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Dino wasn’t in the mood to have his picture taken…so he made a mad face…but he’s still so darn cute. 

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Amazon Summary:

This New York Times bestseller is a holiday treat!

It is the night before Christmas . . . in a house so cozy and colorful that only the beloved Mary Engelbreit could have created it. Not a creature is stirring. Then there’s the jingle of bells. . . .

For this merry holiday celebration, every page is filled with bewitching details, rich color, and memorable characters. A bevy of mischievous elves, an adorable mouse, and a jolly, bespectacled Santa await. Make Mary’s joyous vision a part of your special Christmas!

Dino Review: Santa is going to leave lots of gifts for the family. I know Santa will visit me too! I can’t wait. The Daddy saw Santa, but he should be sleeping. 

Mommy Review: The illustrations are colorful and detailed in typical Mary Engelbreit fashion. I love reading this to Dino during Christmas! 

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Finding Courage for my Dinosaur


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“I never had the courage to

well, the darn list is too long.

I happily admit I’m scared of a bunch of things…

I never had the courage to (and never want to) go sky diving or jump off a cliff. I hear it’s a great adrenaline rush or thrill. That’s fine, you keep doing it and I’ll stay safely on the ground.

I never had the courage to (and never want to) touch a spider. I heard that if you conquer your fears they will be gone. My answer is a big, fat NOPE!

I never had the courage to (and never want to) go on a roller coaster. I’m too scared of heights, being thrown around, and being upside down. I LOVE the fact that my son is not scared of heights or roller coasters and will gladly go on them a hundred times…good for him…and hubby who goes with him. I’ll share in their joy from the ground.


I DID have the courage to fight for my son. It’s been a long battle since before he was born…

With all the fertility treatments, injections, hormones just to get my body to work and hold onto, nourish, and carry a baby.

With knowing there was something wrong with my pregnancy, even though everyone and their mother told me…”It was fine.”, “This is what I wanted.”, and “Man up.”


With being diagnosed too late with preeclampsia (with a terrible doctor and should have switched to another doctor) and having my son in the NICU. I grieved for the birth I would never have and the loss at not being able to see and hold my son when I wanted. I often felt like a criminal being buzzed in just to hold my little man.


With trying to breast feed my little man and him not latching on. In the midst of trying for two months, I got numerous infections and somehow had to let go of the guilt, heal, and become a healthy mom to care for my son.

With knowing he DID NOT have allergies and need to go on Allegra at almost two years old, but rather he was allergic to dairy milk and taking him off of it made a huge difference in all our lives. If I had known then what I know now, I would have skipped the cow’s milk and let him drink coconut, rice, and almond milk…so much safer and healthier.

With knowing he had speech delays and fighting to get services, which he eventually received and what a difference it made.


With having years of PPT meetings and not getting help for his sensory issues. Since he was not yet in the school system they didn’t seem to care or want to help. Now he is in kindergarten and officially in the school system. His kindergarten teacher was able to provide enough evidence that he needed more help than she can give him. We had our meeting and low and behind he is getting the service he needs. While he does not qualify for an IEP since he does not have a learning disability, he does qualify for a 504. What is a 504? It means that he has an impairment that requires accommodations for him to be successful in school. His accommodations will include a variety of efforts and manipulatives as well as occupational therapy twice a week for visual processing delays, fine motor delays, and sensory delays.


I wanted to jump up hug each member of the team, I just about cried from joy and relief. Finally my son is getting the support he needs. The 504 will last a year, so when he returns to school in September as a first grader, his OT services will continue. Next December we will all meet again to discuss his current progress, goals, achievements, and delays.

As a reading specialist I often worry, since I work with students who have such learning disabilities, that he has dyslexia or ADD. I know he’s only five and it’s too early to identify this, but it plays a role in my worries. Maybe one day he will qualify for an IEP or perhaps the OT can help my son overcome his delays and he will no longer need service, consultations, and manipulative

What do your don’t you have the courage to do? What have you overcome or are trying to overcome?

Dinosaur Reads…


Dino sure looks happy with his pillows and blankets all over the living room.

knight for a day

Amazon SummaryThis classic picture book tells the story of a little bear and his family and the heartwarming adventures they have together. Little readers will love this gentle story with charming pictures, soothing text, and imaginative plot, and parents will love reading along with their children. Ideal for children just learning to read.

Dino Review: Little Bear does fun things with his mommy and daddy. He plays in leaves, cuddles with his mommy and gets lots of love, just like me. He is one kid so he doesn’t have to share his mommy and daddy. 

Mommy Review: What a sweet book this is. It is written in such a way that the little bear can be a boy or girl. Not only does it feature an only child, it shows moments that matter most. Whether it’s cuddles, reading books, taking walks, looking at stars, or sneaking in mom and dad’s bed the little bear is loved. The illustrations are detailed, but soft and comforting. 

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Dinosaur Reads…

dinosaur xmas

La La bought me this book, just in time for Christmas.

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Amazon Summary: The dinosaur fossils in the museum come to life (and sing, dance, and eat gingerbread) in this rollicking twist on the classic poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. And with the enclosed CD, children of all ages can enjoy dinosaur-themed Christmas party music, and hear the story read aloud by the Today Show‘s Al Roker! A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book goes to support the American Museum of Natural History in New York, where the story is set.

Dino Review: It’s dinosaurs at Christmas. There is a dinosaur Santa Claus and dinosaur reindeer. It has dinosaur music and someone reads the book. I like listening to the music, it’s so silly. It’s like the movie Night at the Museum only with dinosaurs and Christmas. 

Mommy Review: I wish the CD beeped or told you when to turn the page, that is quite disappointing. Despite that Dino was able to figure out by what is being read when he should turn. I love the graphics and plot of the book. Very cute and creative for any kid who loves Dinosaurs. Though Dino was quick to point out that this is not real, dinosaurs are not around and Santa Claus is NOT a dinosaur. 

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La La bought me some cool things to store all my amazing art. I get to keep my weekly paintings and drawings in the plastic bag. Then each weekend I get to decide what I want to display on the wall, and what I want to keep in my portfolio. Mommy says only three art works in each section.  

I want to keep all my art work, but Mommy says we can’t keep it all. She says it’s all special, but we don’t have the room. Mommy will take pics of art I don’t have room for, but always want to remember. 

art collage

Dinosaur Reads…


Grandma Lorraine bought me this book and I LOVE it! I am still borrowing books from my school library, but wanted to share this book.

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Amazon Summary: Enter the wild and wonderful world of the dinosaurs in this vibrant rhyming picture book by Giles Paley-Phillips. Dinosaurs do things you never dreamed they could they play tennis! They bounce on trampolines! This action-packed book about children’s favorite creatures is an engaging read for kids and parents alike.

Dino Review:This is a silly book, Dinosaurs are not around anymore. They are extinct, but this book is just pretend. Dinosaurs pretend they do lots of things with people. Then the end of the book is so silly, but read it your mommy or daddy in case you get scared. 

Mommy Review: This was a cute book, very colorful and descriptive about what dinosaurs would do, and could do, if still alive. The end of the book shows a huge t-rex ready to eat the reader, as he says, “dinosaurs eat kids like you.” Dino loves that part and has me read that last page about ten times. 

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Dinosaur Reads…

Creepy Carrots

Mommy has not let me post about books I’ve been reading. Please yell at her as much as you want. Now that I am in kindergarten, I get to visit my school library and take out books every week. I promise to share books that I love to read.

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Amazon Summary: Jasper Rabbit loves carrots—especially Crackenhopper Field carrots.  He eats them on the way to school. He eats them going to Little League. He eats them walking home. Until the day the carrots start following him…or are they? Celebrated artist Peter Brown’s stylish illustrations pair perfectly with Aaron Reynold’s text in this hilarious picture book that shows it’s all fun and games…until you get too greedy.

Dino Review: He was eating too many carrots and they got mad. They scared him and he doesn’t want anymore carrots. 

Mommy Review: This was a cute book, not scary at all. It was cute to see just how the carrots scare and trick Jasper the Rabbit…Lesson learned, don’t get greedy. 

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Dinosaur Reads…Pup and Hound, Lost and Found

pup and hound lost and found

I read 30 books for the summer reading program. I got my picture taken and it will be added to the library site.

library photo

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Amazon Summary: When Hound turns around, Pup runs off into the crowds of the county fair. Will Hound find out what Pup is up to? This Level 1 first reader contains short stories, simple sentences, easy vocabulary, simple visual clues and lots of repetition.

Dino Review: Pup gets lost and Hound has to find him. That’s not nice, Mommy would get mad and sad if I got lost. 

Mommy Review: Again a great rhyming book for Dino. He loved listening and trying to identify the words that rhyme. I’m sure this would be a great book for him to read when he is able to read on his own.   

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Dinosaur Reads…

welcome to kindergarten


I will be prepared for kindergarten with all the books I’m reading.


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Amazon SummaryJoin Tim as he visits his future kindergarten classroom and learns what he will be doing during his first year of school. Explore the reading, math, and art centers. Sit at the desk where he will practice writing, counting, and telling time. The classroom may look a little too big at first, but after finding out about all the fun ahead, it doesn’t seem too big at all. In fact, it’s just the right size.

Dino Review: The boy likes his small kindergarten. It’s not big, it fits him because he’s small for me. My kindergarten will be for me too. I’m a big boy but not a big kid. I learned a lot, I’m smart. I’m going to learn more in kindergarten, but I know everything. (shakes his head confirming he knows it all) 

Mommy Review: Cute illustrations and descriptions of each center a child might find in kindergarten. It’s reassuring to know that your classroom won’t be too big and overwhelming, but just perfect for little kids. Dino was happy that he did the same things in preschool and was curious if they would be the same in kindergarten.

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Dinosaur Reads…

donut shop


deborah anns collage

I read 20 books for the summer reading program, so I got a coupon for an ice cream cone. I am super excited, but know it’s not organic/NON-GMO. Mommy wishes they didn’t give out food prizes. I checked out 10 more books to get the next prize. I LOVE reading books.

knight for a day

 The Donut Chef by Bob Staake

Amazon Summary: IN THIS DELICIOUS tale, a baker hangs out his shingle on a small street, and soon, the line for his doughnuts stretches down the block. But it’s not long before the competition arrives and a battle of the bakers ensues. In the competitive frenzy, both bakers’ doughnuts become “quite bizarre, like Cherry-Frosted Lemon Bar, and Peanut-Brickle Buttermilk, or Gooey Coca- Mocha Silk!” Some are not even very tasty: “Donuts made with huckleberry (don’t be scared, they’re kind of hairy).” One day, Debbie Sue, just barely two, enters the bakery, and searches in vain for her favorite doughnut, where “the choice of donuts left her dazed. Said Debbie Sue, “But I want . . . glazed.” A fun lesson in keeping it simple in which our hero chef decides to go back to the basics, and wins over the whole town.

Dino Review: The donut guy was making donuts, but then the mean guy made donuts too. They made all sorts of yucky donuts and no one wanted them. The nice donut man made plain donuts and everybody liked him. The mean guy had so customers and his donuts look stinky and yucky. 

Mommy Review: What a clever book, great illustrations, and a wonderful lesson. Sometimes we get so caught up in competing to be the best, that we forget why we REALLY wanted to do it in the first place. It’s all about being true to yourself, loving what you do, and doing your best for yourself. 

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Dinosaur Reads…Nate the Great and the Pillowcase

nate the great and the pillowcase

My library is having a summer reading program. I love to read so I am going to win all the prizes. I know Mommy reads to me, but I make her read the books over and over. Plus, after she reads me the book, I remember what it’s about and read it to myself. I’m super smart and awesome.


For reading ten books I got this awesome poster.


I just finished another ten, which means twenty books. So now I get a bag. We will go back to the library on Friday to get my next prize and more books.

knight for a day

Amazon SummaryIt’s two o’clock in the morning when the telephone rings and Nate the Great learns that Rosamond’s pillowcase is missing. She needs it now because her cat, Big Hex, likes to sleep on it. 

Outside it is damp, dark, and dreary, but a good (yawning) sleuth knows that the hunt must go on. Can Nate the Great find the missing piece of laundry before the sun comes up, and before his bedroom slippers wear out?


Dino Review: He’s always sleeping when they call, that’s not nice. I’d tell them to not call me when I’m sleeping, I need sleep. (points his finger at me as he tells me this). Nate always solves the mystery. They couldn’t find the pillowcase, but Nate did. I’m a great mystery solver too. I always find my lost toys and Mommy helps me. 


Mommy Review: Best read with short breaks and constant reviews. We stopped after Nate talked to each person and decided if he/she took the pillowcase. It’s fun to try to solve the mystery and great for making predictions.   

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