I only thought of 7 things. I’m not liking summer at all right now. My body is on fire all the time and desperately waiting for test results to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it. I am always hot and sweating like an ice sculpture in the desert…it’s quite embarrassing.

1. LOTS of iced tea and water with some ice…nothing better than that. I prefer only a taste of iced tea, just enough to give me a sweet taste but mostly water to rehydrate.

2. Going to the local beach in town (though it’s not really a beach) even though I hate being in the sun and heat, Dino loves it. It will be awesome NOT having to pack him in swim diapers this time.

martin park beach

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3. LOTS of AC blowing on me…I just can’t take this heat now…and am happy to sit in front of a freezing AC all day and night.

3. Barbecues with yummy sides…pasta salads, mozzarella and tomato salads, cucumber and chicken pea salads, fruit salads…mmmmm

4. Cool nights to take a walk or sit on the porch and drink Sangria. (I have previously done this…not anymore due to the issues listed above) 

5. Salads for dinner Keeper of the Home recently posted a list of yummy salads. I can’t wait to try some of these for the summer.

6. Vacation where I can get all three meals cooked for me and I don’t have to clean the table or wash dishes…even if it’s just for 3 nights/4 days.


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7. Having more time with my son to play outside, take day trips, or just chill at home. 

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

@thefrilloflife suggested the top ten pics you’ve taken 
How could I only pick ten? Which ten would I choose, then I decided to take a trip down memory lane. I have to say that I cried as I looked at these pictures. They brought back strong emotions and memories, if you get emotional…here’s a virtual tissue and an apology.
Let’s begin with Balboa. In my dark days when the thought of being a mommy was impossible, Balboa filled that void. He sure is one SPOILED doggy. Hubby did buy him from a breeder. If I had known them what I know now I would have never done that, adoption is the way to go. Then again it was hubby’s surprise to me when he didn’t ‘t know
what else to do.  Balboa was so tiny and I felt like a mom. While it didn’t ease the heartbreak or fill the void, having my Boobalah around made me happier.
dog_2 napping me and mommy 4
Then God blessed us with a miracle. Out of only two chances with IVF, we were luck on our first try and I was pregnant. I had a life growing inside of me. I was going to be a mommy. While this is NOT the first pic of our son, I do have one when he was a three-day old embryo, it is still important to me. This picture shows that he was the baby I was waiting so many years for and will love forever. 
5 weeks 5 days with text
After my emergency c-section and subsequent cleaning and forced stomach crunches…LOL…I was wheeled into the NICU to meet my son. I had an old phone but still captured this moment. I called his name and he turned his head and looked at me. I don’t care if he could see me or not, he SAW me, he FELT me, he KNEW me…I sobbed in the moment. Sad that I could not hold him, but joyous that I had a son and he knew I was his mommy.
night of delivery
He was a tiny guy, 4lbs 6oz, but a fighter and so full of love and personality even back them.
He was such a trouble maker even back then…but cuter than can be. He’s all mine, temper tantrums, food spitting, farting, roaring, hugs, squeezes, kisses, kindness, stubbornness, love, compassion, and energy wrapped up in an adorable package. I am blessed.


@jenkehl suggested this weeks list…Favorite TV Shows that were cancelled too soon?

I heard Body of Proof was going to be cancelled. I hope not because I LOVE that show


I found A Gifted Man show on Netflix and got hooked, but soon realized it was only one season. WTF? Now I always check to see if it’s an ongoing show before I start watching.


I have just gotten into Arrested Development and so glad I have Netflix to get the new shows after a LONG absence. I hope there are more seasons or shows.


I remember watching old shows of Angel a few years ago. I didn’t understand why it suddenly when back to the first show…then after some research found out it was cancelled. GRRRa

I loved Still Standing before we even had Dino. Now that we are parents
I would have appreciated it even more. Too bad it’s gone. 


Heard Guys With Kids was cancelled too! I liked this show and thought it was pretty funny.


I will freak out if these shows get cancelled.

CSI – The Original Series: Despite the many character changes it still is AWESOME! When this ends I will go into mourning.


Law and Order SVU: Another show that stood the test of time despite all the character changes.

Rizzoli and Isles

Two rocking ladies who fight crime…I LOVED the series of books the show was based on and hope Tess Gerritsen write mores. While they were gory and gruesome, I loved the writing with scientific plots.


Parenthood Even if you don’t have kids, you can’t help
but love this show…you can relate to at least a few characters.


Beauty Essentials

@momontherunx2 suggested the list for this week –  10 Beauty tools/products you can’t live without.

I didn’t include everything in the pic, but most of it is there!


1. Degree clinical strength deodorant – It works not just under your arms, but in other places too!
2. rubbing alcohol and cotton balls – I refuse to buy and use expensive facial cleansing solutions. I’ve been using these two items to clean my face and other areas, that get super oily. It works better and is cheaper. My face is noticeably less pimpled then when I used over-priced products packed products.
3. Tweezers and Sally Hanson wax strips– Since I need to make sure there are no crazy, stray hairs popping out weird places on my face.
4. Loreal Everstyle mousse and gel for curly hair – I would have horrific, frizzy hair without these two products.
5. Dove shampoo and conditioner – see above. With curly hair I only shampoo once a week, but condition just about every day. That keeps my hair from drying out and keeps the curls bouncy.
6. Hair dryer and diffuser – Nobody wants to see me with a hair helmet.
7. Makeup Kit: Eyeshadow, eyeliner, and illuminator liquid. I RARELY/HARDLY wear makeup, but when I do it’s to enhance my eyes. I have nothing to hide and refuse to let society “shame” me into hiding what THEY deem as imperfections.
8. Hair clips – Even with short hair there are times I don’t want anything in my face. I always have one in my teaching bag.
9. Static cling spray – Nobody wants their clothes sticking, I always keep it in my my teaching bag.
10. makeup holding sprayWHEN I do wear makeup, I spray on the “holding spray” to make sure my super oily faces does not let the eyeshadow and eyeliner run down my cheeks..

As I have posted before, I am proud of my “imperfections” and embrace who I am. Bring on the grays, wrinkles, and
blemishes…just shows a life well-lived. 


First Impressions

 This week we are writing ….10 Things You Notice First About Someone…this idea is from @donettasifford


My list is in no order, I kind of notice them all at the same time.

Laughter: Not the type of laugh, but rather if they laugh and let loose or try to be stiff and hold it in. Or if they laugh at someone else’s expense.

Smiles: A smile that lets you know you are accepted and welcomed, not the “I’m better than you” smile.

Hair: I love to see natural hair, I find that so powerful. I see some of my grays showing and I am excited. A few years ago a former co-worker told me that I WOULD change my mind and color my grays one day. She thought she knew me so well, but I swore I would never color my hair ever again and I don’t cave from peer pressure or what society thinks is acceptable.  In my opinion, I find graying woman, powerful, sexy, and wise. We NEED to change the backward and twisted ways of society.

Arms: Love arms, seriously, love arms. A good muscular arm is pretty impressive whether it’s a guy or girl’s, but not too muscular that you can’t clap your hands. One of the things I loved when I first met my hubby was his arms.

Chewing: I truly appreciate when someone eats/chews with their mouth closed, I am working on this with my son. It unravels every nerve in my body, hearing and seeing open mouth chewers. It’s like someone scratching their claws on a chalkboard.

Compassion: There are many ways to see compassion in another person. Is it when they say thank you to the person holding open the door or do they walk right through? Do they thank their server or ignore them? Do they smile understandingly  at the parent of the fussy child in church or look down on that parent?

Confidence: You can tell when a man or woman is confident in their own skin. Do they check out other people to see if they stack up or are they just happy to there mingling. Do they try to break down others around them or truly mean the compliments they are handing out?

Tattoos: I find tattoos very attractive and when I notice them, I try to see if the person has any more, without being too obvious of course. I would love to have one myself, but too of the needle and the pain.

Know it All: I can tell right away if someone is going to start acting like they know it all. It’s one thing to know be well-versed and knowledgeable in your field and share the information when needed, it’s another to act like you know EVERYTHING and try to show off. I am knowledgeable, well-versed, and experienced in a few areas, but I would never go around showing off.

Make Up: I always notice if a woman is enhancing her best features, covering up a flaw, or concealing her whole identity. I only wear lip gloss and eye shadow/liner on occasion. I love my features and proud of who I am and very curious about other women. Besides, I feel more comfortable without makeup, I prefer to not have to worry about reapplying or touching anything up.

LISTICLES – Making Me Laugh

Happy Hundreth Listicle! In honor of the anniversary, We get to write our own list! WOOHOOO!

Hmmmm, what should I write?

I think I’ll make of list of funny pins. They either made me laugh because I thought them on a daily basis or it describes my life.


1. I am so guilty of this, but have been working hard to roll my eyes on the inside instead, LOL

2. Yes, I have thought this. Yes, it’s terrible, but true. LOL

3. Do men undergo training on this? I hope this epidemic does not affect Dino. He loves to help me clean and knows where everything is, so I am going to hope that he doesn’t turn into this, LOL

4. This one cracked me up big time…I love that we mom bloggers don’t have to be perfect

5.This is sad, but true.

6. I’ve done this so many times-air fluff is great.

7. LOL…hubby would not like this…do I care? NOPE!

8. I did this once, he does his own laundry now, LOL

9. Yet, I keep doing it. Dino tries to help, but just rolls them balls. He is GREAT at putting them in the correct drawers.

10. Isn’t it amazing how this works.

What are your funniest pins?

Favorite characters

This week’s topic is from  Lisa and Ashley: @TheDoseTweets have you done 10 Favorite Characters in
Movies or TV yet for

Of course the first one I thought of was The Cosby Show…then the ideas just kept rolling.
Claire Huxtable from The Cosby Show …SHE ROCKS!

Rizzoli and Isles…I would love to hang with them and kick some perp butt

Carrie and Doug from King of Queens – That is so hubby and I, LOL
The Holiday – Iris and Miles- a quality movie, heart warming and sweet

Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitzv – smart, beautiful, and quirky, LOVE HER

That’s the Name of a Band?

@sayitrahshay Suggested this weeks list, Has there ever been a for real or imagined band names?

Can I say I was just stumped by this one. I listen to audio books as I commute to work and if it is music, it’s mostly my son’s songs. Then I decided to make up band names that revolve around my life.

1. DinoRoars that’s pretty much what my son does all the time…sounds like a great band name to me

2. Use Your  Good Eye This is what my MIL would say to hubby when he was growing up. He could never find anything or always lost his things. Funny how that still happens.

3. Waiting for Bedtime What I pretty much do around dinner time every night

4. Fart Sniffers Between hubby, son, and the dog…this is what happens in our house.

5. Don’t Eat Your Boogies YES…often said by me ESPECIALLY in public.

6. Watch Out for Legos Every parent can attest to the dangers of stepping on these, as well as small cars and dinosaurs

7. Eat Your Dinner or No Dessert Thought I would never have to say that, but I do

8. Loud and Louder My son’s two volumes

9. Why Won’t Anyone Listen to Me? Often just talk to myself since no one listens to me…*sighs*

10. Mommy’s Just Going to Cry in the Bathroom Sometimes it works and sometimes they follow you in

TURN DOWN the volume…like I said he’s REALLY LOUD.

Do you think he’ll make a good rock star?

No Amount of Money

This week @therobotmommy suggested the “ten things that you love that cost nothing”

1. Son’s hugs he may try to squeeze the life out of me and pull my hair from my scalp, but the love is there

2. Son’s kisses he kisses me, then offers more kisses, and more…

3. Son and hubby’s appreciation and love of a home-cooked meal when one or both LOVE my meals…such a great feeling. Makes me want to run up and down the street dancing to music in my head…okay…sorry, crazy moment


4. When son says “I Love You, Mommy.” out of the blue it just warms my heart when he professes his love for me without me asking

5. When my son says “please and thank you”. so happy to have such a respectful little man

6. Audio books, paperbacks, hardcovers, picture books, DVDs that we can borrow from the library and post on Goodreads  everyone should take advantage of the library. It teaches kids to be responsible and return books and videos on time. Plus, you NEVER have to pay…ever…unless you are late.

2013 Reading Challenge

My goal is 40 books and I’ve read 21 so far!

7. Story time at the library, get to watch son intensely listen and participate with a book It’s one thing to read to him and watch him interact with me, but when I get to watch him listen to someone else…it really shows me how much he has learned

8. Finally getting into bed and feeling so wonderfully comfy not that I sleep the whole night or have a good night’s sleep

sleeping mommy

9. signing up for free samples and actually getting them in the mail. I always forget about it and about six weeks later…presto, it’s at my door. What a joy!

10. Witnessing or hearing about random acts of kindness. That just makes my day and gives me hope for a better world for my son.