That’s So Nice

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Finish the Sentence Friday

“The Nicest Thing Someone Ever Did for Me…”  


Man, I am sitting here trying to think. I feel awful that I can’t remember all the wonderful things that have been done for me…makes me a horrible and evil person, right? Seriously, the only thing on my mind this Thursday afternoon is parent orientation for kindergarten tonight.

That’s right, I am writing this on a Thursday.

That’s right Tony and I are going tonight to meet the teachers, sign up for classroom screening, and get more information and resources than I think I can handle.

I have so many questions….

  • Will he be mad if I give him a packed lunch and the other kids buy school food?
  • Is the school food organic/NON-GMO?
  • What if he doesn’t learn to zip up his own jacket?
  • What if he doesn’t make any friends in the classroom?
  • What if he is incorrectly placed in a classroom and he needs more challenging work?
  • What if he’s being pushed too hard and feels inferior?
  • What if he need extra support?
  • What if he’s just too busy with his body and gets picked on by the teachers instead of being taught differently?
  • Does he need a backpack?
  • Does he need pencils and paper?
  • What if doesn’t like his new school or teacher?
  • What if he gets bullied?
  • What if the moms in the PTA are mean and ostracize me for being a working mom?
  • What if I am pressured into volunteering when I don’t have time?
  • What if he’s ostracized because his mom can’t volunteer?
  • What if he makes friends but I HATE the moms?
  • What if the kids don’t like him and he never has any friends?

See it just goes on and on. Hubby is relaxed…well he’s more worried that because he’s a custodian at another school in district Dino will get picked on…or have less than others have. As for all these worries he’s says I’m crazy.

So, in all this I did not finish the sentence at all. I will say that Dino is able to pick out the sweet and wonderful things people do and will say, “That was so nice.  ______ did that for _________ and that was nice.” I hope he is able to use this skill in school to make friends, learn, and be successful. I hope he is able to make friends and be friends with everyone. I hope he continues to use his manners and be respectful of others, but not letting others walk all over him. I hope he stands up for himself with pride and respect. I hope he loves learning and continues to learn and question everything. I hope he starts learning and never stops. I hope school begins his journey of changing the world.

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I was hoping they would give us more information tonight, instead they will mail everything to us in August. I am glad hubby picked up summer reading information at his school. I can get started on introducing Dino to reading series and books he will see in school. They didn’t have any of that at this school. I guess all the parents will be running around in August fighting over school supplies.

I am looking forward to his mini kindergarten to get to know the teachers and fellow students. I am looking forward to bus orientation so he can feel like a big boy. Hubby is also looking forward to walking Dino to school most mornings.  

It was nice to see some moms that I already knew. Dino will know some friendly faces and hopefully make long lasting friendships. 

 What is the nicest thing someone has done for you? 

Dear Mom…

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Finish the Sentence Friday

“Dear Mom…”  

This is going to be a tear-jerker…sorry.


Dear Mom,

I never understood why you worried so much, at least not until I am now a mom myself. I get it now. I understand why you worried about me when I was at school, in college, moved in with Tony, got married, when I couldn’t get pregnant, when I finally got pregnant, when I struggled to bring my son into the world, and now you worry about Dino.

I remember the look of happiness (for me finally being pregnant) and fear (worrying that I would have a healthy and happy pregnancy) on your face when I first told you I was pregnant.

I remember the look of determination and mother-bear protection when I was admitted to the hospital on June 3rd, 2009. You were there to make sure your daughter would be okay, no matter what.

I remember your words of encouragement and questions for the doctors/nurses when I was in delivery. I just wanted my baby to be okay…you wanted the same.

I remember the look of pure love and joy when holding your first grandchild. There is nothing you wouldn’t do for him…and he knows it.

You are always there for me. You let me rant, cry, moan, complain, b*tch, scream, cheer, shout, and love. Then you tell me just what I need to hear, you make sure I know what is expected of me and guide me in the right direction.

Thankfully I have you to talk to about all sorts of things. Thankfully I can talk to you everyday. Thankfully I still have my mom.

Thanks Mom.

Love you!


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 What would go in your letter? 

I Have Absolutely No Interest In…

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Finish the Sentence Friday

“I have absolutely no interest in…LOTS of things.”  

Oh the list of all the things I have no interest in is quite long…where should I start?

I have no interest in reality shows. They are NOT real, they are mostly staged. They hold no interest to me at all. Seriously, do I really want to watch how you WANT the world to see you? NOPE

no interest ftsf

I have no interest in being someone I’m not. If you don’t like me for who I am…then you don’t deserve me in your life.

no interest ftsf       no interest ftsf

I have no interest in anti-aging gimmicks. I am not covering my grays or my “flaws”. I love my big, freckled nose. I love my splotchy cheeks. I love curly, black hair with some grays. I REFUSE to apologize for aging or having skin. Aging is normal.

no interest ftsf

I have no interest in hiding the emotions on my face.

no interest ftsf

I have no interest in sports but know I may have to REALLY get into it when Dino gets older. Hubby wishes I was into sports.

no interest ftsf

I have no interest in NOT reading…I NEED to get caught in a book and suffer from a book hangover until I get caught in another book.
no interest ftsf


 What thing(s) are you lacking interest? 

IVF Was The BEST Decision I Ever Made

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Finish the Sentence Friday

“The best decision I ever made…was going through IVF.”  

 So many decisions have been made over the years that I am thankful for. Deciding to talk to that cute guy in my college literature class. Deciding to date him. Deciding to marry him. All have been wonderful, despite all our ups and downs, it was all worth it. But the BEST decision I ever made was to go through with In Vitro Fertilization. We had tried other fertility treatments, but THIS was the big one. It was going to be a long road and I was ready.

We took the class on how to properly fill syringes with doses of medicine and how to to properly inject the hormones. We filled out all the paperwork and waited for the delivery. Though when I emptied out the huge box and separated the multitude of syringes, needles sizes, hormones, medicines, and syringes I was utterly overwhelmed.

A full-blown panic attack ensued when some of the hormones did not match what the nurse gave me. I began sobbing and called the nurse who calmly explained that those were generic hormones and went through each item with me. In Vitro is NOT for the weak-hearted, looking at those needles scared me to death. Especially the progesterone one…it was so long, meant to go through fat.

long list


short list

My friend Cathy can attest to my break-down. I called her and explained it all, she made me laugh as usual. My friend Kit can attest to the horrors of injects as she was there for the VERY first injection that brought Dino into my life.

Sadly I was bloated and had undiagnosed preeclampsia during my pregnancy. Sadly I did not get to enjoy my sister’s wedding as much as I would have liked to. Sadly I delivered early due to complications from the undiagnosed preeclampsia.

sister wedding

What it all worth it? ABOSLUTELY!

birth sign





What is the best decision you ever made? 

All Those Precious Memories

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Finish the Sentence Friday

“If I could go back in time…I would just observe all those precious memories.” 

This reminds me of the post we did back in July “If I could go back in time and change something it would be..


Sure I would love to go back and revisit all those beautiful moments with Dino. I’d love to go back and visit my time as a child and see my parents when they were younger. I’d love to watch past memories and cherish each and every one…sadly time passes too fast.

Would I go back in time…

  • to whisper in my ear how to defeat my grammar school bullies? 
  • to threaten the bullies? 
  • to my time as a teen and whisper to stop being such an idiot. My parents DO KNOW more than me.
  • to whisper in my ear to not open credit cards?
  • to whisper in my ear to save more money? 
  • to whisper in my ear to not go so crazy trying to get pregnant…it WILL happen much later when the time is right. 
  • to whisper in my ear to not buy a condo that we would eventually lose? 
  • to whisper in my ear to take more date nights with my hubby…we will so need them.

These are all great ideas, but I wouldn’t do any of them. One slight change could effect everything moving forward. What if one small change finds me living without my Dino? That is just too much of a risk to take…My life unfolded just as it was supposed to…and for that I am grateful. 

What would you do if you could go back in time? 

I Don’t Get It????

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Finish the Sentence Friday

“I never understand what the big deal was about…” 

I was utterly stumped with this prompt. I kept thinking about all the things that annoy me, but are they worth writing about?

Then the idea of PERFECTION popped in my head. Admitting to being yourself and not someone’s idea of perfection is BIG for me.

I am NOT PERFECT. No way, no how. Don’t want to be. Seriously, who wants to be perfect. It’s lonely because no one is going to be as good as you. It’s tedious, because you have to keep it up all the time. It’s boring, because perfect people don’t get caught doing fun, exciting, risky things. It’s stupid, why would you want to be perfect?

I love my son, I love my life. But I sometimes look at my phone when playing with my son. I sometimes pray that bedtime would arrive so I can just sit and veg out. I pray that he would stop asking me so many flipping questions. I pray that he would stop being rude and listen to me. I don’t make fancy lunches or dinners. I don’t provide candy and treats for class parties. I don’t have matching bags, shoes, and clothes. I don’t cry with desperation when a project I found on Pinterest doesn’t come out like I expected. I don’t stay up late making the perfect cake for Dino’s birthday. I don’t care! 

I am a mom. A mom who knows BEING a mother is more important than image. I am a mom that knows loving my son, reading him books, hugging him, proving kisses and support, respecting his ideas is more important than LOOKING like a good mom. I am a mom who openly complains about motherhood. I HAVE EARNED THAT RIGHT. Whether you work full time, part time, or stay at home you are a mother 24/7 for the rest of your lives. You have EVERY RIGHT to complain. My complaints keep me sane. My complaints help me stay focused and know the true value and importance of motherhood. 

not perfect collage

If we all just let ourselves be the mothers we want to be instead of what we thinks others want us to be…imagine how truly awesome we would all be. If we all supported each other and let listen to the rants, imagine how more secure and respected we would feel as moms. 

Is there something that you just don’t get or agree with? 

It Was Embarrassing, Scary, and Strange


Finish the Sentence Friday

“I went to a concert…” 

Age 14: “I went to a concert and it was embarrassing.” 

The first concert I went to was New Kids on the Block. I was supposed to go with a friend from high school, but she got sick and couldn’t go. So I was the one with my sister and parents. Can we say embarrassing? I am sure they were so thrilled to be there among all those moronic teenage girls screaming for a boy band they knew would not last the year.Now, I would love to go to a concert with them…funny how perspectives change as you get older.


Age 25: “I went to a concert and it was scary.” 

Hubby and I were just married and he got tickets to a Jon Bon Jovi concert in New Jersey. We stopped at diner for breakfast and while in the bathroom I almost lost my keys down the toilet. How? It was a typical Karen moment. I stuck my hand in flushing toilet and held on to the key ring with all my might praying to God that he didn’t let them flush away. All I was thinking was how I would have to call my dad to get our spares and drive them all the way there. No I did no bring a spare key, don’t worry Hubby yelled at me for that one the whole drive to the concert.

Then we met up with his co-worker and a girl the guy invited along. We all met up for In the parking lot we met up for lunch. I could tell right away the guy was a wackadoo. Seriously he was one of those guys who acts all tough, but really looks like an idiot. He kept making comments about a group of guys drinking beers and throwing a football. Hubby was pissed that this guy’s mouth could get us all in trouble. The group of guys messed with another group, curses and insults were traded, fists almost thrown, but a few beers were thrown. This moron started bragging how he would have ended the fight and the guys should get thrown out. When an officer came over to take out statement, he suddenly shut his mouth and we all saw him for the fool he really was.  He looked so stupid and even the girl he was with wanted to hide. I got truly scared for a bit thinking the group would come over thinking we all felt the same way as the moron. Thankfully they too realized he was an idiot. 

I was thrilled we would NOT be sitting anywhere near him. I can tell you Hubby would have left if we had to sit next to them.


Age 36: “I went to a concert and it was strange.” 

I went with my sister to a 100 Monkeys Concert. Most of you know my crush on actor and singer Jackson Rathbone. When he was with the band 100 Monkeys I got to see him in concert, it was awesome. Well except for the fact that I messed up on the time and we had to sit and listen to cover bands and only got to hear a few of their songs before we left. If we didn’t make it to the subway by a certain time we could miss the train back home. It was worth it to see him live watch him perform on stage…sighs…I will always remember that.

I will also remember the old lady who climbed onto the side of raised chairs and was screaming for the oldest member of the band. She was drunk (or obsessed) and I swore she was going to flash him her boobs, so embarrassing. The poor security guard was trying to get her down without actually touching her. She almost knocked into me and I was afraid of what I would get from touching her. Finally she was gone and I could carry on with my shameless gawking at Rathbone. 

Have you gone to a concert?
Was it an enjoyable experience or something you’d like to forget? 

Learning Never Ends


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Finish the Sentence Friday

“I’m done with school, but learning never ends” 

I have quite a few degrees and certifications. You didn’t know that? Well I don’t like to brag, but I am truly proud of all that I have accomplished.

I have an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, and a master’s degree. I have three certifications that allow me to work as an elementary school teacher, special education teacher, and a literacy specialist. In addition I am certified in levels 1-6 of a multisensory language instruction program. I started teaching 1999 and have been working in education ever since, except for the one year I was laid off. That is a total of THIRTEEN years as a teacher, TEN of those as reading specialist.

learning collage

As I sit here typing this I am shocked at how long I have been teaching and how far I have come. WOW! What a career, so many achievements, accomplishments, struggles, changes, successes and failures. I do love what I do and am always learning something new.

I try to take a course or two online every year. This not only keeps me informed and up to date on current procedures in education, but provides me with professional development hours to keep my certifications.

I was once asked if I would go for my doctorate. Nope, not interested, but I would like to earn my certification for levels 7-12 of the multisensory language instruction program.

Outside of education, I would love to

  • learn Italian
  • take pottery course
  • learn Pilates
  • take cooking classes

 What do you still want to learn? 

The Best is Yet to Come

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Finish the Sentence Friday

Okay, as I sit here trying to decide what to write I’m stumped.  I mean, I’m 38 years old, I’ve had some good years that I could write about. Or should I write about some decades before my time that I would have loved to have been a part of?  WARNING…you know this was a last minute post because of the lack of photos! 

After a good twenty minutes of searching for ideas and links to some favorite movies and TV shows I decided that I could NOT stick to one decade.

Seriously, the 70’s were pretty darn good, I mean I was born and so was my hubby!

Then, even though I resented her for many years, the 80’s DID bring my sister.

Though I hated my time in elementary school, I did graduate in ’89, so that made the ending of the 80’s perfect.

Even though I was so weird and annoying, I did graduate high school in ’93 and start college in ’95. Hell I spend the rest of the 1990’s in college and started teaching. So that was a pretty awesome decade.  

I continued to teach and earn my Master’s in ’00 and got married in ’01, so that was amazing as well. But then as we tried to become parents that didn’t go so well. I Those were some dark years, but at the end of the decade we finally became parents. In ’09 we we had our miracle, so what a way to end the decade, right? 

DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN? How could I just pick one decade to say was the best. I could say Dino’s decade rocked out all the others, but all those years brought us together. So without my childhood, awkward teens, college years and marriage, and infertility I may very well not have had Dino. 

Though, I am looking forward to the current decade. Dino will be starting kindergarten in the fall and leaving the day care he has known since he’s been 6 months. I was laid off and now am working again and despite the stinky commute do love what I do. There are so many things to look forward to, so many journeys to take, experiences to discover, and joys to feel I am looking forward to the decades yet to come. I miss my little baby, but can’t wait to see the man Dino will become. I know he is going to make the world a better place and I will watch with rapt attention and love. 

“My favorite decades are the ones yet to come.” 

You are Beautiful


Finish the Sentence Friday

This week’s sentence is “What I really want to scream out loud is…”


beautiful FTSF collage

If you have read my FTSF post from a from late January, I love that I have grays in my hair, I am who I am and love myself. You can read that here

I do love makeup, when I go out I do where makeup, most of the time. I wear eye shadow, eye liner and maybe even mascara to play up my eyes, maybe a bit of blush, some lip gloss and spray it on with a makeup sealer so it won’t run.

I don’t use concealer or foundation, first off it does more harm than good to my face and secondly I refuse to cover up my skin. So what if I have blemishes, spots, wrinkles. So what if I look my age, I am 38 years old, I don’t want to look younger, I want to look healthy. I am happy with who I am.

I am disappointed my grays, freckles, beauty marks and wrinkles did not come out in the photos…but here I am without eye makeup or blush. 

makeup collage

I have said before and will say again, I want my son to know that real beauty comes from within. I want him to find the person that is happy with herself rather than need him to make her happy. I want him to know that beauty can’t be applied to the face after a morning shower. I want him to know that love is NOT skin deep. Heck it’s not even a color, size, shape, or brand.

You don’t need to give yourself away to be loved. You don’t need to show off more than you want to in order to be loved. 

I want to hear every girl and woman, every mother and daughter proudly say “I am beautiful” and mean it. As mothers we not only have to say it, we have to believe it.

If you walk around criticizing your body, face, weight, hair, thighs, eyes, lips, etc…then you are also criticizing your children’s’ bodies. You are teaching them they must grow up to critique themselves because they do not know what self-confidence is.

Don’t get me wrong, healthy eating, exercising, and wanting to look your best are important. But don’t put yourself down, you owe your children better. You owe yourself better. 

So say it with me. “I am beautiful. I am important. I love my myself.”