Honey-Do List

Today’s Listiclesidea comes from Christine

10 Things in Your House Which Need to be Fixed

Honey Do collage

1. Broken screen door courtesy of Dino. He and Balboa keep scratching the screen door. So my dad, put of plastic, but Dino broke that. So he covered it in duct tape, but Dino still did his destruction thing… It’s barely holding on, but still doing the trick. Thank God for duct tape.door

2. Holes in ceiling courtesy of Tony, soon to be fixed. He tried to install a hook for a hanging basket…It didn’t work out so well. ceiling

3. Broken light on Nemo’s tank courtesy of Dino…now fixed by Hubby. He bought a new light that he attached to the bottom of the shelf above Nemo’s tank. Now no chance of Dino “accidentally” knocking the light in Nemo’s tank.

4. Behind our basement door is wasted, we don’t want to nail things in and the top of the door has no space to hang storage. So Hubby came up with a great idea- to sand the top of the door a bit to fit the two or three hooks. Doh! What an ingenious idea! LOVE IT and can’t wait to utilize that space for office supplies, household items, and snacks.

5. Our stacked washer and dryer is in a TINY closet, with almost no space. No room to even hang anything on the door, it;s that tight of a space. Hubby is going to try to move it over a bit, so we can do this…OR hang thing baskets on the wall.

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6. Faucet with a hole, so it leaks something awful in the sink when being used. Since the foundation is old pipes, it’s going to be a huge fix for the landlord.

7. Bigger bookshelves for Dino’s room, in both the closet to replace the wire rack and to replace the other bookshelf in the corner.

bookshelves8. Improve the bulletin board in our kitchen/entrance…we need a better system. The below system would be perfect.


9. One of our couches is almost done, the side is all broken and pushed in from Dino climbing and jumping on it…It’s still holding up…but one day I fear that the side will cave in.

10. The toilet paper holder and shower curtain rod and rings all need to be fixed or replaced.

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Guilty Pleasures? NOPE, NO Guilt Here.

gilty pleasuresThis week Listicle is 10 guilty pleasures ( Chosen by Phoebe ) This shouldn’t be too hard, right? Or maybe I’m just BORING, LOL. Some of these aren’t really “guilty” pleasures, but I enjoy them, so here goes.

I had the list written, but without any explanations…so here I am at the last minute writing this…oh well.

1. chocolate…yes a nice creamy bar of Cadbury chocolate…hmm…I can almost taste it now. I’ll regret it later when I get sick, but so worth it.

2. coffee – with just the right amount of sugar and half/half..what can be better than that? I prefer mine light and sweet, but I only have one cup so it’s not that bad, right?

3. Dino staying over my parent’s house so I can TRY To sleep in peace. Though Balboa still snores like an off-key violin  and I still toss and turn. At least I don’t have to get out of bed, even if I don’t sleep late, I can just stay in bed and relax.

Do I really feel guilty or like a bad mom because I need/want time away? NOPE, I am a better mom for it…

4. sushi with a nice portion of wasabi…hmm, I haven’t had that in a LONG time…think it’s time I have sushi again soon.

5. Nachos sans jalapeno peppers…I LOVE nachos…nothing better and soothing for a glummy day.

6. Big tub of popcorn at movies. Yes, I know it’s bad for you, but I LOVE it and I don’t care.

7. Getting that text that an audio book for which I placed a hold is now ready for pick up! Even better when I get there and another audio book has just come in…Better than Christmas morning.

8. Starting a new book…If you love to read then you know how difficult it is to leave an old book and start an new one.   BUT that moment you feel right at home in the new book…THAT feeling is golden.

9. Completing a crochet project and it turns out even better than you imagined.

10. Getting a hug, kiss, or affirmation of love from Dino. Okay, it;s nothing to feel guilty about, but it just makes life better each and every time.


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What’s in a Name?

name CollageThis weeks Listicles was chosen by Coletta

10 Names You Would Have Named Yourself

I think I wrote about this before. I just can’t change my name…it’s who I am and what makes me, ME. I had a difficult time coming up with a list. First I was going to write all the names Dino and Hubby call me. Then I thought of a list of titles that I should be called. I just couldn’t finish either list.

So I decided to go with nicknames we have for Dino and Balboa.


Big Boy Little Man – I called Dino this when he was in the NICU and until he was about a year old. 

Dinosaur – Obviously at a young age he would roar like a dinosaur. I still don’t know how he doesn’t have a sore throat at the end of the day.

Fart Pod – Hubby calls Dino this because of his loud and smelly farts. Who knew a little guy could fart that loud.

Buddy – Also a Hubby nickname for Dino, they are buddies.

Dude – my nickname for Dino when he is being silly.

Stinky – Yes, I call my son stinky. Why? When he hugs me just to fart on me…yeah…He’s stinky. . 


Boobalas – Where did I get this? I am not sure, it just started one day and he answers to this as well.

Cuddle Bug – a vet called him that and it stuck, he really is a cuddle bug. Though now he just pushes his butt against you so you can rub it.

Love Bug – I swear he wants to be friends with everyone and will love you forever if you scratch is butt, behind his ears, or his belly.

Pippick – Hubby heard this nickname from a former co-worker and he LOVES it as a nickname for Balboa. .

 What nicknames do you have for your kid(s) / pet(s)?

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Weekend Fun


 PicMonkey Collage

I am so excited that Stasha has chosen my idea for this list!!! WOOOHOOO

So what do I do on the weekend?

SLEEP…well, at least one extra hour of sleep. Since I don’t have to get up and get ready for work at 5am, I can sleep till six. Though I mostly wake up at 5:30 and toss and turn, but at least I don’t have to get out of bed yet.

Church and Peapod. Our Sunday morning is always the same, go to church then off to Peapod to pick up our groceries.

Use about an hour to complete the weekly home blessings…using FlyLady’s program it;s a couple of things you do every week, but I choose to do them on Sunday, so it’s less to do after work.

Scramble for things to do with Dino. He is a busy and energetic kid and needs to always be doing something. When the weather is stinky, it’s hard to find thins to do. Even though I HATE the heat, it will be nice to take him to the playground and bike trail.

home Visit friends and family…being so busy working full time it;s nice to just see people we don’t get to see during the week.

When my parents take Dino overnight I get to not only stay up late but get to sleep late. Okay, maybe not sleep late…what a wonderful thing, right?

Have fun as a family…Whether it’s to the Nature Center, Zoo, parks, birthday parties, or just chilling outside.Enjoy NOT making lunches…well I mean I do make lunches…but not having to pack a lunch bag is golden.out fnFind time to catch up on all my TV shows and watch a movie with hubby

Catch up on crocheting newest blanket…loving the ribbon pattern.

ribbon blanketJust relaxing and having quality time with my son…love the morning hours when we are still in our pjs and just chilling. 

mom and son

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What’s New?

all new

I am going to do my best to keep blogging and reading blogs…I took a long needed break and hopefully got organized and ready to stay organized.

This week’s Listicles:

NEW TOYS: that need to be find a place to where they won’t take up too much room.

school bus magnets hess truck hat and gunNEW CHRISTMAS CARD: I really loved our card this year, it really captured Dino’s personality.


NEW CELEBRATIONS: Each year brings new celebrations and joys. To start off this year, Balboa’s 8th birthday was on the 5th…time sure if flying around here.

frameNEW POUNDS: all the delicious food that was hard to deny and now sits on my body

NEW MEMORIES: Dino once again surprised me and understood more about Christmas this year. It was wonderful to watch and live this holiday through his eyes.


NEW CHALLENGES: as to what to buy family and friends AND making sure the magic of Santa lives on for our son

NEW CLOTHES: with gift cards I stacked up on clothes and undergarments from Dress Barn and Soma…so excited.

NEW PEAPOD SERVICE: you all know I use Peapod, but now they have pickup in addition to delivery. By picking up my order each week, I don’t have to pay for a delivery fee…that’s a savings of $7 a week!

Free - no pick-up fee. Pick-up your groceries free. No minimum.

NEW ORGANIZATION: set up a meal plan, pantry organization, coupons to get and stay organized. Though let’s not forget, to save money, as well.  Sunday Coupon Inserts is a great service, for less than a dollar each you can purchase all the coupon inserts.

meal lan collage

Sunday Coupon Inserts

NEW ATTITUDE: A new year brings a new beginning, new start, new choices…I know I will be able to rock my routine and stay organized.

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MY Wish List

Okay, now I could be generous and thoughtful and wish wonderful things for others…but I want to make this fun. So this is MY wish list…if at all possible…which I KNOW will never happen. But I CAN dream so why not…

wish listNow onto…This week’s Listicles:

sleep – YES I said it. I want sleep. I want to actually sleep, fall into a deep sleep for eight hours straight. I want to know what it feels like to wake up rested. What a FOOL I was in my teens and twenties to think I didn’t need sleep.

sleeppersonal chef – I want a personal chef to cook some meals. there are times I love to cook, other times I want to press a button and *POOF* the chef will appear and know what I want him/her to cook…and magically all the ingredients will be there.


housekeeper – if only I could have someone come and clean my home…just swoop in, vacuum, dust, wash all the curtains and bedding, clean the couches and pillows, just once a month and I’d be so happy.

Magic housekeeper – I want another housekeeper to do things tat need to be done when I don’t have time. What things you ask…well…make the bed on the mornings I am running late, was the dishes at night when I am too tired to even look at the kitchen, repair/tidy up our couches from the Balboa and Dino destruction, clear off our table in the dining area…and the list goes on. The BEST part is that they would know when they are needed and NOT have to be asked…sighs…just imagine that!!!!!!

messdriver – While I do love driving to work and listening to books on CD, there are times when I want to sleep. Wouldn’t it be nice to be driven to work and back home…sighs.

magic closet – imagine a closet is bigger than it looks…a simple button makes it five times bigger than it is and provides you with all the outfits you could wear…sighs…

Yes, I know that WASN’T Ten…but I didn’t want to be greedy, LOL.

What’s on your wish list?

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Trying Better and Favorite Words

Before I stat with Listicles, I know I have been MIA for a while.Work has been crazy, I have been crocheting like mad and can’t wait to share what I have made but can’t spoil gifts yet. I am not making promises, but I am going to try my best to get back on my regular schedule and HOPEFULLY respond to comments and READ other blogs. I know I have missed so flipping much.

fav wordsNow onto…This week’s Listicles:
@spokesmama suggeted 10 fave words.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – just love this word and so much fun to break it down into the number and types of syllables.

Then of course the word syllabification…such a fun word to say

awesomesauce – just love this word…even pretend to take out a container of awesome sauce and feed it to my son…yes I have issues. LOL

fancy (I pronounce it faaaaahhhhncy)….just for sh*ts and giggles

dude – Dino gets such a good laugh when I say this…I just can’t help it. For example when I speak to Dino…”Dude, what are you doing? Stop running around butt naked and put on your clothes.”

luxurious – such a wonderfully, descriptive word…it could mean the taste, the feel, the scent, the sound, or smell of something…or perhaps any combination the sense.

Mommy – not a word I often say, but it’s one I hear numerous times a day. Each time it warms my heart…okay most times…when it’s a whine or cry it not so heart-warming. 

blessings – there are so many blessings in our lives, often ones we don’t even realize. Even the small, little things that we take for granted are blessings or hopes for someone else.

farted (pronounced parted by Dinosaur) Each and EVERY time he farts he announces “I parted” then proceeds to say that it stinks so bad. We are trying to keep him from saying it in public, but the immature, fool that I am still laughs. He’s just so darn cute.

sleep mostly because I have yet to really have a good nights sleep. I may sleep deeply for three hours, but then I am always woken up or wake myself up. Or I toss and turn all night and never really get that much need deep sleep…sighs…perhaps one day.

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Put the phone down…

listicles technolgy CollageThis week’s Listicles:
10 Trappings of Modern Life

Oh Modern Technology it’s a great thing…but it sure has us trapped into getting more and updating each time. Seriously, what did we do before all this technology. I survived my youth without all this…I wonder what crazy technology Dino will be tricked into needing.


  • droid smart phoneuse it to text, tweet, Facebook, search anything, play games, calculate mathematics, and waste my time. What’s going on in my town? Just read the local paper’s tweets. What are the celebs up to? Just read their tweets. What silliness and craziness is everyone experiencing? Just check out Facebook.
  • ROKUwho needs live TV. I get most of my shows on HULU Plus for just $8 a month. Netflix gives you just about any show…and if it’s not on there you can find it or rent it on Amazon Prime. It’s wonderful BUT addicting.
  • BLOGwhat would I do if I couldn’t blog…though I wish I DID have more time to blog and read blogs
  • Textingoften avoid talking on the phone to just text
  • HootSuuitepost one thing on Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Page, and Google Plus in one shot



  • texting only good for quick talking, not lengthy conversations…just call me already
  • Email pissing contestGet a life, stop trying to out write me in an email and just talk to me
  • obnoxious alarm radio turn down the volume or rather turn it off
  • Annoying Garmin Voiceno matter what voice I choose, they are ALL annoying
  • Bill Payis it REALLY that convenient?

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love theeThis week’s Listicles:
10 Ways to Say I LOVE You

I was going to list the things we do for Dino, but it goes without saying all we do for our kids is because we love them. Instead Tony and I listed ways we show our love with everyday tasks


  • cooking meals that are not your favorite, but you know your hubby will love the meal
  • putting aside some dinner so your hubby has some for lunch at work
  • taking hubby’s clothes out of the washer and putting them in the dryer so they don’t get stinky
  • watching a movie you don’t like, but know your hubby wants to see it
  • putting your hubby’s coffee in his favorite tumbler 



  • going out and getting your wife medicine when she’s sick
  • picking up wine for your wife, because you know she is running low
  • getting your wife’s car an oil change
  • killing an insect, no matter how tiny, just to make her happy
  • getting a drink or surprise treat when getting back into the car

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This week’s Listicles:
from Southern girl eats clean. 10 FOODS THAT MAKE YOU THINK OF…Collage

Oh man…I DO LOVE FOOD. I didn’t have a chance to ask Hubby for his list…so it’s all me this week.


buttered rolls dunked in coffees so many people freak when I dunk my rolls/bagels in coffee???? I remember almost every Sunday my dad would get rolls and bagels and we would all sit around the dining room table eating breakfast. I thought it was something everyone did…and it is delicious. The taste of buttered roll soft with coffee or the taste of coffee with a bit of butter flavor…nothing better and the memories flood me each time.

spaghetti and meatballs nothing better than that…a perfect meal to make you feel like a kid again

chicken broth with pastina  reminds me of my mom taking care of me when I was sick and how great it was knowing your mom was always there for you

linguini with muscles reminds me of dinners out with my family when I was a teen and young adult…oh how time flies


grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon and tomatoes but the tomatoes can’t touch the bread to ensure the bread doesn’t get soggy

pot roast with garlic bread it’s just a perfect meal…a meal to fill your soul and tummy

nachos with the works sans jalapenos talk about a comfort food that just makes you feel better


ginger ale I swear I will get sick just from drinking it…it reminds me of leaning over a toilet bowl

chicken and dumplings after I cooked this in the slow cooker and had a bunch of it…we all got a stomach bug…NEVER AGAIN will I eat chicken and dumplings of ANY kind

tomato soup I loved it when I was prego with Dino…but then I suddenly couldn’t look at it anymore…I don’t even want it in the house

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