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Monday, December 3, 2012

What do you consider yourself a “pro” at?

I laughed quite hard at this..I thought about the things I am NOT a pro at, but that was just negative. Then, mostly because I just finished working on it, I thought about the Advent calendar craft I found on pinterest.

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So how does it relate to the writing prompt? Well…my crafts NEVER turn out like the ones I try. That is fine with me…I’m a pro because I keep trying. I don’t give up. I find ways to switch up items in the craft, I tend to use items I already have or modify it to work for us. Yes, it does not turn out the way it was supposed. Yes it looks crazy or wilted, but my son loves it. My son thinks its better than the one I found and want to do on our own. 

I’m a pro, because I don’t give up or feel horrible guilt because it was not a perfect replica. It’s perfect, because I am proud of what I did and my son loves it. I’m a pro, because I have FUN and enjoy the memories I am creating with my son. I am a pro at showing my son that as long as we have fun, it doesn’t matter how the project turns out. I’m a pro, because I show my son to just go for it and be proud of what you created.

christmas tree advent

It doesn’t look like the one on pinterest, but I just love it…and son thinks it’s the best thing he has ever seen.

I tried to modify it by taping some coins and dollar bills to some rings…which made it too heavy…which in hindsight was not the smartest since it weights it down. I also wrote some fun activities on the rings (pillow games, hide and seek, special snack-which will be almond ice cream with bananas, special games)

Then I decided to leave the rings empty and add put various small toys in a grab bag for Dinosaur to pick from. I got small plastic dinosaurs, three Christmas bells, 2-one dollar bills, and various coins.

christmas tree advent1

christmas tree advent2

Next year, I think I am going to try it again and let him pick wrapped ornaments from the bag. I think he’ll enjoy unwrapping a new ornament (even though it’s the ones we already have) every day.

What are you a pro at?

Dino Decorated

It’s Saturday and I get to tell what’s been going on. I had so much fun helping mommy decorate, she sure did need my help. She didn’t know where to put anything. If it wasn’t for me everything would still be in boxes.

I told Mommy to put the red and green sparkly rope on our fan, I am so smart.

I think we did a good job decorating our tree and it looks so awesome with the lights.

I told mommy where to put everything, she was so thankful to have me help her.

I love the Santa head on our door.

I love the door hanger and snowman in front of my bedroom door.

The santa door hanger and penguin look good before the basement door.

Then a santa in front of our bathroom door.

I told mommy to put the Christmas towels on the stove…what would mommy do without me?

I love the reindeer rug in our bathroom…it’s so much fun to take a bath while looking at them.

I also helped mommy add lighted Christmas trees to two windows. Did I do a good job? What decorations do you like to add to your house?


I’s a beautiful day to be THANKFUL for all that you have, but we really should be thankful EVERY day.  Life may not always be what you expected or wanted , but you take a moment to appreciate what you do have.

all the many things Dino is thankful for

cute turkey made from feet and hands… idea from http://theresjustonemommy.com/


mommy and kid hand turkeys