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music collageThis week’s Listicles:
From @msannomalley 10 Favorite songs from your senior year of high school.

I am terrible with remembering songs, but ask me what books I’ve read and I can list tons of books and even categorize them by genre and my rating. So this list is all hubby, he can hear the first few seconds of a song and know what it is, the artist, and when it was recorded. Even as we wrote this list…he laughed at me when I didn’t know the artist for the song…as if this is important information.

Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)

End of the Road (Boys 2 Men)

November Rain ( Guns N Roses)

This Used to be My Playground (Madonna)

Damn I Wish I was Your Lover (Sophie Hawkins)

Wishing on a Star (Cover Girls)

Have you Ever Needed Someone So Bad? (Def Leopard)

I Will Remember You (Amy Grant)

Set A Drift of Memory (PM Dawn)

Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)

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brownThis week’s Listicles: 10 THINGS I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO


Halloween and Dino dressing up. Now that I am back to full time he’s at daycare full time and gets to enjoy Halloween at daycare. What will Dino be? Can you guess? Sorry, you’ll have to wait till Halloween to find out.

Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings…turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes.

Cooler Weather, pumpkin picking, apple picking, pumpkin lattes, and apple crisp.

My Birthday…I will be 38 in late October and I am looking forward to it. Life can only get better from here on out. Hubby will be 39, but he’s not too happy about it.

Having my groceries delivered by Peapod…being back full time at work leaves me no time during the week to shop and I don’t want to spend my precious weekend shopping. This Saturday was the first day we started with the deliveries. I figure every two weeks should leave us with enough food for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. Hubby is going to take care of the cold cuts each week and his own unhealthy snacks.  I know I will need to replenish fruits and maybe almond milk. I will see what we run out of and need before the next delivery. I have tons of meals planned and look forward to sharing them, good or bad. 


Weekends off from work

Day trips on the weekend with my family

Enjoying the great outdoors

Sleep I try not to comment on my hubby’s list…but notice I didn’t put sleep. Why? Because I am the one who gets up to take care of Dino and can hear him cry and call us. Hubby can sleep through it all…I would like more sleep, but know I will never get it. 

Playing with my children (Dino and Balboa)

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eraser Collage2This week’s suggestion for Listicles is from @thefrilloflife  10 things I shouldn’t know

Once again hubby and I are sharing the list…our lists are very different, as you can see below.


How far a three week old baby can projectile vomit: Yup…that was one crazy experience…I thought it meant something was horribly wrong with my baby. Turns out it can be quite normal and I had to burp him more often while feeding him his bottle.

The best and fastest way to clean a toddler who has pooped so hard and fast it’s up his shirt and down his pant legs: Has happened a few times, so by the fourth time it happened it was just business as usual.

How to clean poop off of a carpet (both human and dog): Balboa pooped out of retribution on our carpet, thankfully it was a one time deal. Dino pooped while being potty trained. That is when I stopped and let him tell me when he was ready.

How it feels to be woken out of  dead sleep to an hysterical child having a night terror. This happens every so often. The look of pure terror on his face still haunts me each and every time. I’ve learned to turn on the light while trying to get him back in bed and acknowledging who I am. Thankfully when he awakes he has no clue as to what happened during the night.

How it feels to leave the hospital, postpartum, without your baby. Most of you know my birth experience with Dino, if not you can read it here. Basically he was still in the NICU when I was discharged and my doctor didn’t care enough to properly diagnose me with preeclampsia. 


All the back-hand deals and secrets between our country and other countries. The media just gives too much information away and this worries me. 

Knowing a stranger’s sex life because they are posting ALL OVER THE INTERNET: You can’t take it back once you post it.

When a co-worker tells me about their personal life: I can’t look at them the same way again. I work with you, we’re not friends outside of work.

Constant hearing discussions and propaganda of other people’s political and religious views and ideas: We all have our opinions, but if that’s the only thing you can say to me or force me to believe…NOPE. 

Unsolicited advice form others: I am tried of hearing how to deal with my son, marriage, home, cars, money,  and life from people who I didn’t even ask for advice.

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CollageThis week’s Listicles: 10 THINGS I WILL REMEMBER THIS SUMMER BY

This summer came and went. It all just goes so fast, don’t you think? How many days till next summer vacation?

Hubby and I each gave five things we will remember this summer.


  1. Dinosaur’s 4th Birthday, sure it was at the beginning of June…but to me that means summer is coming here
  2. Our vacation to Rocking Horse Ranch…what a great all-inclusive resort for kids
  3. Dino playing in the pool on a beautiful summer day
  4. Dino finally getting the hang of it and riding his bike like a big boy
  5. Hubby being able to have dinner with us most nights.

 Collage            Collage    Collage2         preemie outfit2 BLOG                       


  1. All our day trips as a family
  2. Playing with Dino in the driveway after work or on the weekends.
  3. Grilling lunches and dinners
  4. Watching TV with Dino before bed
  5. Driving in the car with my family and laughing at all the things Dino says 

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This week’s Listicles: 10 ‘OH NO YOU DIDN’T MOMENTS.

These all take place before we had Dino…I’ve done some crazy things as a mom…but most of these moments were reminders from hubby. What a trip down memory lane.

1. When I was still living at home I hurt my ankle and was on crutches. I fell coming out of the door and landed on my nose. Thankfully, it’s just as hard as my head and was fine.

2. Met hubby in community college and tried to impress him by throwing a GLASS Snapple bottle into the garbage. Of course I missed and it broke. Everyone in the cafeteria cheered me…what a way to impress new boyfriend.

3. Before I met hubby’s parents, we were over his house watching TV, seriously watching TV, and his parents came home early. In a fit of ridiculous worry he told me run out of the house thinking he would be in trouble…mind you he was 20 and I was 19 and we were just watching flipping TV. He made me run out the back door…and as I ran out the back past the front porch, I ran past his parents trying to get in the front door. I was so embarrassed…especially when I had to officially meet him for the first time.

4. Trying to spit out mouthwash like hubby and spitting it all over my clothes…yeah, I’m cool.

5. While at dinner with hubby I went to hold his hand across the table and knocked over both of our glasses…water ALL OVER THE PLACE.

6. Many years ago for Christmas, we drove an hour to my parent’ house to sleep over. I feared I left the heating blanket on, so we drove back to turn it off, then drove back to my parents…boy was hubby mad.

7. Hubby bought tickets for us to see BonJovi in concert. We went with his wackadoo co-worker at t he time…what a moron that guy was. Anyway on he way there we stopped to have breakfast in a diner. I don’t know how, but I almost flushed my keys down the toilet (I only did #1 people). I held on for dear life as the water flowed around my hand…Thankfully I kept my keys (the only set we had that day). I washed my hands about a hundred times and used a full bottle of antibacterial spray.

8. While I was at work, Hubby locked himself out of the house…WITH …Balboa. He had to borrow a ladder and climb up and crawl through a tiny bathroom window.

9.While I was at work, Hubby locked himself out of the house but had a car key. He drove all the way to my job just to get the house keys-which was about forty-minute drive each way.

10. Hubby is always leaving keys, wallet, and cell phone, and winds up having to drive back to work to get them.Usually he will get home, look at me with his typical I messed up face and walk right back out.

Squirrely Blogger Award

Karen from Baking in a Tornado gave me THIS awesome award…

I need to divulge 7 to 10 quirky facts about myself and then name 7 to 10 bloggers who would be okay okay sharing quirky facts about themselves…*evil laugh*  Who can I torture???? BWAHAHAHAHA

I’m pretty much an open book, unless it is something that a parent or co-worker could see and might affect my work.

1. I rarely listen to music…mostly books on CD…when I do listen to music it’s mostly Jackson Rathbone, former 100 monkeys, Johnny Cash…and some Lady Gaga. Most of the time if you turn on my car…you either hear, an annoying kid’s song, the vivid details of torture and murder, or a sappy confession of love from one person to another.

2. I must have a large bucket of popcorn when I go to the movies…whether I pop it at home or buy it there.

3. I’m scared of the basement…there are evil spiders, bugs, and serial killers hiding down there, I just know it. Yes, I am crazy.

4. You can usually tell what I am feeling from the look on my face. I have a hard time keeping my emotions from showing. Whether its aggravation, anger, .silliness, fear, hunger, or exhaustion.

5. When hubby offers to go to subway for lunch he knows I am going to order the same complicated and crazy sandwich, but Dino loves it too. I order a foot long (that I share with Dino) Italian bread, with turkey, provolone, mayo, oil vinegar, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and olives.

6. I always hang my keys in one of two places: directly on my purse or on our key rack. If I can’t find my keys and they are not there I go into full panic mode. One time I couldn’t find them anywhere, hubby went on and on how I need to be more responsible and take care of my things…(meanwhile he would lose his head if it wasn’t attached). So where did we find them? In hubby’s other coat pocket…I tortured him for days/weeks for that one.

7. I’ve mentioned this before, I have a thing with water…like the girl from SIGNS. I can’t drink water in a cup, I swear there are all sorts of buggies and floaties in there. So I need it in a water bottle of my choosing and with some sort of crystal light just to add color…so I can’t see the floaties. Yes I have issues.

So which bloggers are being passed the sack of nuts? BWAHAHAHA

It’s NOT an obligation…so no worries if you can’t post…just feel honored.

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  @lilahbility suggested this week’s list…Things that are completely impractical.

Okay, I just couldn’t think of anything…even though I know I could name a million items every day. So I asked hubby for his ideas for this list. He not only gave me a list he even added reasons why. I wish I had taped him as he went through it and explained the reasons why…he got angrier with each item, LOL


pocket watch between wrist watches and cell phones, who needs them

empty baskets annoys him to no end

expensive coffee machine with our percolator who needs the fancy stuff

cassette player/CD player we all use iPod now

tube TV takes up way too much space

camera now that we all have cameras in our phones

cotton hoodie no protection from the rain, rather have a cotton lining with a polyester shell

designer clocks with no numbers want to break them

grandfather clock waste of space

EVERY “As seen on TV product” otherwise known as fancy junk





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Milk Almond milk (big container and small ones) and sometimes rice milk 

cold cuts We usually get either honey ham or smokehouse ham, maple smoked turkey, and provolone or yellow American cheese.

bread Between french toast, toast, and sandwiches…there is never enough bread. 

juice boxes normally get either jucy juice or capri sun

fruit and veggies… bananas, apples, cantaloupe, and frozen veggies

eggs and shredded cheese again with the french toast and I could eat egg-white omelets every day. 

CARBS….YUMMY rice and pasta

Cereal Cheerios or Rice Krsipies

CONDIMENTS either ketchup or barbecue sauce…always seem to be running out of these

iced tea jugs…we add just a little to our water to make it drinkable. I just can’t rink plain water…Hubby laughs at me and says I’m like that girl from the movie Signs. If it’s clear water I swear I can see all floaties (yes, I made that word up) and bugs…but a little color and I’m good to go.  I couldn’t find a good clip or pic from the movie…but here’s the trailer. Maybe one day my weird water quirk will save us from aliens? LOL


even though I rarely wear makeup, at times I will wear eyeshadow to enhance my eyes…and this shadow and liner is pretty awesome.

Here is another one of my favorites for a giveaway this summer. What is not to love about this Color Design Shadow & Liner Palette from Lancome? Enjoy:

Product Details:

Infinitely luminous.  Sensationally smooth.  All-in-one 5 shadow palette to brighten eyes.

Lancôme’s versatile, all-in-one palette conveniently creates a full eye look for day or night.

Experience the newest generation of luminosity as silky lustrous powders transparently wrap the skin, allowing a seamless layering of pure color for a silky sheen and radiant finish.

Build with absolute precision and apply the shades in 5 simple steps (all over, lid, crease, highlighter and liner) to design your customized eye look. Contour, sculpt and lift in soft day colors or intensify with dramatic evening hues for smoldering smoky effects.

The giveaway is available for both US and International entrants.

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WE ROCK: Listicles Style

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Eating meals together when we can….and we truly appreciate those times.

We love our dog, Balboa and our fish, Nemo.

We live simply, not needing fancy things to survive

We live in a quiet and peaceful town

Despite some hard financial times and a move, we are still a family and appreciate what we have.

Dino, like me, knows that God is there for us and has a plan, all we need to do is trust in Him.

Have a son who almost always says please, thank you, and your welcome.

Dino loves to bring “secret messages” back and forth between me and hubby

Dino is always extremely happy to just play with and spend time with his mommy and daddy.

Dino smiles big when hubby and I kiss and always wants to be part of our family hug.



@breadwinningmom suggested this weeks list – words that make you smile? Maybe it’s the way they sound or the meaning

Mommy…just hearing that words…I’m a mom after all those years and disappointments. I will always and forever cherish that word

decadent – knowing something feels, tastes, or smells decadent rocks. It could be chocolate, mac and cheese, stuffing, smell of pumpkin pie, a dark, rich color on a wall, or the feeling of a cozy and fluffy scarf.

employment – when you don’t have a job and you want one…this word means everything. It means you can survive, even if it’s paycheck to paycheck.

faith – without this I would be lost, while I choose what and how to be a good Catholic, I know God is there for me and guiding me through life. He is there for my son and helping us see the good things around us, even when times are tough.

supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – love this word…all those wonderful syllables…when teaching high school students to break words into syllables in order to read or spell this word is fun to use.

foncy f-on-cee a word I use when something is beyond fancy and exquisite.

DIVA – a word I use to describe a confident and beautiful woman who wants others to feel just as good as she does. I think the word DIVA has taken on a negative tone when used to compare singing sensations or actresses. It should be positive, should be used to describe the woman who exudes confidence not because of her looks, but because of how she treats others.

confidence – just having it is a wondrous and beautiful thing and can make your own world a better place…and hopefully pass it on to others.

pleasurable – this word is just so much fun to say…either fast, slow, or accentuating each syllable.

home – it’s more than just a building, a place, a house/apt…it’s a santcuary, hideaway, peace, relaxation from the world.

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