In the Bathroom and Dino’s Room with FlyLady

bathroom and dino room collage2Last week I wrote about our kitchen organization and cleaning, you can read that here. Hubby did a few chores last week. This week he has dived in full force and I am so happy about that.We both work full time, therefore we both need to put equal amounts of time into keeping our place clean and organized. I can feel the stress and pressure lifting off of me and in turn making me a nicer wife.

PicMonkey CollageWill it stay as clean as we left it? NOPE, but it gives it a good cleaning for the next few weeks.

Sure Dino’s toys will be all over the place again, but the broken ones are gone and the items he “borrows” from the kitchen and dining area are all back in their correct spots. Sure items will get buried under the bed…then in a few weeks, we will do it all again! 

The toilet is always cleaned (swish and swipe) each night and every few days I clean up the hair and grime in the bathroom with a just used washcloth. I have to clean his bath toys every week, but when focusing on this zone, I give them a SUPER STRENGTH cleaning.

What did you clean/organize this week? How do you split chores in your house? .


In the Kitchen with FlyLady

PicMonkey CollageIn the past I have done the Let’s Get Organized Blog Hop…but I know my limits. In order for me to stay organized at home, school and in life I have to give up the blog hop.


I am still going to post about organization on Thursdays. I continue to follow the FlyLady method, I think it is efficient, smart, and easy. I have started to print out all the chores(that relate to us) to be done in each zone and hung it on our bulletin board. Hubby is aware that we both have to take part in the chores since we both live here. It is not fair for one person to do it all when we both work full time.

PicMonkey Collage

He agreed, especially after I reminded him that a man who helps clean is a sexy man. He has a done a few things in zone 2, the kitchen. Since we have a small kitchen it gets done faster. By the end of the week the kitchen will be pristine and in good shape. We of course keep clutter down, keep it clean and when we get back to it in five weeks, it won’t be in bad shape. It’s all about maintaining the organization and cleaning.

collage list

items in read have already been completed

Now, as a teacher I do have off several weeks during the school year and in the summer. When I am off and my son is in daycare, I feel it’s only fair to do more of the chores as I am home and available to do so.

I don’t follow the FlyLady routine one hundred percent. I do change around the chores in each zone to fit our life and don’t buy her products. I am on a tight budget and was able to recreate her supplies with my own resources. While I still do the swish and swipe, I do it at night. My son started getting up in the early morning hours to use the bathroom. As he leaned forward, extremely exhausted, against the bottom of the seat I cringed in horror. I had not yet cleaned the toilet, it was then I decided to clean it each night while he got ready for bed. Now I don’t have to worry about how how filthy it is at three in the morning, I know it’s clean.

What was on your cleaning schedule this week? How do you handle chores in your house?

Thankful for Labels Everywhere


First off, I’m Thankful…

That my son will be soon be four. I have been blessed with watching him grow from a preemie to an exuberant, energetic,
and loving four year old.

That my hubby is starting to use the term “weekly home blessing” and “FlyLady” even though he still does not help with the cleaning. 

That I can get out and walk with my son most days after work. Nothing better than enjoying the beautiful weather and exercising with the little guy. Besides pushing him around is the best way to burn calories and making him walk up hills gets all those sillies out.

That hubby is willing to go out to the garage and get items I need when I fear a killer, mutant raccoon is on the loose.



My son is able to put his clothes away just by using labels on the drawers. We have been working on this for quite some time and he’s a pro now. He may not fold the clothes they way I would, but the fact that he puts them each item in the correct drawer is wonderful. 

Having the labels helps hubby too, not that he actually puts the clothes away, but at least he knows where to find them, sometimes.

anthony dresser

This is actually MY dresser when I was a teenager…still in pretty good condition and love using it for our son.

I do have to update the labels since some are missing and some are falling off. I just print out images for clothes that just about
match a current article of clothing son has.


I label the towels in our kitchen. We have dish towels for drying dishes and towels/rags for wet cloths for when son eats or cleaning up spills. Even with the labels, I think hubby still gets confused.  Our microfiber cloths are under the sink, I don’t want them being used frivolously. I should label under the sink as well, just to be on the safe side.

kitchen towels

I prefer to cut up old rags, shirts, and pajamas. Some people seem to get VERY upset by this, but I like being able to throw them in the wash and use them again. 

I also have labels for our laundry. I do our son’s clothes along with mine and take care of the towels and rags. Hubby has his own basket and I am thanfkul I don’t have to wash his stinky clothes. He would NEVER wash Dino’s clothes or put them away, but he does toss things int the laundry basket.

UNFORTUNATELY he couldn’t rememebr what side on which side to throw the clothes and towels in…what’s really werid is son can remember!!!! hmmmmmm……

I’d think hubby gets it right eighty-five percent of the time…even with the labels.

laundry basket

Thankful for my Small Space


 Thought I would combine my organization of small spaces with Thankful Thursdays. First off, I ‘ll start with what I am thankful for….


I’m thankful for a son who loves to help me cook and clean,  he just loves to spend time with his mommy.

I am thankful for a son who always says please and thank you and means it.

I’m thankful I am blessed with such a determined and sweet boy.

I’m thankful I have a job to go to every morning and have a way to pay for our bills, groceries and daycare.

I’m thankful for a roof over our heads, I know in today’s economy that is just a dream for some families.

I’m thankful for a small space that forces me to get organized and focus on what’s really important.


I LOVE FlyLady and how she has helped me. Since this week is a combination of the living room and dining room/entrance/ porch I would show some pictures of those areas. I still have more to do to get organized, but I think it looks pretty darn good. My mother was up and she of course pointed out the pile of shoes (some no longer fitting Dino) still on the shoe flat. Why do mothers only see the things you need to work on and not what you accomplished?

Even with a small living room, let me show you how I organized it and sectioned it. Even with a small space, it’s important to have areas within, so it feels bigger and you don’t feel trapped.

We I limited what was allowed in the lving room. We got rid of DVD cases and keep them in a special accordion case, except for a few special ones. Hubby complains that he can’t find his DVD when he needs them in a hurry. I don’t think looking through a big binder makes it any harder than searching through 200 cases. He just wants to complain.

Many of my son’s art supplies are kept behind his door in a hanging organizer, but some are kept on the entertainment shelf. As long as it is kind of hidden in baskets, it’s all good.

entertainment stand

With a small space, you can’t have a table taking up room. Instead we use ottomans for eating if we really must eat in the living room or just sit at the dining table. My place is not perfect, it’s still a work in progress as I continue to fly with the FlyLady. I am hoping to instill good cleaning and organizing skills in my son now, so when he is older he will automatically  know what to do.

living and dining room2

living room

living room2

Now that the sun is shining and we can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, I am loving the porch. It was such a beautiful weekend, that I enjoyed sitting out there for quite a bit and loved how the picture turned out. Hubby has more junk and dust-collecting nonsense in the garage, more than he knows what to do with. He says it’s organized, but it just looks like contained clutter to me. It truly frustrates me. I know I can only do what I can and so I am going to clean and organize what I can control.


Any suggestions or ideas?


Still Flying


Thanks to FlyLady… my son has told me to flush after I clean, because he can’t see his pee in the toilet. That is just too funny, but makes me proud.Presentation1

Since our apartment is so tiny, I can get the Weekly Home Blessing, which I do on Sunday evening, done in less than an hour.


Our tiny, but organized living room

This week it was our master bedroom, including the closet with the washer and dryer. Hubby mostly sleeps in this room. His snoring is quite horrific, so bad that I truly can not get any sleep at all. I prefer to sleep in the living room, where I  know it is much cleaner. While hubby changed the sheets I believe that is all he has done. There are still clothes hanging everywhere, but he did vacuum.


our plain apartment bedroom, but pretty organized.

I still need to clean out my night stand and work on my closet, but then the rest the room will be cleaned from floor to ceiling.


YES, it’s a dark picture. I wanted to keep my unmentionables a little hidden. To save space I keep my undergarments all on the back of the closet door in shoe storage.

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Cozi Calendar LOVE

Without my Cozi Calendar, I would freak out.

I have birthdays, appointments, vitamin reminders, meetings, FlyLady morning and evening routines, FlyLady Zones, and FlyLady Daily Focuses all in my schedule.

There is no way I can ever function without this calendar in my life. I try to explain to people what exactly it is, but I get so excited and possibly scare them. Oooops. I am just thrilled by how easy it is to use and how much it has changed my life.


My home page shows our picture and the various links we can go to.


My calendar page shows what I have to do each day, the color dots show each person who is involved in the task. You have a variety of colors to choose from.


My to do list…as I complete each task, I check them off. When all completed, I uncheck them and start all over again. DARN ringer volume…grrr.

What do you use to get organized? Do you have a cleaning routine?

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I’m FLYing

I’ve been posting about my love for FlyLady Clipping Curtains and FlyLady and FlyLady and Cozi Calendar…well, I can’t begin to tell you how much she has changed my life.

My place is cleaner than it has EVER been, cleaner than when I had my own schedule.

Between the

Habits of the Month

The Current FLY Zone and detailed missions

Daily Focus

My place is rocking, don’t get me wrong. I still have loads more to do, but what a difference…not only in the way it looks, but the way it feels.

With her swish and swipe  my toilet is clean enough to eat off, this is definitely a toilet I would want to get sick in. Balboa’s  toys can fall behind the toilet and I don’t care that he sticks his head there to get them, because it’s clean! I know that when my son goes to the bathroom and touches the toilet I no longer cringe and worry about what germs he’s contracting.


Now that son is old enough, he knows that he can’t play with the cleaning products. I can happily keep them within reach for a fast swish and swipe or wipe up.


My fridge is amazing and less cluttered. It’s not just about getting rid of clutter in your house, it’s about getting rid of clutter in your life. Can I keep my family healthy with items in the back of the fridge that I can’t see? I know what’s in my fridge and know when it needs to be tossed and I do it immediately.

Something spilled in the fridge? before I would pretend it wasn’t there saying I would do it later, now I WANT to keep it clean and quickly clean it up with just soap and water.

WARNING…It’s an OLD fridge in a rented apartment…despite that it looks GREAT! 


Everything has it’s place and container. In a few days the cold cuts will be used up and new ones will be bought and placed into the right container. The pot roast will be eaten, the container emptied and, hold a new dinner. I have room for my son’s lunch bag and even have room for mine (not pictured).


clean kitchen

clean kitchen2

clean kitchen3

clean kitchen4

this post is my opinion, I was not paid or asked to write it.

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