So Busy and Keeping Safe

I am still trying to get used to my new schedule, I have missed a few days of blog posts and reading blogs. I am so behind and feel terrible. While I was unemployed it was easier to get on the computer and set up posts, but now I have to balance preparing school work in the time I have set aside for blogging.

I have been both a full time working mother, part time working mother, and stay at home mom. All are challenging and wonderful, but I NEED time to blog, I NEED time to express myself and connect with other moms.

How do you all find time to blog whether you are a working mom/dad, stay at home mom/dad, or somewhere between?

I also want you all to stay safe if you are in Hurricane Sandy’s path, we are pretty prepared for a few days with no electricity. I am NOT looking forward to keeping a wild dinosaur busy at home, inside a tiny apartment.

How are you keeping your kid(s) busy at home?

Good News

It’s Thursday and I have a cleaning schedule idea from another blog I’d like to share. Though, before I do that I want to tell you all the good news I mentioned two weeks ago. I got a part time job. It’s less then I was hoping to get, but puts me back in the education field. It’s a bit of a commute, but it totals two and half days of work so I can still have time with Dinosaur. Possibly he may need to do three days at daycare, which I think he desperately needs. I start today, after heading over to human resources to do all their paper work.

Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.

So now on to the cleaning schedule…you know how much I love those. Over at Imperfectly Polished she did something so simple but clever. She put her cleaning schedule in a picture frame. That is sturdier than laminating and easier to switch out and change if you change your cleaning schedule. I started laughing aloud at how clever this was and wanted to smack myself for not thinking of it sooner. Go check out her blog for more ideas. 

Letter G and Fall Fun

Found this cute activity Fall Leaf Puppets I tried it with Dinosaur…but I used leaf print outs, colored them in, cut them out and glued them back to front on half pipe cleaners. He did NOT want me to put the pipe cleaners on them for arms.


More fun fall cafts can be found at FamilyFun and AllKidsNetwork

Then we tried to do some leaf drawings…but he wanted NONE of that…So I did. I was my art therapy…it was lovely.

Then my mom called with a great idea…fall leaf chain. How great is that. So I cut construction paper into four strips. Dinosaur loved picking the colors, rubbing on the glue, and helping me shape the circle and press the ends together.  He was so proud of the fall chain and how it was taller than his.

He demanded that we hang it over his door, such a proud Dinosaur.

I created a wonderful PowerPoint on the letter G with a matching game at the end.

g words

I took our alphabet cards from schoolzone and put out letters we have learned. There are several games I play, but only give him six cards at a time. 

  • find big A, little e
  • where is the alligator, doll, fish, etc…
  • Find the matching pairs, Big C and little c, big F and little f
  • what two words start with “a” or “g” (show the pictures not the words) 


I got this awesome award from TWO fabulous ladies.

Thanks you to TWO fabulous ladies One Mommy and  Melissa for nominating me for this award.  YOU LADIES ROCK HARD

So here is the deal.
1)  Thanks the blogger who gave you the award.
2)  Post 7 things about yourself.
3)  Pass the award on to 7 deserving bloggers and let the know they have been nominated.
4)  Include the logo of the award in your post.
7 Things about Me:
1)  I am a HUGE Twilight fan and can’t wait for the final movie to come out. I am going to sob during the film. I can’t believe it’s over.
2)  Ever since my pregnancy I can NOT stand to look at or smell tomato soup. Pasta sauce is fine, but tomato soup…I will hurl.
3)  I love a sandwich with the works…mayo, oil and vinegar, pickles, olives, lettuce, and tomato.
4)  I could drink cherry coke EVERY day, but I can’t.
5)  I am TERRIFIED of spiders and heights
6)  My parents forced me to go up the Statue of Liberty thinking it would cure me of  my fear of heights, it only traumatized me.
7)  I love blogging and reading other blogs, I love knowing I’m not alone.
7 Bloggers to Pass the Award on To: This was so difficult to only pick three. I feel awful that I had to leave others out.
1) The Busy Mom’s Diet
2) This Happy Mom
3) Mom on The Run x2
4) Mother Daughter Book Reviews
5) A Duck in Her Pond
6) Forgetful Momma
7) Something Undone but he’s DEFINITELY not a mom, so I made him a different award…but I’m not great at graphics. I hope it’s not too corny.

Sweet and Silly Dinosaur

As wild as Dinosaur can be, he has a sweet and happy soul.

Despite getting frustrated with the Legos not standing up how he wanted them to on the couch (I gave up trying to reason with him) he posed for a picture. He loves making silly faces and tries to crack me up.

He was so proud of his double-decker Lego car, he couldn’t stop smiling and pretending he was driving it all around.

After eating his Happy Meal, he stuck the box on his head…where else would you put an empty Happy Meal box?

Other times he insists that his dinosaurs and cars need to play in the food containers. So what does he do??? He empties out the cabinet and uses EVERY single container. Of course he wants a picture taken of him, look how proud he is. Even though he initially says “NO.”, he helps me put everything back. He LOVES to help clean up.

He quietly sits on the carousel looking at all that is going on, enjoying the moment and quiet, after a hard day walking around the mall.

 I am so blessed to have this loving and sweet boy in my life. While he drives me mad at times, he brings me so much joy and reminds me why life is wonderful. During those wonderful times, I just sit back and laugh, how boring and bleak life would be without him.

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Dairy Free Resources

Hey Dinosaur here,

I usually tell funny stories on my day. But mommy got questions from a few people about dairy free resources or foods she uses. She asked that I explain it to all of you. I love when mommy makes pasta and rice mixes. They do contain some milk, but it is not enough to make me sick. They have such little amounts of milk. Now if she bought the creamy kinds, then I would be coughing all night. I can’t have any premade mac and cheese products, because there is just too much dairy in there. Mommy makes a really good soy mac and cheese, I’ll have to tell her to post about that one day.

I can have doughnuts or cake, but really can’t handle the frosting. Not only does it contain dairy it has tons of sugar which makes me really wild and then I don’t feel great afterwards. Mommy says it’s hard for me to make good decisions on my own, because I’m still little. But, when I get older I can decide what I want to eat and see how it makes me feel. Right now, it’s hard not being able to eat what others eat, but mommy gets sick from dairy too, so we have each other. Mommy makes my pancakes and waffles with our dairy-free milk, it tastes really good to me.

Restaurants can be scary for both of us, often foods are cooked or come into contact with butter, cream, cheese, or milk. Mommy makes sure they know we are allergic to dairy and choose foods that she knows will have no dairy.

For more information on dairy-free here are some resources. There is a food pyramid that many people follow, but mommy and me follow the Harvard Healthy Eating Plate, it doesn’t say you need milk at every meal. It explains that you only need 1-2 servings of dairy a DAY. It then goes on to explain how dairy can come from OTHER places besides animals.

Mommy doesn’t want people to think she is forcing them to eat dairy-free, but for those of you who asked…it is possible to live healthy and happily without animal milk. Some have no choice and others choose to live without dairy because they feel better. Basically mommy says you have a choice, and no one should make choose for you.

Other great sites my mommy likes are…

Go Dairy Free

Cooking Dairy Free

Recipes from Harvard Healthy Eating Plate

We drink rice milk and almond milk and use almond milk to cook with. We buy whichever products are on sale. They all taste yummy to me.

Silk Pure Almond Original

RICE DREAM Enriched Vanilla

We don’t buy it too often but use coconut milk and soy rice pudding. It is expensive to buy on a regular basis. We do love coconut
yogurt with granola and rice pudding at night.

Passionate Mango

Since we can’t use butter we use dairy free butter for spreads and baking.



We also use soy cheese, which I LOVE and mommy has gotten used to the cheddar one and loves it melted on her food.


I hope I answered all your questions…oh wait, mommy said I did a great job. I learned so much about dairy-free from my mommy.
She loves me so much that she wants to keep me healthy and happy.

None of the companies paid me or mommy to talk about their products. We would love it though if they wanted to work with mommy, or even do a giveaway…*hint* *hint*

Secret Subject Swap

Welcome to a “Secret Subject Swap”.  Nine brave bloggers agreed to take on the challenge of being assigned a subject and interpreting it into a piece written in our own style.  Everyone involved picked a “secret subject” for someone else and was also assigned a “secret subject” to write about.  Today we are all divulging what we were assigned and submitting our posts.

Here are links to all 9 sites featuring “Secret Subject Swap” posts today.  We’ve certainly succeeded in amusing ourselves, check them all out and see if we can amuse you too!

My subject is  “My Favorite Vacation”.  It was submitted by

Here goes:

So, I decided to be silly and write a FANTASY favorite vacation with my dear friends..cue transitional dream sequence…

My two lovely, dear friends, Cathy and Kit joined me on my wonderful, fantasy vacation. We of course have TONS of money and flew first class to Napa Valley California. I always wanted to visit Napa Valley and just kick back and relax. I can’t think of a better way to drink wine and eat food than with my lovelies. Besides, with my gals we can go totally crazy and wild. I can be myself and love who they are. True friends LOVE you for who you are, and I am lucky that these two ladies let me be just that.

After a few days, we drove over to LA to catch a private showing of Jackson Rathbone play music with his buddies, The Gentle Giants. Yes, I know this is NOT realistic, but this is a fantasy, remember? Okay, so back to my vacation…Not only is Jackson Rathbone, adorable and a talented actor and musician, he is a devoted and respectful family man…which makes him even cuter. I was a perfect lady while watching them get their groove on. My girls, Cathy and Kit, will hear his music and experience his talent and become instant fans.

You should check out you tube for videos from when he was in the band 1oo Monkeys, they were a rocking band. I am so glad I got to see them once in NYC with my sister, before they all parted ways. My sister wasn’t impressed, but I was in heaven.

Then we flew off to to NYC and stayed in a suite at the Waldorf Astoria, where we got treated like royalty. We had complimentary, non-stop room service, massages, manicures, and pedicures. Oh, it was wonderful and relaxing, what a way to spend a vacation.

After we all relaxed we spent three nights in a row at Broadway plays. I have always wanted to see the following plays. Because this is my fantasy, we got to meet the cast after each play.  Aren’t fantasy, favorite vacations just wonderful?

The Lion King –

Chicago –

Rock Of Ages –

So, I hope I did a good job with my topic, I wanted it to be funny but not too silly. After you read mine, go check out the others and let them know how they did too. Maybe next time you’ll join in.