’s Day


I’ve been lucky to have a dad that did more than just work. He was there for us. When my sister and I were younger, he gave us baths, changed our diapers, and fed us. He cleaned and cooked, he was a great dad. Is a great dad and an awesome Grandpa. I am so lucky to have him in my son’s life. I am blessed that my son has such a wonderful relationship with my father, his Pop Pop. He always puts his family first. Thanks Dad, Love you.

grandpa Ray feeding Anthony CAM03352   

While we may not always agree and often have differences of opinions, I am happy to be married to my husband. Our life may not be perfect, and there are MANY times I want to stab him in his sleep, LOL. Even with those thoughts of homicide, I still love him and am glad that I have a faithful husband. I know I am crazy and hard to get along with, but he loves me too. When it matters I know I can count on him, we can count on him. He works hard and loves his family. We love you too babe.

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6-16 sunday2

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 Summer: Even though we had to eat between rain showers, it was wonderful to get out. Nothing better than eating outside, getting fresh air, and running around.  Then Dino being in a silly mood made a crazy face, he just cracks me up.  We even had fun rushing in the house during the rain…sweet family memories. Looking forward to a picnic in the park on Father’s Day.

6-16 sunmmer3

Dance: This was the closet thing I could get to Dino dancing while he ran back and forth. I try to tire him out anyway I can, even if that means having him run into me at full force.

6-16 dance4

Laughter: While working on our gift for for Father’s Day, we had lots of fun outside. Dino was overjoyed that I let him get messy with the paint. He was even more delighted when he got to take a bath and paint the tiles. Ah, the simple joys in life.

6-16 laughter

Helper: Actually this is NOT helping. He is pretending he can’t hear me as I ask him to hand me some items. If I ever tried that when he wanted something it would be the end of the world.

6-16 helping

Water: The rain was coming down hard one day. The droplets looked magnificent on the plant, a truly beautiful gift from God.

6-16 water

God Made Everyone

Dinosaur is quite curious about all things now. He is beyond “Why?” questions and on to “Why created him/her/it?” and “Who made them/him/her?” He wants to know more, learn more, understand it all. I am proud of his curiosity, but also overwhelmed in how I can give him an answer that he understands and will accept.

We spotted the sun rising…because he wakes up so darn early…one morning.

“That’s silly the sun is yellow.”

“When the sun wakes up and moves into the sky, it looks different colors because of all the trees, clouds, and houses.” Know it’s not scientific or accurate , but we are dealing with a soon-to-be 4 year old.

“Oh, who made the sun?”

“God did. He told the sun to get up in the morning to wake people up. And go to bed and let the moon come out so people can go to sleep.”

“God made everything, He made the sun and the Earth. The sun rises every morning and goes to sleep every night. If it doesn’t we don’t have day and night.” 5-5-2

After dealing with carpenter bees who were practically dive bombing me (which freaked me out) we were sitting down yesterday afternoon. There was the occasional carpenter bee and some other bees, but they didn’t come close at all. Using dryer sheets really does work. I got it off pinterest and still amazed. Am going to stock up on those sheets for the summer.

“Who made bees?”

“God did. They help flowers grow and make honey.”

“I don’t like them.”

“I don’t like them either, but they God made them. If they leave us alone, we leave them alone. If they try to hurt us, I’ll protect you.”


Showing me what he will do to bees if they come near us

“Who made the bad guy?” (watching Veggie Tales and asking about a villain in the movie)

“God made everyone, but people choose to be bad, which makes God sad.”

“Yeah, God doesn’t like when you are bad.”

“No, He doesn’t. But he will forgive you and always love you.”

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Am I not a Good Catholic?

I will probably lose some readers over this, but it’s what I feel. I would LOVE your opinions and ideas as long as it is respectful.

Am I not a good Catholic, because I had IVF to be a parent? Adoption was not covered by my health insurance. If I didn’t become a mother, I would have died. Being a mom means no sleep, but waking up everyone morning knowing that I wasn’t a mom was more difficult. If God didn’t want me to be a mother then the procedure would not have worked. Is my son a sin because I didn’t just wait to see what God would do? Perhaps, he was giving me the opportunity to have a child through whatever means necessary.

I want my son to respect all people. I am teaching my son to value the differences in all people. God loves us all, no matter what we believe. It is the devil that judges and excludes. It is the devil that pretends to be good and hurts others under the guise of religious beliefs. DON’T GET ME WRONG, I am not a pushover, I teach my son to trust his instincts and to stand up for himself.

I am raising my son to respect people. He should never tell anyone what to do with their body. I am teaching my son that real men don’t violate other people. The sad part is society still teaches women to not get attacked. He WILL know the difference.

I am raising my son to value love. If two adults love each other than they have every right to marry. No one should tell you who you should or shouldn’t marry. I want him to see that love is love.

I am raising my son to value families. Families come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and religions. Some families have one child, seven children, no children, a mom and dad, two moms, two dads, only aunts and uncles, only grandparents, one mom, one dad, or only sisters and brothers.

I am raising my son to be respectful. We show respect by cleaning up after ourselves, speaking nicely to the ones you love, using please and thank you, helping those around you, believing in your religion but not judging others. I teach my son to pay attention to his instincts, stand up for himself in a respectful manner, doing what is right.

I want my son to have a religion. I want to share my beliefs with my son. I need my faith. I don’t want to change my religion, but it hurts me that my religion judges and excludes instead of welcomes.

What is your religion or denomination? Do you practice 100% or occasionally? Are you a devoted follower or just follow the beliefs in a limited manner?

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Soul Warming Book

Every time I read a book, I swear it’s the best book I have ever read. It’s the book that has changed my life. This time I mean, I really do.


Fannie Flag wrote a book about a time that made me imagine my parent’s lives. Even now I’m cruing as I write this. The once kids in the book, Annalee, Bobby, Mackie, and Norma could have been my parents growing up. Sure they live in New York and book takes places in Missouri, but the concept was the same.

As they grew, married, and had children of their own they looked back on their lives. They looked at all that had changed, terrible things, wondrous things, and some questionable.

As Mackie and Norma left their hometown and moved to Florida they were stunned by all that had changed. There were no more mom and pop shops and everything was commercialized. As Bobby returned to his hometown to attend the funeral of his childhood friend who died too early. Nothing looked the same, nothing was as it had been when he was a kid. Once where he was known by everyone, he was that strange man walking around town.

I cried for my parents, how the world must have changed before their eyes as their daughters grew and married. I cried for me. One day my son will go off in the world and I can only imagine the wondrous and terrifying things that will be waiting for him. Things have changed so much from when I was just a kid. With new technologies and inventions everyday, we are faced with evils that go along with each one. 

I pray that I have instilled in him the values and morals that will help him stay on the good path. I pray that he will make choices that will keep him safe and will not be swayed by peer pressure to do things that he knows are dangerous or hurtful.

The book was a wonderful read. Each character was so easy to fall in love with and want to get to know. 

I swear if you read it you will be forever changed.

What book(s) do you swear have changed your life or haunted you for days/weeks?

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12 Years of Us – Our Anniversary

Hubby and I have been married twelve years!!! TWELVE YEARS!!! Even more amazing, I haven’t killed him!

There have been…

















…and through it all we are still together. There may be times I want to beat him with a cast iron skillet, but I do love him. I love our family.

I love where we started, where we began, our journey, our right now, and what we have yet to discover. I pray that we can help each other get though it all.


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Our Family (2)

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SMILE of a Child

Flipping through my stations one day, I came upon SMILE of a child network. It is a Catholic based station and has many shows. Some shows are corny or too silly. While others are right on and capture Dinosaur’s attention. Three shows that we both like are…

Paws and Tales reminds me of Little House on the Prairie and I LOVE that. It intertwines biblical lessons and how kids can apply them to everyday life. The animations are top notch and the stories are fun while being spiritual and educational.

Hermie and Friends is about a caterpillar who is small but knows talking to God will solve problems. Hermie knows that God made him and God loves him. At the end of the episode the creator of the series summarizes the episode for children and reminds them of God’s love for them. Anthony gets such a kick out of this show. He listens very closely when God talks to Hermie and when the creator talks at the end.

Grandfather Reads is a soothing but educational and inspiring shows. It features a gentle but wise grandfather and parrot. Grandfather reads books and teaches important life lessons, while Pedro shows educational videos as he figures out Grandfather’s message. It makes reading books and learning cool.

We also found this movie, Barnyard. I love this movie for Anthony because it has a wonderful message. The cow, father figure, fights off the evil coyotes even though he knows he will lose. He tries to teach his son how to protect the animals on the farm, but Otis is resistant. In the end, he realizes he has his father’s strength and courage and does the right thing for the farm. There are sad parts and funny parts. He loves when they are all singing and dancing and “Wild Mike”.

He also loves the following song and sings it all the time. The father cow would play his guitar and sing and it immediately caught Dinosaur’s attention.

Has any of these shows/movie/songs calmed down Anthony????? NOPE! He’s wild as ever, but I wouldn’t have him any other way. I can’t wait to see how he uses his power for God and Good.

Long Term Goals

Another Sensational Sunday and Dinosaur was so good in church again. Whenever he hears the word pray he does the sign of the cross prays aloud for God to keep his family and home safe-he truly makes me a better mother. We also pray for family and friends in need, keeping those we love and ourselves happy, helping those in need, helping all children live in a warm home and gets lots of love from their family.

Already out of his church clothes but posing for pics with a monster shirt

The priest spoke about the Gospel and how John and James wanted to make sure they were seated on either side of Jesus. The priest explained that while it is important to have long term goals, we should focus on WHAT the goals are and how valuable they are. While having a good career and providing for your family is necessary, what about leading a life filled with faith and teaching that faith to your children? We often forget the latter goal, but it should the most important goal.

I think about Dinosaur and his often wild nature, but his good soul. I want him to live life in the right direction, a life filled with faith. As he grows and becomes a man, I want him to always include goals for a Catholic life. I want him to carry those goals with him throughout any situation, I want him to know he will never be alone in making any decisions, God will always be there guiding him.

I will be making my long term goals for our lives very different now. I will make sure God is always in our plans. How about you? Do you include Go din your plans?

Happily watching the SMILE station we found, it has tons of Catholic based cartoons. I will post about it on Wednesday. Dino loves some of these shows.