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Dino refused to take off his “no skid” socks and put on his regular socks for the day. I agreed he could keep them on till his LaLa and PopPop came so he could show them.   I went over the rules again.

“After you show them, you must take them off and put on your socks and shoes. Okay?”
With his hands over his ears he cries, “Stoooop. If you keep talking I am going to go crazy.”

I wanted to laugh and cry, is this what he’s going to be like as a teen? sighs….

THEN…after five minutes he takes them off. When I ask why he took them off after all that he replied. “Because I wanted too.”…eye twitching commences

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With his hand over his heart son says, “My heart is beating because I love you, Mommy.”
I respond in kind and asked where he learned that.
“I felt it in my skin, Mommy.”

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Dino: “Let’s watch Ice Age with the Dinosaur.”
Me: “Okay, I’ll get the DVD”
Dino: “Yeah, I haven’t seen it in years.”
Me: trying to hide the laughter…he cracks me up.

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I love the conversations I have with my son..

Anthony: Mommy when I get big I’m going to have kids.”
Me: “that’s great.”
Anthony: “I’m going to rock them and hug them and kiss them”
Me: “Will you change their diapers? That’s what a parent has to do.”
Anthony: That’s stinky, but I don’t want her to get a rash.”
Me: “Oh a girl. What will you name her?”
Anthony: “Anthony Jr.”
Me: “I don’t think a girl will want a boy’s name.”
Anthony: “Ummm. How about Ballerina Anthony.”
Me: “Now that’s a good name.”
Anthony: “Can I have more than one?”
Me: “That’s for you and your wife to talk about.”
Anthony: “Well, I want twenty.”
Me: “Wow. That’s a lot of kids, but you’ll make a great dad.”
Anthony: “Thanks mommy, I love you.”

Then he’s off talking about dinosaurs…

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Mommy: “How was school today?”
Anthony: “it was fun.”
Mommy: “why was it fun?”
Anthony: it was fun and that’s all I’m saying.”

Seriously???? Teenager in training

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Hubby is trying to talk to me about a few things and Dino gets right in front of him and says, “Excuse me, Daddy, I am talking to Mommy.”

It is hard to not laugh in his face.

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After being told he can not leave chocolate chip cookies on the fireplace he flipped out. He said Balboa would not get them and I told him I don’t care, I don’t want them on there.

“You don’t care? You are so mean to say that to me Mommy.”

Trying not to laugh. “That’s right. I don’t care. I made a rule and you need to follow it.”

“I don’t like your rules. I’m making rules for my dinosaurs and you can’t come.”

“That’s fine, but you still need to do what I say.”

Jumps up and down and screams, “I’m going to do what I want.”

That is when I picked him up and put him in his room and told him not to come out until he was going to be a good boy. After five minutes of crying, he came out and said he was going to listen.