BACK TO BASICS: Goya Chicken, Rice, and Lentil Soup

foodCollageIt’s been easier making dinner and getting ready for work at night. I’ve been sticking to a routine and even with a few unplanned events, it still works. Even Dino knows the routine which is a blessing. I’ve been sleeping a bit better by drinking a half of glass of red wine before bed. It’s not to put me to sleep, but to keep me sleeping…but no worries I can still hear Dino if he needs me. I actually had dreams for the last three nights, though I don’t remember what they were…but I was definitely dreaming.

Now on to the meal, while slow cooker meals are great, they are not always practical and going back to what works is always best. I made a simple dinner and it was perfect since Dino was not feeling well it was perfect for him. How do I know Dino was sick? He laid down on the couch and didn’t move unless to use the bathroom. I got a few silly faces, but there were no roars, screams, jumping, and he only played with his cars or ten minutes. So this back to basic meal was great.

Goya Chicken, White Rice, and Lentil Soup.

I added olive oil, Goya Seasoning, and water to the bag with the raw chicken breasts…when ready to cook toss in some bread crumbs and shake it up. Then place in the cast iron and skillet and bake in the oven.

The Lentils Soup was from a can and the white rice from a bag (which I always add olive oil and Goya to the water). I must keep it simple!

The chicken came out perfect…always a big hit and the lentils were a nice touch with the rice. Sick Dino even ate his bowl of rice and lentils.

Tired Mommy APPROVED


Picky Hubby APPROVED

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Ten is NOT Enough

music collageThis week’s Listicles:
From @msannomalley 10 Favorite songs from your senior year of high school.

I am terrible with remembering songs, but ask me what books I’ve read and I can list tons of books and even categorize them by genre and my rating. So this list is all hubby, he can hear the first few seconds of a song and know what it is, the artist, and when it was recorded. Even as we wrote this list…he laughed at me when I didn’t know the artist for the song…as if this is important information.

Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)

End of the Road (Boys 2 Men)

November Rain ( Guns N Roses)

This Used to be My Playground (Madonna)

Damn I Wish I was Your Lover (Sophie Hawkins)

Wishing on a Star (Cover Girls)

Have you Ever Needed Someone So Bad? (Def Leopard)

I Will Remember You (Amy Grant)

Set A Drift of Memory (PM Dawn)

Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)

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Sometimes Simple is Best

PicMonkey CollageSo I was sick all weekend, actually I think I’ve been sick for two weeks, but slowly fought it off until my body gave up the fight and gave in to cold. I went through three boxes of tissues in four days and was starting to think that my brain fluid was leaking out of my nose. Thankfully my parents took Dino Saturday to Sunday to give me time to recuperate, but I still needed to take yesterday off from work and I’m glad I did. I am feeling better and can handle getting rid of this lasting cough. And yes, my brain is fine…well as fine as it can be now that motherhood has consumed most of it’s functions.

While sick I learned that

  • I need to sleep more, but not sure how when hubby dog snore so loud. I may have to get a sleep machine for the living room so I can get some sleep, but then will I be able to hear if Dino calls me? Either way I NEED sleep.
  • I need to stop stressing about my job. I have to accept that I am doing a great job and need to rely on my competence and skills…and of print all emails so I have a hard copy of everything.
  • I need to exercise…not sure when I will find the time or energy…see sleep problem


Now onto the simple meal that EVERYONE loved. Sometimes it’s wonderful to have hot, slow-cooked meal waiting for you at home. Other times it’s better to just keep it simple and stick with the meal you know they will eat. 

Our simple Dinner?

  • Two boxes of mac and cheese (I substitute almond milk for regular milk and added shredded cheese)
  • five chicken tenderloins and frozen veggies (marinated /seasoned and baked in the bast iron


Now before you scroll down the pics…

Yes, his shirt is off, he spilled water on his shirt and pants and insisted on taking them off. I will gladly let him eat in his underwear if he is happy to have the TV off and have a conversation with me about his day.

Yes, the mug of water is on the edge of the table, he keeps pulling it towards him and I keep moving towards the middle of the table…this goes on all through dinner.

ready to eat happy boyeating full tummy




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SLOW COOKER: Beef Stew with Sweet Potatoes and Quinoa

PicMonkey Collage

  • add beef tips for stew
  • half cup water
  • frozen peas and corn (meant  to add string beans, but it was in the freezer in the garage and I couldn’t get it at 5am)
  • cut then frozen gold potatoes and sweet potatoes
  • seasoning of your choice ( I used Goya seasoning and McCormick steak mixture)
  • cook on low for seven – eight hours
  • cook quinoa and brown rice mix according to the directions
  • add the quinoa and brown rice mix to the stew

I LOVED IT…another great meal for the fall. I was the only one though. It’s healthy, tasty, and perfect for the fall.

Dino wanted none of it and Hubby said because of the sweet potatoes he didn’t want it. 


Dino NOT approved

Hubby NOT approved

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brownThis week’s Listicles: 10 THINGS I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO


Halloween and Dino dressing up. Now that I am back to full time he’s at daycare full time and gets to enjoy Halloween at daycare. What will Dino be? Can you guess? Sorry, you’ll have to wait till Halloween to find out.

Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings…turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes.

Cooler Weather, pumpkin picking, apple picking, pumpkin lattes, and apple crisp.

My Birthday…I will be 38 in late October and I am looking forward to it. Life can only get better from here on out. Hubby will be 39, but he’s not too happy about it.

Having my groceries delivered by Peapod…being back full time at work leaves me no time during the week to shop and I don’t want to spend my precious weekend shopping. This Saturday was the first day we started with the deliveries. I figure every two weeks should leave us with enough food for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. Hubby is going to take care of the cold cuts each week and his own unhealthy snacks.  I know I will need to replenish fruits and maybe almond milk. I will see what we run out of and need before the next delivery. I have tons of meals planned and look forward to sharing them, good or bad. 


Weekends off from work

Day trips on the weekend with my family

Enjoying the great outdoors

Sleep I try not to comment on my hubby’s list…but notice I didn’t put sleep. Why? Because I am the one who gets up to take care of Dino and can hear him cry and call us. Hubby can sleep through it all…I would like more sleep, but know I will never get it. 

Playing with my children (Dino and Balboa)

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CollageI found this recipe for Easy Ravioli Lasagna on Just Dip It In Chocolate and I had to try it.

Now it didn’t come out as pretty as hers and I only had shredded cheddar cheese…but it ROCKED…even if I did add too much water when baking. panThough you should know by now that with me…I like recipes I can substitute and make changes to at whim…I like to experiment and know I can change it if I don’t have some of the ingredients.  Sometimes I change them up because it was a mistake, but it turned out good anyway. This is why I am a terrible baker.

  • I used round ravioli
  • shredded cheddar cheese
  • ground pork
  • canned sauce

Dino and Hubby had no idea what the original recipe looked like therefore to them it was an awesome meal.

Hubby FINALLY got the lasagna he wanted

Dino enjoyed the sauce and “ground meatballs” dino eatingI thought it came out pretty darn good…though I have been staying away from pasta sauce…too much of it and it makes my tummy ache. I can easy scape most of the sauce off and it would be perfect.




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eraser Collage2This week’s suggestion for Listicles is from @thefrilloflife  10 things I shouldn’t know

Once again hubby and I are sharing the list…our lists are very different, as you can see below.


How far a three week old baby can projectile vomit: Yup…that was one crazy experience…I thought it meant something was horribly wrong with my baby. Turns out it can be quite normal and I had to burp him more often while feeding him his bottle.

The best and fastest way to clean a toddler who has pooped so hard and fast it’s up his shirt and down his pant legs: Has happened a few times, so by the fourth time it happened it was just business as usual.

How to clean poop off of a carpet (both human and dog): Balboa pooped out of retribution on our carpet, thankfully it was a one time deal. Dino pooped while being potty trained. That is when I stopped and let him tell me when he was ready.

How it feels to be woken out of  dead sleep to an hysterical child having a night terror. This happens every so often. The look of pure terror on his face still haunts me each and every time. I’ve learned to turn on the light while trying to get him back in bed and acknowledging who I am. Thankfully when he awakes he has no clue as to what happened during the night.

How it feels to leave the hospital, postpartum, without your baby. Most of you know my birth experience with Dino, if not you can read it here. Basically he was still in the NICU when I was discharged and my doctor didn’t care enough to properly diagnose me with preeclampsia. 


All the back-hand deals and secrets between our country and other countries. The media just gives too much information away and this worries me. 

Knowing a stranger’s sex life because they are posting ALL OVER THE INTERNET: You can’t take it back once you post it.

When a co-worker tells me about their personal life: I can’t look at them the same way again. I work with you, we’re not friends outside of work.

Constant hearing discussions and propaganda of other people’s political and religious views and ideas: We all have our opinions, but if that’s the only thing you can say to me or force me to believe…NOPE. 

Unsolicited advice form others: I am tried of hearing how to deal with my son, marriage, home, cars, money,  and life from people who I didn’t even ask for advice.

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Silly Sunday & Weekly Roundup

So this past week of school was only two days…nice transition back to work. This coming week is a full week. I am looking forward to meeting new students and getting back to work with students from last year. Looking forward to a new beginning.

If I don’t come around your blog as often, it’s because I have to wait till the end of the day to blog and read blogs. I’m still here and won’t stop blogging.

Any advice on finding time to blog while working full time? Would truly love some ideas and  suggestions.CollageHubby insisted on putting up the tarp and eating outside on Labor Day. After Dino and I finished our  meal we went inside where it was horribly humid and relaxed in front of the AC. Hubby stayed out there, in the humidity, in the rain.


Hubby had to let the tarp air out from all that rain…so there stood the tarp the next morning and the morning after that.

CAM06362Dino showing me his pet dinosaur, which he carried around ALL MONDAY MORNING.


Dino hiding under the table with his pet dinosaur and toys. Why? I’m not sure.

CAM06354Dino hiding under the blanket on the couch. He stayed wrapped up for about ten minutes then crawled over to me and licked my toe. CAM06248


THIS MONDAY...Hubby and I each listed five things we will remember this summer. This summer sure went fast…of course I say that every year.

NEXT MONDAY... Hubby and I each list five things WE SHOULDN’T KNOW


THIS TUESDAYI posted Mommy’s Meal #6- Sloppy Joes. Did Dino like them? How did I make them healthy?

NEXT TUESDAY...I post Another Meal I found on Pinterest – How did I mess it up, but had a meal that turned out great?


THIS WEDNESDAY…BECAUSE VIRGIN MOBILE STINKS...they either were updating their system or had an outage…who really knows…they told me so many different things. I couldn’t upload my pics online to put them in the Kid Lit Blog Hop…Can’t wait to go back to Verizon PrePaid Phones

NEXT WEDNESDAY…is Wordless Wednesday where Dino ditches his toys to write in his journal


THIS THURSDAY…I posted the Let’s Get Organized Blog Hop #4. Did you link up your organization posts? I talked about clothes and closet organization. Do you prepare your outfits the night before or the morning of?

NEXT THURSDAY…will be the Let’s Get Organized Blog Hop #5. We will talk about organizing your bags and purses? Do you have a system? Do you have one bag or one for each outfit?

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THIS FRIDAY...I participated in Finish the Sentence Friday “With a swish of my wand…AND Secret Subject Swap “When I look in the mirror I see….”

NEXT FRIDAY...I will finish the sentence “My best summer memory this year was…

 magic wand Collage       Collage

THIS SATURDAY…Dino talked about this being his last year at daycare and how he wants to stay there forever.

NEXT SATURDAY…Dino will talk about how I made him a cool ramp for his cars.

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CollageThis week’s Listicles: 10 THINGS I WILL REMEMBER THIS SUMMER BY

This summer came and went. It all just goes so fast, don’t you think? How many days till next summer vacation?

Hubby and I each gave five things we will remember this summer.


  1. Dinosaur’s 4th Birthday, sure it was at the beginning of June…but to me that means summer is coming here
  2. Our vacation to Rocking Horse Ranch…what a great all-inclusive resort for kids
  3. Dino playing in the pool on a beautiful summer day
  4. Dino finally getting the hang of it and riding his bike like a big boy
  5. Hubby being able to have dinner with us most nights.

 Collage            Collage    Collage2         preemie outfit2 BLOG                       


  1. All our day trips as a family
  2. Playing with Dino in the driveway after work or on the weekends.
  3. Grilling lunches and dinners
  4. Watching TV with Dino before bed
  5. Driving in the car with my family and laughing at all the things Dino says 

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