Preschool Schedule

Normally I post how I saved money this week, but I didn’t do so great. The local supermarket I go to for meat and produce has let me down again. I bought meat and pizza dough and after two days in the freezer the meat was rancid. After two days in the fridge, the pizza dough smelled horrific.  I have seen and complained about expired products on shelves, products not refilled for two months, and produce that never lasts as long as it should.

I have decided to use the same supermarket in the next town and it is much better. You would think the supermarket in a well-to-do town would do a better job, but they don’t.

Anyway, now onto my post for today; I was thinking that I need a schedule for when Dinosaur is home with me. Even if we don’t follow it to the minute, at least he knows the routine. Do you SAHM and WAHM moms have a schedule? How detailed do you make it?

This is what I created? Am I too ambitious, or as an educator am I right on the money? I have to edit the weekends and the days he attends day care. It’s a work in progress as I see how he reacts to the schedule.


Since I can’t find work, my parents are paying for Dinosaur to attend daycare three days a week, from nine to three.  Starting next week, we will only send him two days a week till four pm. With a strict schedule, I should be able to keep him busy, not to mention library events and trips. The weekends will be busy with family activities; I will make a point of it.




  • run washing machine if full
  • put away dried clothes,
  • clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur


  • change sheets and towels


  • catch up day and organize

What’s your cleaning agenda today?

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Dino in Cooperstown

In this post, Names have been changed and faces covered up for privacy .
On our trip to Cooperstown was an adventure, yeah an adventure, I’ll go with that. Hubby played on Double Day Field and we went with him and it was exactly what I expected it to be, a disaster. While we went with Hubby’s sister and her husband and their three kids and nephew, it was NOT the place for my Dinosaur. 
They were all older, except for Cousin Judy who is only 18 months. Dinosaur needs constant activities to keep him busy or he will become destructive. Cooperstown, even though beautiful and historic, was not going to fulfill that need for Dinosaur. 
Watching daddy play was NOT fun for him, climbing up and down the bleachers was the fun part, but could not let him do that with a bunch of people around who were trying to watch the game.
watching daddy and Uncle T play on the field
T at bat!
T catching
I tried to keep him running from store walls to me at the sidewalk each time someone went into a store, which was not an easy task. He kept tyring to run in the street and continually bumped into people during his fits. All he wanted was to go back to Sesame Place, I felt so bad for him. 
SIL and her hubby did their best to show me all that Cooperstown had to offer. There was the Fly Creek Ceder Mill that had a small play area and Dinosaur loved it; and running around the store trying all the pretzel and chip samples. But that was good for about an hour and half, and then he was back to boring stuff.
Nephews and their cousin pretending to chase Dinosaur running around the play area.
They sure did a good job of keeping him busy.
Dinosaur with his Buddy, he always asks for Buddy. He LOVES Buddy
Dinosaur going down slide, Aunt Ada and cousin Judy watching
Dinosaur got a fever and sniffles Saturday night, so of course I got almost no sleep. I had to run off by myself Sunday morning to CVS to get son medicine. His temperature was temporarily lowered, but kept rising back up. Hubby didn’t get to go to the museum, but he as been there three times before so it’s really no loss. 
We had originally wanted to go without Dinosaur on Sunday night, so Hubby could shower after the game and relax. But BIL talked Hubby into going with Dinosaur Saturday into Sunday. If an opportunity like this pops up again, I am going WITHOUT Dinosaur, I need a freaking break and time to myself AND time alone with Hubby.
I know some people take their kids with thme and make the kids adjust, but with Dinosaur that doens’t work. 
Do you take your kids on adult vacations and make them adjust? Or do you leave them at home? Or perhaps only go on kid-friendly trips? 
run washing machine if full, put away dried clothes, clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
vacuum bedrooms
catch-up day/declutter—now I can clean the fridge and microwave)

What’s your cleaning agenda today? 

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Go Away Mommy

That’s what I have been hearing lately while Dinosaur plays. My first reaction is one of heartbreak, how could he want me to go away? Then I remind him that he does not talk to mommy that way. He can ask mommy nicely to let him play alone. 

Sometimes he plays with his cars on the table, occasionally standing up to discipline them for not behaving or sharing. Other times he makes them take time outs (obviously replaying what he hears often at home and day care)

Other times he wants me to sit with him in his room and watch him play. I am not allowed to touch any of his toys, I might mess up his game.

How he can understand what is going on in this mess is a wonder to me. 

 Other times he rather “help” daddy outside in the garage making sure his umpire equipment still fits
Or making sure Daddy’s car works properly
 Or adding a few well-placed scratches

Most of the time he is hard at working doing something naughty, like drawing on the rug with chalk. The worst part, he tells me to come in his room and see what he did, all proud of his destruction. I really hope he uses this power for good in the future.

How do you handle your kids telling you to leave you alone?
Or are they in the crawling all over you stage?  
Have your kids done any damage lately that they are proud of? 

run washing machine if full, put away dried clothes, clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
vacuum bedrooms
clean baseboards in living areas
What’s your cleaning agenda today? 


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Life with a Dinosaur

Found this great article on iVillage 20 things no one told us about raising a boy. and it is SO TRUE. I added it to my pinterest as well.

Everyone thought I was going to have a girl, I didn’t care either way, I just wanted to be a mommy. But who would have thought my little 4lb 6oz baby would be a terror? At least he makes life interesting. He will be our only, so I treasure life with him even more.

1. There will be planes, trains, and automobiles AND DINOSAURS

2. Boys don’t stop moving NEVER, EVER, EVER STOP MOVING


4. You will love watching him play with his dad YES, EVEN THOUGH IT SCARES ME AT TIMES

5. The penis comparison stars early IT’S A MAJOR FASCINATION

6. You’ll learn to love legos I LOVE PLAYING WITH HIS TOYS

7. Roughhousing is innate EVERYTHING IS MEANT TO BE JUMPED ON

8. You’ll want to mold him into a stellar boyfriend HE WILL MAKE THE PERFECT HUSBAND, IF IT KILLS ME

9. The goofiness starts early FARTS AND BURPS ARE HIS FAVORITE JOKES

10. Even sweet-as-pie boys loves guns HOW DID HE EVEN KNOW THEY EXIST?

11.You’ll learn to not compare your son to girls ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY SIT AND PLAY SO NICELY

12. Star Wars takes over earlier than you expect TELL ME ABOUT IT

13. You’ll probably make a trip to the emergency room NOT YET, THANK GOD

If you can’t tell, that’s Dinosaur jumping from the ottoman to the couch

14. Sports Obsession can be hardwired I CAN SEE THAT 


16. You will struggle with gender roles DOESN’T BOTHER ME WHEN HE WANTS PINK ITEMS

17. You will revise your wedding fantasies AND be fine with it. OKAY WITH SAVING MONEY AT HIS WEDDING AND LOOKING FORWARD TO TEACHING HIM HOW TO DANCE

18. Boys sometimes need to hug it out  MOMMY’S HUGS AND KISSES SOLVE EVERYTHING

19. You will throw away tons of clothes STAINS MULTIPLY AND NEVER GO AWAY


~~~~My own addition to the list~~~~ 21. You learn to relax. WITH A BOY EVERYTHING GETS BROKEN OR DESTROYED, SO DON’T WORRY, JUST GO WITH THE FLOW. 

Dinosaur’s Side of the Story

So my mommy has been doing a lot of complaining lately and I think it’s time I tell you my side of the story.

First of all, it is not my fault that the plexiglass over the screen door is so cheap and breaks easily. All I did was hold on to it and it snapped in half on its own. I must be a strong dinosaur.

~duct tape over original crack~

 Then mommy puts that gray tape on it, but it snaps in half again. I think she should blame the company that makes the plexiglass and not a three year old innocent little boy.

~more duct tape on second crack~

Do I look like I am capable of doing that damage? Look at my sweet innocent face.

~sad face when he broke the plexiglass~

Then mommy and daddy put tape on the screen door lock and wooden door lock, because they think I am going to lock them out of the house. Is it my fault that the locks are fun and exciting to play with? Again, mommy is blaming the wrong person.

~duct tape over screen door lock~
~packaging tape over door knob lock~

I have a few questions of my own. Why is not okay for me to drive a car? They look so fun with all their buttons and big steering wheel.

~jumped from car seat into drivers sea and insisted on driving to store~
Why can’t I put sticks in a car’s tailpipe?
Why can’t I put rocks in wheels of a cars?
Why can’t I throw toys at the TV?
Why can’t I drink out of Balboa’s water bowl?
Why can’t put toys in people’s drinks?

I think mommy makes all these rules up to just be mean. I bet you all can do those super fun things? What mean rules do you make your kids follow?       

Five Question Friday & Car Crazy Dinosaur

My Little Life

1} What do you call them- flip flops, sandals, thongs, or slippers? Flip flops and sandals. I wear slippers in the house. Aren’t thongs the skimpy underwear?

2} Are you a “my kids can do no wrong” kind of mom or a “Johnny punched you? Well what did you do to him first?!” kind of mom? I’m a “Well what did you do to him first?” type of mom. The other moms honestly get on my nerves.

3} Would you confront a good friend that looked/looks down on your husband/significant other? OH YES, only I am allowed to do that, LOL. Seriously, my hubby is not perfect, but he’s my husband and father to our son, no one is allowed to hurt anyone in my family.

4} Biggest pet peeve? lack of common courtesy. If I hold open the door, say thank you. If I let you get in line in front of me, say thank you. If you see me behind you, hold open the door for me. I teach my son to be respectful, why don’t other parents?

5} What’s your favorite take out meal? I’m such a bad mom, but we all love McDonald’s kid’s meals, especially the chicken nuggets. I only let Dinosaur have them twice a month if he is lucky. 

Head on over to answer the questions and join the link. 


He loves his cars, not as much as dinosaurs, but he loves his cars. 

Poor mommy is NOT allowed to touch any of his cars, I have to sit and watch him play. He will ask me questions and see if my full attention is on him, LOL.

He loves the movie CARS and has most of the main cars. When they go missing (no fault of his own) we have to conduct a STOP EVERYTHING AND SEARCH FOR THE MISSING CAR routine. I won’t let him take the cars anywhere, because if he loses the special cars in a restaurant, we will NEVER be able to find them.

Do you see all his cars? I swear he knows each and everyone of them.

LIFE WITH A BOY Cars everywhere

As some of you already know, those who know me, know my son is crazy for his cars. He will spend countless time lining them up then crashing them. Sometimes dinosaurs will crash their gathering and send them hurling through the air. Even punish them for not sharing or hitting (so happy he is paying attention to when I speak).

His favorite cars are the “Cars” cars, if one of them goes missing the world ends till we find them.

No matter how much I have tried to keep his room clean, there are cars everywhere. I have given up! I expect him to clean his room with help from mommy, but it will never be a perfectly clean room. I have excepted this. My mother (Mrs. Clean) has a hard time accepting this notion.

I have learned a long time ago to only listen to yourself as a mom. I feel its okay to let the clean up of toys slide in order to spend more time with my happy little dinosaur. Life is about moments I get spend with him not worrying about everything being put away every moment of the day.

In turn my son, feels better when the cars are put away at night. This fact alone shows me that he knows he has to clean up, but knows when to do it and when to have fun.