Must Haves & Mom’s Day

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This week’s Listicles is 10 Wardrobe must haves…

I WAS going to list all the essentials I have in my closet. Though that seemed silly that I am now between clothes sizes now that I am losing inches and gaining muscles. Therefore I am listing all the new clothes I will need for the rest of spring, all summer, and the beginning of fall.

1. two summer dresses that I can also wear in June and September

2. two light weight pants I can wear in June and September

3. two capris

4. two shorts

5. two skirts

6. summer shirts

7. three to four good sandals (thanks to my mom for buying those for me

9. new undergarments 

10. lots of tank tops 


Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday, I know I did. Tony originally had to umpire in the evening…but the games were cancelled so we all had the day together. 

I started at the gym (climbed 22 flights of stairs on the stair machine) and worked with free weights. Then I went off to Whole Foods and had a morning snack, while I crochet and listed to an audio book in the car. It was so quiet and wonderful. I didn’t have to answer any questions or share my food. 

Then I spent the day with my men…it was a quiet and sweet day with just the three of us…and Balboa and Nemo.

I got the best Mother’s Day gifts…wooden turtles that Dino and Daddy painted. I LOVE turtles and was so happy to add them to my collection in the curio cabinet.

At daycare Dino made me some super adorable and loving gifts. He had to write four reasons he loves me…and he picked such sweet and caring things. What a smart and lovable little dude I have.  In case you can’t see the writing…”She gives me new toys, She brings me to do sports, She reads me books, She scratches my back at night before bed.” 

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Dino had so much fun hanging out in the beautiful weather. He was in his glory. He made a mud swamps for his dinos and superheroes and created a pool of mud. I wish I had taken pics of it. I had to clean it up…but we had so much fun. Can’t think of a better way to spend Mother’s Day. I will definitely cherish these moments. 

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What are must haves in your wardrobe? How was your Mother’s Day? 


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Adventures Where I Live

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This week’s Listicles is 10 Adventures to have where I live 


1. Going to the Wolf Conservatory – Dino is looking forward to see how Atka is doing.

2. Going for a walk around town

3. Going to the Nature Center and Silverman’s Farm

4. Having lunch at Whole Foods…yes…its’ a fun thing for me and Dino

5. Enjoying ourselves at Martin Park Beach 



1. Having bbq outside with my family…even better at the park.

2. Taking wife and son to Beardsley Zoo, Dinosaur Park, and Railroad Museum

3.  Fishing with my son (one day)

4.  Playing outside with my son

5. Neighborhood strolls with my family


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What are some adventures you can have right where you live? 


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I’ll Never Understand…


This week’s Listicles is 10 Things I’ll Never Understand by @inmomopause



1. Pants having off your butts? Seriously? Is that REALLY COOL? Do I REALLY need to see your boxers? 

2. Know-it-alls. I don’t understand why you feel the need to PRETEND you know it all when everyone and their mother knows of are full of sh*t. 

3. Conformity. Why do we all need to be the same?  Why can’t we stand out and rock at being who we are. 

4. Why my husband still has no clue where anything is or goes. I understand we have only lived in our apt for over two years, but COME ON dude. 

5. why people make left turns cutting into the other lanes…Make a box left turn people…IT’S ONE OF THE FIRST RULES OF DRIVING. 




1. When people knock on doors and open them before getting a response to enter. 

2. When you unlock a car door electronically and the person can’t get in, so they knock again. I know you are there.  

3. Russel Stover fancy chocolates – why do people leave the wrappers in the box? It doesn’t help you figure out the chocolates. 

4. Why do people bite the chocolate and put it back in the box instead of just looking at the bottom of the box.  

5. Using another dish and utensil instead of just cleaning the ones you used (looking at my wife).



What things don’t you understand? 


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Bring On Spring

 bring on spring

This week’s list is all about spring…”10 Things Spring“. Now while I can’t stand all the insects…I do love the fresh air and warmer temperatures. Too bad it can’t stay 65-70 degrees all year round. For a change and because I didn’t have a chance to ask hubby, Dino will be splitting the list with me. 

Mommy’s list…  

1. skirts and sandals

2. lighter jackets

3. dinner outside

4. after dinner walks

5. open windows and fresh air 

Dino’s list… 

6. riding my bike

7. playing with sticks

8. playing ball with Mommy

9. playing outside at preschool

10. going to the playing  

 What do you like/look forward to about spring?

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Parenting Do Over

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This week’s list is from Cathy @ETNHome
0 Things you would do over as a parent


1. Don’t breast feed:  I had five infections in two months. Dino was/is allergic to dairy. I should have just stuck to the special formula. Sure it would have cost more money, but I would have had no guilt and lost precious time with my son. 

2. Use cloth diapers. Okay, even though I didn’t have a washing machine in my condo, I am sure there were places that I could have used. I am sure I could have found service that picks up dirty ones and delivers dirty ones. It would probably would have been cheaper than all the money we have spent on diapers and wipes. 

3. NO MORE ADVICE: I should have let those with unsolicited advice know, under no uncertain terms, that their advice and opinions are NOT needed or wanted. Now I am NOT talking about the kind and good-hearted advice. I am talking about the advice that is meant to judge, hurt, embarrass, or criticize you.

4. Let my husband help: I should have let my husband help in HIS way instead of making him do it my way. Sure there were some things he needed to understand, but most of the time it all turned out fine and I could have used the break. I mean so what if he put the onsie on over the pants, at least he dressed our son so I could take a shower and rest in peace. 

5. Date Nights: I should have set up monthly date nights, even if we didn’t have money. We could have found ways to go out and enjoy each other and strengthen our marriage.

6: House Cleaner: I should have hired a bi-weekly house cleaning service –  I thought doing that would say that I was not organized, messy, or not a good enough mom and wife. But in reality I don’t need anyone’s opinions. I’m a mom who works full time. After I come home from work, my teaching job doesn’t end, I have reports to write and lessons to plan.


7. Think before I react: I would have taken a second before I react to Dino’s behavior or words

8. Have another: IF we had time, money, and a guarantee that our last round of IVF would work…we would have had another kid so Dino could have a sibling. Though we are VERY happy with our son. He is a great kid with good manners. 

9. A different time: I wish Dino was brought up in a time similar to the time I was brought up. He could walk to school, not worry about who has the best cellphones or laptops, and no cyber bullying. It was a safer time when I was growing up, now there are too many dangers out there. 

10. Approval NOT needed: I wish I had used the line “Do I look like I need your approval?” when given unsolicited advice or complaints 

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Things Sure Did Change, But That’s Okay

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10 things that aren’t the same ( Chosen by Julia )

I changed this post quite a few times, but then I remembered if I asked hubby I would only have to think of five! Smart, right? So I thought it would be fun to get both our point of views on how life as a parent is no longer the same as before we were parents. It was truly interesting and insightful to get Hubby’s point of view.

By Mommy

1. Bathroom time will NEVER be the same: Now as soon as I enter the bathroom I either have an audience or someone knocking at the door

2. Sleep will NEVER be the same: There was a time that I could sleep as long as I wanted, but chose to get up early. See the irony there? 

3. Conversations with Hubby will NEVER be the same: Now we either have to communicate in short phrases between Dino commands or cries, with texts, or non-verbal language. 

4. Random and Useless Facts will NEVER be the same: There was a time when cool, but useless facts were fun to learn. Now my brain is filled with kid songs, dinosaur names, superhero names, rescue bot names, titles of ALL movies and TV shows Dino likes, characters in EVERY show and movie he likes just in\case he forgets the titles.

5. Love will NEVER be the same: I thought I knew love, thought I knew what it meant to love unconditionally. Now I KNOW. Now I know what true selfless and unconditional love is. It overwhelms and scares me, but brings me great joy and peace.

Hubby says…

1. Responsibilities will NEVER be the same: At one time I was responsible for myself, now all thoughts of my son take over each and every thought I have. . 

2. “Me First” thinking is gone: At one time I could think how this situation would affect just me. Now I have a son and wife to think about first. 

3. “Me Time” has to be scheduled: I can’t just wake up and do what I want, I have to check with my wife and see what is going on with my son first. 

4. Being a man has limitations and frustrations:  There were things I missed out on because I was a man. I couldn’t help my wife breast feed or have that instant bond that Dino and my wife had. Other times I wanted to help, but Dino only wanted his mommy and it hurt. It hurt because I couldn’t help and my son didn’t want. me. Now that he’s older, he asks for me a lot more. 

5. I used to think I had NO money:  Now I KNOW I have no money.  


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Nighttime Routine

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This week’s Listicles is 10 Traditions by Christine 

As I sat here Sunday night trying to think of what to write, I thought about writing ten things that we do for Dino’s Bedtime Routine would be perfect. I try to put him in bed for books about 7:50 and ready for sleep about 8:20. He gets up around 5:30 every morning but knows to stay in bed till 6 am. I wish I could get him to sleep later. 

10. Cleaning up after dinner – Dino is good about helping me clean up after dinner

9. Getting lunches ready for the next day – sometimes Dino likes to help me do this


8. Playing for a bit and watching TV – always find a great new thing to watch on Netflix

listicles2 Collage

7. Taking a bath/shower – we alternate between baths, quick showers, or just cleaning off with a washcloth. It’s a great way to alternate and save water. 

6. Getting clothes ready for the next day – Getting both our clothes ready saves so much time in the morning


5. Playing some more – usually a way to exercise or release all that crazy energy

4. Cleaning up – always better to clean after he took a bath…feels like nighttime isn’t a rush

3. Brush teeth and go to the bathroom – Dino is so good about this and loves his light up spider-man toothbrush

2. Reading 3 books, 2 if we go to bed a bit later. Though going to b bed too late means the chance of waking up with a night terror

listicles Collage

1. Rubbing Dino’s back, talking about our day, and what tomorrow will bring

 What are some traditions you follow? 


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Would I Even Listen?

teenage collageThis week’s Listicles is 10 Things you would tell your teenage self, by Coletta

I worked on this post, deleted it, rewrote it, edited it, deleted it and wrote another version. Finally I have what I am happy with it, well slightly happy.

I had first wanted to incorporate a letter to all my bullies. I wanted to ask them if their children are bullied? If their children are the bullies? If they are proud of what they did? If they feel any remorse? Then I realized I would waste my entire post on them and they aren’t work the time.

Finally I thought about going back in time to when I was in high school and at my geekiest, weirdest, craziest, scariest, and clueless moments. I also thought about where I am in my life right now. Combing those two ideas, I would leave this for my teenage self. 

Dear Teenage Karen,

Don’t despair. Your mom was right, you are going to be an amazing woman, it will happen. Here is some advice from me, or rather an older you.

A Rockin’ and Happy 38 year old Karen

1. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO MAKE YOU FEEL LESS THAN. Leave them behind, they do not get to drain you of who you are. Surround yourself will positive-people, especially when going through IVF. What’s that you ask? It’s the miracle that will complete your soul, the miracle that gives you and your husband a family, the miracle that makes life worth living.

2. It is okay to be who you are. Own it and don’t change for anyone. So you can be geeky and awkward at times-you will have friends who love that about you.  So you prefer to stay home and read, you will pass on your love of books and knowledge to your son. So you have a set routine with your son, it doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for you. You can’t please people, don’t try, only focus on you and your family.

You will be an awesome mom, you are going to have many years to prepare for motherhood. You know what to do and and will rock at it. Screw anyone who tells you differently. Hell, you may curse often, but your son is polite, courteous, and kind. While he may not always be recognized for this, know you are shaping a good man.

3. Accept when you mess up, apologize, and try to make it right. It’s tough and you may need help, but the guilt will eat away at you if you don’t. On the flip side…forgive, but never forget. Forgive and mean it, but don’t let them hurt you again…and don’t owe them a reason why. Say thank you and truly appreciate those who help you.

People will talk and gossip, that is human nature. Ignore them, seriously laugh it off  and ignore them. The more a person gossips, the more they bring negativity into their own lives. If someone wants to make you aware of what someone else said about you say, “No thanks. I don’t care.” You are an amazing woman, wife, and mom who gives a sh*t what someone else thinks.

I am still working on this…but realize how powerful it can be. Soon the messenger will get the hint and say to the gossiper. “It has nothing to do with me. I don’t want to hear it.”

4. Yes, you will get crazy with rage at times. Yes, you will get so nervous you stay awake for days and want to vomit. Yes you will cry hard at times, no apologies, this will make you stronger and teach you to appreciate what you have. Some people will apply a diagnosis to your emotions, they are wrong for doing that. If they haven’t been in your situation, they are coming up short and don’t know what to say.

Before you know it, you are not going to live in the same house as your mom, dad, and sister. You look forward to moving out now, but it will scare you and break your heart at times. You will wish you had spent more time with them. Even now, you will forget, but remember enjoy each moment with them. Your parents watched you grow up to become a wife and mom. You will one day watch your son become a husband and father. Time moves too fast. Your sister is the only one who truly knows and understands your childhood. You will often forget that even now, but make sure you enjoy each and every moment.

5. You are going to have your heart broken a few times, it will hurt more than you can imagine. It will happen in a variety of ways. Life will go on though and you will find love and peace. Your soul will be at peace one day. You will actually appreciate the heartbreak because it all led you to where I am today.

6. Have faith and believe, but also know true evil walks among us. The devil is everywhere looking to hurt you, deceive you, and trick you. Don’t waiver in what in you believe.

Things will happen in life and you will try to figure out out why. You will either find out many years later the reason why or never know. God is there, your angels are there, they know what is best for you. Trust that voice and know it is not what you wanted, but what you need.

7. If someone doesn’t like you it’s their fault, their issue, not yours. You can’t change them. Don’t let their issues change you. On the flip side, don’t pretend to like someone, that is cruel Sure be friendly and courteous, but don’t lead them on.

8. One day you will have a blog. It will start as a dog blog, then a new mommy blog, then turn into a blog about being a mom of a wild boy. It will be YOUR blog and yours alone. You will own the url and have total control of what goes into your posts. Some will think you are crazy, some will love what you write, others hoping you will fail, others critiquing everything you write, some will enjoy reading about your son and give you wonderful feedback, others looking to see to see if they are better than you, and others will talk about your blog but never to your face. Just smile and keep blogging, this is a true testament to your life as a mom, a legacy for your son, memories of your life.

You will work hard to take the best pictures, create watermarks, edit photos and create collages, write posts, edit posts, publish, link up to other blogs, learn how to read html codes, meet other bloggers, and the list goes on all while being a mom, wife, and full time teacher. You will work hard and you will write what you want. Don’t change what you write or change your blog, because of a critic. If someone doesn’t like your blog they can always create their own…that is the beauty of blogging.

9. You will have a career, earn a Master’s Degree in Literacy. You will be a highly qualified and accomplished teacher. There will be many people who try to show-off or tell you what to do. Never be the person who shows off her career or degrees. It’s tacky and rude, you KNOW you are knowledgeable and accomplished, that is all that matters.

10. Don’t get into arguments with people who think they know more than you. You will often forget this and want to slap yourself about it later. You will never win, you will always lose, even if you are right. Once again they have issues and you are only wasting your time. Sure tell them to back off politely or not-so-politely if the situation calls for it, but don’t try to prove them wrong. They will drain you all of  all intelligence. Worrying about them takes time away from the important things.

What would you tell your teenage self? 


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Because I Love You, That’s Why

love collage

This week’s Listcles: 10 ways you show love ( Chosen by Ashlee )

I immediately thought of the ways I show my son I love him. As a mom I now devote my life to my son. Sure I still am my own person and make time for myself, but he is my life and I need to make sure he is healthy and happy. 

1. Creating a weekly menu plan – Making sure I provide the healthiest meals for my family and saving money is all out of love. 

2. Constant hugs, kisses, and affirmations of love – All this love will show my son how to be a kind and affectionate man to his family one day.

3. Post temper tantrum and boo-boo kisses and hugs – This teaches Dino that no matter what he will always be loved, comforted, and forgiven. 

4. Teaching Dino about health and saftety –  Telling Dino how to keep his body healthy, knowing his body, respecting his body and how to keep himself safe will make him safer and stronger.

5. Keeping a set bedtime for Dino – This ensures that he gets the sleep he needs even to keep his body and mind healthy 

6. Sharing his story – Dino knows and loves to hear how he was in my belly, how I waited so long for him, how he was born, and his babyhood. 

7. Not giving when Dino doesn’t agree – Even if he has a huge temper tantrum, (even in public and when others are looking) not letting Dino get his way. He often hears, I said no/yes, because I love you and want to keep you healthy and safe. 

8. Will always be there – Dino often hears and knows that he can tell us anything, no matter what, and we will always be there for him and love him to the moon and back. 

9. Giving him the power of books – I have read to Dino since I first found out I was pregnant. Sure it may have been too soon…but the power of reading is that important. Thankfully he loves to read and will now read to his stuffed animals. 

10. Letting him be who he is – Every child is different and Dino is no exception. He is loud, wild, energetic, always in motion and that is okay. That is just the way he is and I have learned to understand who he is and let him be. I know he will love who he is as an teen and adult and NOT need to be pretend to be someone else to be happy. 

How do you show your love? 



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Wonderful Memories

main collage

This weeks Listicles is from Robin – 10 Things You have Memorized.

#1 The call I received that Wednesday morning to confirm my pregnancy…that sheer panic as the phone rang and I picked up turned to sheer joy and and whole different level of panic as I relized I was finally going to be a mom.

#2 The moment I felt my baby move and then saw his movements across my belly…I will NEVER forget those feelings, ever.


#3 The feeling of Dino being taken out of my belly during the C-Section. (no pain, but I did feel tugging and a loss of him as they pulled him out).

#4 The first cries of my child and hearing the words “It’s a boy” and me crying, “I have a son.”


#5 The moment I was wheeled into to see my son, after I was cleaned up. I called out his name, he turned to look at me and reached out his hand. I held onto to his tiny hand and took a picture. He knew me, knew my voice, knew I was his Mommy…that moment a million times forever.

night of delivery

#6 The feeling of finally having my son home after his time in the NICU and thinking Holy Sh*t he’s home.

trying to sleep

#7 The feeling of true panic when Dino was only home a few nights and he projectile vomited across the room…I swore he threw up his insides…

#8 Each every moment he looked into my eyes and with his body language told me I was his mom and he loves me.

baby anthony collage


#9 The look of pride, love, sheer joy on Dino’s face and how he looks to me to congratulate him…I am his world.

proud collage

#10 The moments, each and every time, he says please, thank you, you’re welcome, or compliments someone on being good or doing a good job…those moments prove to me what a blessing my son is.

good collage

Yes, a number 11…a current and future moment I have with my son…each time he makes  me laugh, cry, giggle, shout, scream, or feel tremendous pride…I am so honored and lucky to have him for a son.

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