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kindergarten here I come

(sorry about Dino’s crazy face…think he was getting tried of the all the pictures)

I am getting ready for kindergarten by reading tons of books. I graduated preschool last weekend, soon I will be a kindergartner. I am nervous and excited, Mommy says I will rock.

preschoolo graduation

knight for a day

Amazon Summary: Get ready for school with these fun poems!

This adorable picture book celebrates all the familiar milestones and moments shared by every single kindergartner. Whether it’s the first-day-of-school jitters or the hundredth-day-of-school party, every aspect of the kindergarten experience is introduced with a light and funny poem–not to mention charming illustrations.

Dino Review: I’m ready for kindergarten. I’m going to have friends and a new teacher. I’ll play on the playground and be line leader. I don’t want to lose my teeth though. I brush my teeth everyday. 

Mommy Review: Each page has a poem about different stages or events in kindergarten. Each page prepares future kindergartners for line leaders, recess, lunch time, 100th day of school, story time, losing teeth, new friends, and teachers. Very cute and easy to read. Dino was able to relate to just about each page, but got a little worried about losing his teeth. I assured him that it’s okay for his baby teeth to fall out…may have to look for a book on that. 

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Dinosaur Reads…

pup and hound


Now that I am starting kindergarten in the fall, I have to read certain books over the summer. Mommy is making me start now and I really like the books she borrows from the library.


scardey squirrel at night


Amazon SummaryFollow the farmyard adventures of two lovable dogs in these humorous stories about friendship. With simple, rhyming text and playful illustrations, the Pup and Hound books are perfect for the beginning reader. Hound discovers Pup curled on the ground in need of dinner. Will Hound find a way to make his new friend feel better? This Level 1 first reader contains short stories, simple sentences, easy vocabulary, simple visual clues and lots of repetition.

Dino Review: Pup likes to play and was hungry. He was a baby and didn’t realize he ate it all. Hound was hungry, but was being nice. He’s a good dog. There is rhyming words, Mommy helped me find the rhyming words. 

Mommy Review: Definitely a great book to help kids read. Simple words, sight words, CVC words, and word families. I pointed out the words to Dino and hopefully he will recall the word patterns. 

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Dinosaur Reads…


nate the great

Now that I am starting kindergarten in the fall, I have to read certain books over the summer. Mommy is making me start now and I really like the books she borrows from the library.


scardey squirrel at night


Amazon SummaryShortly after a breakfast generously supplied with pancakes, Nate the Great got an urgent call from Annie.

“I lost a picture,” said Annie. “Can you help me find it?”

“Of course,” said Nate. “I have found lost balloons, books, slippers, chickens. Even a lost goldfish. Now I, Nate the Great, will find a lost picture.”

“Oh, good,” Annie said.

Nate, with the cool detachment of a Sam Spade, immediately plunges into his new and baffling case. Getting all the facts, asking the right questions, narrowing down the suspects. Nate, the boy detective who “likes to work alone,” solves the mystery and tracks down the culprit. In the process he also discovers the whereabouts of Super Hex, the missing cat.

Dino Review: Nate likes to solve mysteries. He finds his friend’s picture of a dog. Her brother painted over the picture and that wasn’t very nice.  

Mommy Review: What a cute book, we read it in one sitting, but will have to do more comprehension activities with the book. Maybe a chart for next time…My prediction is…, Nate asked the following people…. and I was wrong/right, the person who did it was….

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Dinosaur Reads…Scaredy Squirrel at Night


scardey squirrel at night

Dino here, now that I am starting kindergarten in the fall, I have to read certain books over the summer. Mommy is making me start now and I really like the books she borrows from the library. The new library is really big and has lots of space to walk around, play, and books to find. I want to read all the books, but Mommy says only a few at a time.


scardey squirrel at night


Amazon SummaryScaredy never sleeps — sleep might mean bad dreams about dragons, ghosts, vampire bats and polka-dot monsters. Our wide-eyed hero has a plan: stay awake all night, every night. Between counting stars, playing cymbals and making scrapbooks, he does a good job of avoiding dreamland. With exhaustion taking its toll, Scaredy comes face-to-face with an alarming horoscope prediction: All his dreams are about to come true! He must prepare for the worst and his Bad Dream Action Plan includes a fire extinguisher to snuff out dragons and a fan to blast away ghosts. But when disaster strikes, will Scaredy survive this ordeal? Will he thank his lucky stars? Will he find sweet dreams? Scaredy Squirrel at Night tackles a fear everyone — and especially the young — can relate to. It’s a bedtime story to make light of kids’ fear of the dark and a fable for our sleep-deprived society.

Dino Review: I like Scardey Squirrel. He has lots of plans and tries to get the bad dreams. He thinks if he sleeps he will be scared. You know what? His plan doesn’t work and he falls asleep. He has good dreams and wants to sleep at night. 

Mommy Review: I think Dino will love this series, it’s visually appealing but not over done. Scaredy organizes his plans quite well and explains negatives of no sleep and positives of sleep..which models organizational skills. A great book and can’t wait to read more adventures about Scaredy. 

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That’s So Nice

FTSF collage nice


Finish the Sentence Friday

“The Nicest Thing Someone Ever Did for Me…”  


Man, I am sitting here trying to think. I feel awful that I can’t remember all the wonderful things that have been done for me…makes me a horrible and evil person, right? Seriously, the only thing on my mind this Thursday afternoon is parent orientation for kindergarten tonight.

That’s right, I am writing this on a Thursday.

That’s right Tony and I are going tonight to meet the teachers, sign up for classroom screening, and get more information and resources than I think I can handle.

I have so many questions….

  • Will he be mad if I give him a packed lunch and the other kids buy school food?
  • Is the school food organic/NON-GMO?
  • What if he doesn’t learn to zip up his own jacket?
  • What if he doesn’t make any friends in the classroom?
  • What if he is incorrectly placed in a classroom and he needs more challenging work?
  • What if he’s being pushed too hard and feels inferior?
  • What if he need extra support?
  • What if he’s just too busy with his body and gets picked on by the teachers instead of being taught differently?
  • Does he need a backpack?
  • Does he need pencils and paper?
  • What if doesn’t like his new school or teacher?
  • What if he gets bullied?
  • What if the moms in the PTA are mean and ostracize me for being a working mom?
  • What if I am pressured into volunteering when I don’t have time?
  • What if he’s ostracized because his mom can’t volunteer?
  • What if he makes friends but I HATE the moms?
  • What if the kids don’t like him and he never has any friends?

See it just goes on and on. Hubby is relaxed…well he’s more worried that because he’s a custodian at another school in district Dino will get picked on…or have less than others have. As for all these worries he’s says I’m crazy.

So, in all this I did not finish the sentence at all. I will say that Dino is able to pick out the sweet and wonderful things people do and will say, “That was so nice.  ______ did that for _________ and that was nice.” I hope he is able to use this skill in school to make friends, learn, and be successful. I hope he is able to make friends and be friends with everyone. I hope he continues to use his manners and be respectful of others, but not letting others walk all over him. I hope he stands up for himself with pride and respect. I hope he loves learning and continues to learn and question everything. I hope he starts learning and never stops. I hope school begins his journey of changing the world.

backpack Collage


I was hoping they would give us more information tonight, instead they will mail everything to us in August. I am glad hubby picked up summer reading information at his school. I can get started on introducing Dino to reading series and books he will see in school. They didn’t have any of that at this school. I guess all the parents will be running around in August fighting over school supplies.

I am looking forward to his mini kindergarten to get to know the teachers and fellow students. I am looking forward to bus orientation so he can feel like a big boy. Hubby is also looking forward to walking Dino to school most mornings.  

It was nice to see some moms that I already knew. Dino will know some friendly faces and hopefully make long lasting friendships. 

 What is the nicest thing someone has done for you?