Labor of Love


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Secret Subject Swap

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My subject is “Labor of Love” 

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Wow, labor of love, just three words full of so much power and emotion.

We tried for six years. Six years of trying to get pregnant, years of watching diaper and baby food commercials. Six years of being invited to baby showers and first birthdays. Six years of depression knowing it would never happen. Six years of waking up and going through life holding back tears knowing I was not a mom. Six years of sorrow and pain.

Then it was a whirlwind of information about prepping for IVF. It started with classes, then boxes of syringes, hormones, needles, and medicines. I had to organize it all and wondered if it would work, prayed it would, and tried not to fear the worst. I took on months of self-injections and my husband injecting me with hormones. I remember those nights of laying on my stomach, ice pack on my ass, waiting or hubby to give me the nightly injection. At the time it was scary and emotionally draining. Now, it’s sweet memories of a wonderful gift.

Then phone call came. That phone call, that comment that I was pregnant changed everything. A wave of relief washed over me, then fear followed. Would I stay pregnant? Would we be okay? Would I have a healthy baby? As each month passed, my baby grew. I felt him move and kick inside of me. Endless I love yous and continually rubbing my growing stomach started that day. I wrote to him and told him of my everlasting love. I told him I loved him the moment I saw him as a three-day old embryo. Yes I got to see him right before they inserted the embryos into my womb! Isn’t it amazing, looking back on that zoomed in picture…and now comparing him to AJ…what a miracle.

We survived a terrible doctor who refused to treat me correctly for preeclampsia. I should have been on bed rest or at least a work schedule that didn’t have me traveling to different schools. Instead at my 35 week appointment, I was told my baby was not at a great weight and I had to deliver immediately. After being induced and  loaded up with all sorts of medicines and finally given an epidural I had an emergency c-section. It was a risk, with all the medicine and my preeclampstia going under the knife was a risk. I didn’t care what happened to me, but I wanted my baby to survive. I delivered at 35 weeks and my poor son was only 4 pounds and 6 ounces. He spent two weeks in the NICU for an inability to swallow and low birth weight.


Some said I was suffering from postpartum depression, others thought I was crazy. Actually I was just angry and grieving that I had to be brought into a locked room to see my son. I was miserable that other mothers on the ward got to hold their babies anytime they wanted and I couldn’t. Watching them in their rooms with their babies and families, as I was wheeled back to my room empty-handed, was torture. I was heartbroken because I had to leave the hospital without my son.

Finally when he was home, I developed repeated breast infections for two months. AJ was never able to latch on, so I kept pumping in vain. It was insane, but self-induced mom guilt forced me to keep going. Once I stopped it, a HUGE weight was lifted off of me. I felt better and really got to enjoy motherhood. I was no longer sick, and could focus on raising a happy and healthy baby boy.


My son, his life, my journey of motherhood is a true labor of love. I am blessed to have experienced it all. I am thankful for my years of sorrow, I feel they make me even happier to be a mom.

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Funny Friday July

funny friday

Today’s post is this month’s Funny Friday, a regular feature published on the last Friday of every month. Funny Friday is a collaborative project. Each month one of the participants submits a picture, then we all write 5 captions or thoughts inspired by that month’s picture. Links to the other bloggers’ posts are below, click on them and see what they’ve come up with. I hope we bring a smile to your face as you start your weekend.

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Here’s today’s picture. It was submitted by Sanity Waiting to Happen (

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1. Dammit Earl, stop crying and jump off the damn truck. Roll and tuck, then run. We can get away before he turns us into steaks. 

2. Are these cows or a cow centipede? 

3. I know my wife will LOVE these garden cows, all the neighbors will be jealous. 

4. Cows laughing from behind the bushes.

Earl: “Those dumb ranchers thought those were real cows.”

Jim: “I know and they say humans are smart.”

 5. The effects of Monsanto’s poison has now turned cows into plastic. When will the use of GMOs stop? 

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July Use Your Words

use your words

Today’s post is a writing challenge. This is how it works: participating bloggers picked 4 – 6 words or short phrases for someone else to craft into a post. All words must be used at least once and all the posts will be unique as each writer has received their own set of words. That’s the challenge, here’s a fun twist; no one who’s participating knows who got their words and in what direction the writer will take them. Until now.

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I’m using:  challenge ~ mystify ~ hospital ~ creepy ~ cafeteria

They were submitted by:

The doctor slumped down in his chair completely wiped out and scared. What is going on? Why is this happening? It seemed like a normal day yesterday and now the hospital was packed with patients all suffering from the same symptoms and all close to death. The CDC was on their way, but he knew the symptoms would mystify them as well.

Flynn Mitchell wanted to cry, he couldn’t watch another person die. He couldn’t tell another family member he didn’t know what it was and what to do. Sure, at first it was a challenge to find a cure and be the hero doctor. Now he prayed this was all a horrific nightmare that he would wake up from.

His door flew open and Nurse Jill Sandrom ran in. “I might have a clue. It seems they all ate from the hospital cafeteria then got sick within twenty-four hours. They were here Flynn. The cafeteria got them sick.”

Doctor Flynn jumped up and tried to process it all. “Are you saying the cafeteria poisoned them? On purpose or by accident?”

Nurse Jill shook her head and started to cry. “There is a new food supplier in the cafeteria. I forget their name, but a big company that is fighting GMO labeling. They keep saying all those chemicals are safe, but now everyone seems to be dying. I thought only the crazy and delusional hippies were fighting for organic and NON-GMO foods. What if they were right all along?”

Flynn tries to breathe and stay focused as he realizes he got his breakfast there this morning. What if? It can’t be. Without warning he his stomach cramps and he falls forward on his knees in response to the pain. “I ate there this morning.”

Nurse Jill screamed as she ran out of the room. “Oh my God. We’re all going to die. They are poisoning us.”

Before she could run to the phone to call her sister she was stopped by a tall, creepy man in a black suit. He loomed over her while holding the phone down. She was going to push him away but then saw the label on his suit. He was one of them. He worked for that company that she now knew was poisoning people. Looking around, they were everywhere and two walked into the doctor’s office and closed the door. All she could hear was Doctor Flynn’s screams of agony.

Jill backed away, but the man in the suit shook his finger. “Have a fruit smoothie. It’s good for you. It will make you feel better. I made it fresh this morning, nothing better than factory fresh fruit.” He held up the silver container as the blank expression on his face turned to an expression of pure evil.

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Getting Paid to do Chores


Around my early twenties I heard on a talk show that the best way to teach your kids about money and chores was to pay them half their age each week for chores. I always remembered that and thought about instilling this when I had kids. Fast forward to years later when we had AJ and I thought it would be better to make him do chores because he lives here and it’s what he has to do. We all need to have a hand in keeping up our home and he never needs for anything.

Now, AJ’s starting to ask for more toys, videos, games, and other things he sees. He’s not spoiled, but has no concept of the value of money and what it means to work for it. So I decided to go back to my original plan.

AJ is now getting paid $3.00 every Friday for basic and expected chores around the house. He must set the table, clean the table after he eats, put away his toys, put pillows back on the couch, fold towels and put them away, and vacuum (use the carpet sweeper) his room.


For extra money (25 to 50 cents), he can do other chores….such as washing dishes, replacing toilet paper, cleaning the bathroom sink, sweeping the porch, clean the dining room chairs, and clean the kitchen floor.

As he gets older not only will the difficulty of the chores, but the amount of money will increase as well. When he’s 7 he’ll get paid $3.50, when he’s 8 he’ll get $.4.00, 9 years will get him $4.50…and so forth.

What about when he’s in his teens? That’s almost no money per week. What if he takes on more responsibility? Can he get more per week? 

I hope that by the time he’s ready for working papers he will get an after school job and working hard to earn money will be a no-brainer for him.  Though helping around the house will still be expected. As for increasing his amount per week, I think that is open to discussion. Right now the small amounts are good enough. If he wants to earn more per week, then he will be expected to do more.

Hubby and I had a discussion about when AJ’s older, he can rake leaves, shovel snow, wash cars, take out the garbage, and even do his own laundry.

How does earning money help him understand how to save? 

We are keeping a record of what he has in his wallet and bank at home. Money in his wallet is for spending. He keeps asking to spend it, but I keep reminding him he may want to spend it on our upcoming vacation. This will prepare him for keeping a well detailed check register, understand what it means to save and spend money, and how to save for something big.

If he saves up $20.00 and puts it in the big bank, then I will add another $20.00. I think an incentive to save is not only great for him, but will increase the amount we have saved for his college fund.


What about giving to charity and helping others? 

Yes I encourage helping and giving to others. AJ likes give at church and for other donations. He already donates clothes and toys and giving money to help charities is important. For Christmas time AJ will spend some of his money to help out kids in need. Though getting him involved in a specific charity or cause might be beneficial as well.

Do you pay your kids for chores? Teach them how to save?
How to help with charities? 

I’ll Never Forget

JULY 222

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week, 16 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

Secret Subject Swap

Here are links to all the sites now featuring Secret Subject Swap posts.  Sit back, grab a cup, and check them all out. See you there: Baking In A Tornado Spatulas on Parade Dinosaur Superhero Mommy The Momisodes the Bergham’s Life Chronicles Southern Belle Charm  Confessions of a part-time working mom The Lieber Family Battered Hope Someone Else’s Genius Climaxed Sparkly Poetic Weirdo

On your way home from the grocery store, you spy a neatly tucked letter in your windshield wiper. Thinking it was a stupid advertisement you grumble as you get out of your car grab the paper and roughly open it, then you see scrawled in a hand writing you thought you’d never see again, “I’ll never forget” and you’re left breathless, confused and terrified…   Finish the story.

It was submitted by:      

First of all I would NOT take the note of the car. No way, what if it’s a trick to grab me or take my car. Especially if I had my son in the car with me, I would drive straight to the police station. I wouldn’t even drive home, what if I was being followed so they could see where I live. Maybe I’m paranoid, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

I had such terrible writer’s block. I kept changing what I was writing unable to complete it or make it flow. I had some great ideas, but couldn’t make them work.

How about a tear-jerker?

First I started with a letter from Balboa, from Rainbow Bridge. He will be gone a year on August 1st. He wrote to tell me he’s meeting new friends, eating all sorts of awesome treats, chasing lots of leaves, and always visits. He asked me to stop crying and remember the good times. He let me know I was always his mommy and we should look to adopt a doggie who never knew love. It’s time to share the love he always knew.


A twisted stalker? 

Another scenario was a short, short, short story about a woman hiding from a stalker. He once again found her and delighted in terrorizing her. She tried to get help from the police, but no one believed her. Besides, that note didn’t really threaten her. Sadly, this is reality. She goes home to pack and all seems to be going well for a quick and safe escape. As she gets in her car she hears him say “hello” from the back seat.

I know it’s twisted and dark, but I was channeling Lisa Unger and Harlan Coben.


A ‘DOH’ moment 

Then I thought what if it REALLY happened, but it wasn’t what I thought it was. I come home freaked out and tell Tony and can’t stop from crying thinking that we are being stalked or he royally pissed off someone. Of course not me, I’m the innocent one. He starts to get upset as well, saying the handwriting looks familiar to him. Then he turns it over and throws it at me using his favorite line when I’m not quick on the uptake. “You’re the teacher and you don’t know?” I look at the back and see that it says. Family Photography, we save all your memories so can say ‘I’ll Never Forget.’

Only good friends really “get” each other. 

The last idea I had was a note that initially freaked me out. That is until I found a few dollar bills inside with another note that said “no backsies”. Thankfully it was from my friend, Kit. We sometimes will fight over who will pay or who owes who money. I joke about mailing her money all the time…this time she left it on my car. I text her explaining I thought I had a stalker and we crack ourselves up. Our husbands just stare at us, in our respective houses, shaking their heads and wondering how we function in life.

While each had a great beginning I couldn’t make it flow and work for this post. I kept drawing a blank as a wrote. Really stinks when that happens. Which of these did you like? Which did you think was the worst?

Fly on the Wall



Fly on the Wall

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 18 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

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  • Mommy: AKA Karen, me…the wife and mom 
  • Daddy: AKA Tony, husband and dad
  • AJ – our only child, a 6 year old boy who thinks he knows it all and is the one in charge

After getting one of his birthday gifts, a scooter from Daddy, AJ very seriously said. “I know I can’t ride it in the house. It’s best for me to ride it outside.”

Later that day he tried riding it in our dining area and does the craziest fall, hitting his head twice on the wooden chair. It would have made for a hysterical you tube video, but I wasn’t quick enough. After moaning on the floor he started screaming at the scooter and chair. “It’s all your fault. You are supposed to do your jobs. I’m not your friend anymore.” Hands were flying as he spoke-can we say Italian temper?

THANKFULLY he’s fine. He’s a tough kid, but it was a pretty hilarious fall and I hope he learned his least for a few weeks, days, hours.


AJ wanted to make a ghost mask. Together we came up with the idea to attach the mask to his birthday crown (from school). After the face, he wanted to make a whole body to go with it. Once that was done, he walked around the house for about twenty minutes making ghost sounds.  He did all the drawing and cutting himself. I just helped him tape it to the crown. 


“Now that I’m six I only have one more year before I can watch Goosebumps. Right Mommy? You said when I was seven and seven is after six.”  He kept asking to watch Goosebumps on Netflix, but it’s way to scary for him…even gives me chills. So when he was still five I quickly said he had to wait till he was seven to watch it. It was one of those “mommy moments” when you just want silence and give an answer. Obviously I regret it now, I wish I had said he had to wait till he was ten.

Is there anyway to delete a TV show from Netflix?????


We have a LOOSE TOOTH!!!! It was exciting. We were both cheering in Whole Foods and laughing. Fast forward a week…NOTHING.

loose tooth

Later that morning, after we came home and put groceries away, we walked to the library. The library is just up the hill from our place, sure it’s a hill, but it’t not THAT far. AJ insisted we sit down because, “It’s been a long and tiring morning. I need a rest.”

long day

Hooray, he FINALLY lost that darn tooth on Tuesday!!!! He must have swalloed it during lunch. Of course he was laughing because… “The Tooth Fairy is going to get my poop tooth.”

There was a kindergarten celebration for both classes on Tuesday. The students read one writing piece for the parents and we go to see a slide show of pictures and the students reading short plays based on books. Then we all went to the gym to help out with activities and games. What a great way to end kindergarten…even though Thursday (yesterday) was the last day of school for them.

Anthony won the guessing game after correctly guessing how many erasers were in the bag without going over.  “This is the best day of my life.” Apparently he’s easy to please.

PicMonkey Collage

This is how AJ watches TV sometimes. Or he stands in front of the TV wiggling around, or jumps from couch to couch. All I can do is laugh at him and imagine how much pain I would be in if I watched TV like that.

watching TV

Yesterday was AJ’s last day of school, he’s so excited. Though tomorrow and all next week Mommy still has to work. The poor guy has to get up early to go to work with Daddy then off to summer camp.

first and last day

June Use Your Words

use your words

Today’s post is a writing challenge. This is how it works: participating bloggers picked 4 – 6 words or short phrases for someone else to craft into a post. All words must be used at least once and all the posts will be unique as each writer has received their own set of words. That’s the challenge, here’s a fun twist; no one who’s participating knows who got their words and in what direction the writer will take them. Until now.

At the end of this post you’ll find links to the other blogs featuring this challenge. Check them all out, see what words they got and how they used them.

I’m using: clock ~ summer ~ curtain ~ floor ~ happiness 

They were submitted by:

Even though I only have 11 more days of work, I am still counting down till it’s all done. I need a break from the commuting to and from work, rushing to get my son, and planning for the next day. I am so looking forward to summer.

What do I plan to do this summer? Well I’m glad you asked. It’s going to be a busy one, but relaxed at the same time. Ready for my plans?

AJ will be in summer school in the morning, I plan to pick him up, give him lunch in the car, then drive him to summer camp in the afternoon so he can make swimming and horseback riding. Don’t worry, summer school only lasts four weeks.  The rest of the summer he will be at summer camp all day and get to go on field trips.

I plan on tutoring a child once a week, this will have to fit in when AJ is either in summer camp or daycare. It will work out since the child is not far from where I live. It will be a bit hectic at times as I will be working against the clock to make sure I tutor the child on time, talk with his parents, and pick AJ up and drop him off in time.

Cleaning and organizing is on the list as well. I plan to clean everything! That means I will actually wash our curtains and deep clean our floors. I can’t afford to pay our cleaning lady for the summer. It only makes sense for me to do all the cleaning since I’ll be home. Though, I plan for her to start coming back to our house in September.


An online class is also on my plate this summer. As a teacher, professional development never ends, nor does the opportunity to earn credits. I’m going to take an online class called Innovative Testing Tools. It will be challenging, but exciting.

The days that AJ doesn’t have school or camp will be the days we get to do our fun trips and activities. Perhaps play dates, swimming at the beach or pool, and trips to the zoo, park, museum, and aquarium.

Don’t worry we also have a family vacation planned! When and where? Well, you’ll have to wait till we get back to hear all about it.

Yup, this will be a summer filled with some craziness, but lots of relaxation and happiness.


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Hell on Earth

Hell on Earth

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week, 16 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

Secret Subject Swap

Here are links to all the sites now featuring Secret Subject Swap posts.  Sit back, grab a cup, and check them all out. See you there:

Baking In A Tornado
The Bergham’s Life Chronicles
Spatulas on Parade
Dinosaur Superhero Mommy
The Momisodes
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Searching for Sanity

You find a small rabbit stuck in a trap during a walk in the woods one day. When you free it (because of course you do), the rabbit transforms into a beautiful woman in a long, flowing green gown with blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and a crown of flowers. She tells you she has the power to make you immortal as a reward for your act of kindness. Do you take her off, why or why not? If not, would you have the guts to ask for something other than what she offers you?

It was submitted by: 

I honestly got a little nervous when I read this. How would I do this justice? How would I truly explain my feelings regarding this amazing and thought provoking prompt?

While the thought of living forever fills the pages of books with romance, science fiction, or magic. I imagine terror and pain that never leaves you. I imagine a horror story at its worst.

Aren’t you being a bit over dramatic?

Nope. While living forever means I would get to watch AJ grow into a man and have kids of his own. While it means I would get to watch my grand kids grow up. I would also watch my son grow old and leave this earth. I would watch my grand kids grow old and follow their dad.

All those I love would be gone, I would be alone FOREVER. My husband, son, parents, and sister would all be up in heaven waiting for me but I would never make it up there. I would be stuck in a hell on earth.


Yes, to me the thought of living forever is hell. A hell created by a the devil, disguised as a woman, pretending to be a trapped rabbit.  Imagine if that is how he finds his victims. In your eagerness to live forever you neglect to read the small print…”You will live forever in the hell of you’re own making.

I could never get attached to another living thing because the heartache of losing them is too much to bear. I would be an emotional wreck, I would be sick to my stomach. I would be living one of my worst fears.

Why don’t you just ask for something else? 

No way! I know it would backfire and I would be living in a different hell on Earth. Yes, I know I’m cynical, perhaps it’s from reading too many gory, crime mysteries. You can NEVER truly know someone. You can NEVER accept a gift that seems to good to be true. The moment you do that, it’s over for you.

What would you choose? Would you want to live forever or

just live your life? 

Finally On The Right Track

finally on the right track

After years of of meetings, aggravations, and fighting, AJ finally has the services he should have gotten years ago. He was denied speech services after he aged out of Birth to Three services. In Connecticut the school district then takes over at this point and assign one elementary school to handle these preschool meetings. At this meeting, I was told his speech issues would go away naturally. He was denied OT services numerous times when he was in daycare all through his third and fourth years. They claimed he did not qualify, but gave pages upon pages of activities and resources the daycare teachers could do to help AJ. The daycare was amazing they did all they could, but even they knew AJ needed extra support they could not provide. If he had all those recommendations and needs, why not just give him services? It’s simple really, he wasn’t in their school and wasn’t their issue so they didn’t have to deal with him. When he did start kindergarten he would be at another elementary school in the district so he would never be their problem. It made no difference that I was a special education teacher and reading specialist in NY, they didn’t want to give out resources and time to a kid that would never be their problem. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

Now that he’s in kindergarten that has all changed. I am truly happy with the school and how they have responded to my son’s needs.

First it started with AJ having a 504 plan and getting OT two times a week, then daily breaks and brushing have been added on to his plan. He’s getting speech and reading services to help him with his phonemic and phonological deficits, they will both use a multisensory program to improve his decoding and encoding. He is also going to meet with the school psychologist for a group social skills session once a week. His IEP will begin the rest of this year and continue for 2015-2016 school year. As of right now he is classified as learning disabled since they are not sure if his attention difficulties are due to his sensory issues or ADD. When we go for his annual doctors’ appointment, we can discuss all this with doctor. We will wait and see if the doctor wants to do an assessment for ADD or tell us to wait till September.


I am not crossing dyslexia off the table yet. AJ is very smart and I’m not just saying that because I’m his mother. He understands and expresses vocabulary above his grade level, he loves to read (what do you expect from a mom who is a reading specialist), can answer both literal and inferential comprehension questions, make predictions, describe characters, and summarize text, His deficits are in the areas of phonemic and phonological awareness. What is that you ask. Well HERE is a great explanation.

I know first hand what happens when students are not given the support they need. Students who are given services too late, struggle in the later years and will never catch up to where they are supposed to be academically.

This describes AJ now, he spends all his energy on trying to sound out and write letters, that his amazing stories are getting lost in the frustration. If this is happening now in kindergarten, what will happen when he’s in third and fourth grade and he still can’t properly read the words on the page or write down what he expressed aloud. Now with reading support focusing on a multisensory program, we will see if and how AJ improves.

AJ will also be getting summer services for the month of July, this will effect the time he spends at daycare summer camp. I know he will be upset about missing field trips on Thursdays, but he really needs support over the summer. I will try to get him back to daycare camp in time for swimming and horseback riding. It’s not his fault the previous school did not do their job and give him the services he needed; but AJ needs extra time to catch up. Summer school is only three days a week, three hours each day for four weeks. After that he will have all of August to enjoy summer camp. I’ll make sure I have fun activities planned on the weekends.

What are your kids doing this summer?


I know I’m taking a big risk posting about this. There are people who will judge, tell me what I should have done differently, or just send negativity my way. I say go for it if it makes you happy. Their negative vibes will have no effect on me. I know AJ and I have love and support that outweighs any negativity. Besides, I own the domain, therefore this is my blog and I can post whatever I choose. I want to be honest and open with my readers, I want to share our struggles and joys.

Do your kid(s) receive support services? Was it a battle or did the distinct
provide services immediately?

Great resources

New Experiences and Challenges



This past Sunday, for Mother’s Day I ran walked the Run Like A Mother 5k and AJ did the 1 mile for kids. What an experience it was, wish I had done that sooner. This was my first time attempting anything of the sort. At one point I almost cried. It wasn’t because I couldn’t do it, it was the overwhelming power of the moment. Just looking up and seeing all the kids in their blue shirts and all the women, moms, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmas, and friends in their pink shirts. What a sight it was. I could feel it in the air and I am so proud to have been a part of it.

I walked the 5k in 55 mins! For me that is darn good. Next year my goal is to jog it in 45 minutes, if I do better than that is great. Even AJ is excited for next year. He said he will practice running so he can run with the big guys. I think he wants to challenge himself to run faster as well!

rlam collage

I recently learned how to effectively tie my sneakers when running walking. I never paid attention to this extra hole and really could have used this for my 5k. I tried it and it’s AMAZING, it really works. I didn’t have the irritation above my heel or on my pinky toe! Even the bottom of my heels didn’t hurt as much. Did you already know about this?


What do you listen to when you exercise? Music used to be my motivation for long commutes and exercise, now it’s a good book. I don’t own an iPod, but with Audible I can listen to any book, anytime, and anywhere. All you need is the Audible app and an Amazon account. You simply download the book and listen till your heart’s content. Want to know what books I’m reading and read my reviews? Do you post about your book reviews? If you do you can link them up every Monday. Here’s my latest book review and linky.

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I still borrow CD books from the library, we should all take advantage of that. Though they may be cutting back on CDs they can send from other libraries to your library. Did you know you could do that? If your branch doesn’t have the book you want, you can go onto bibliomation and have the book sent to your branch when it’s available. Not sure what to do, just ask a librarian. Neat, right? Well, I really hope they don’t cut back on that, but afraid they will.

Each new book brings on a new journey, a new adventure, a new family. I don’t want to leave this place,

I want to press a button and like magic additional chapters appear and the story continues. 

It really is devastating when a book ends. No matter if the ending is what you wanted, feared, hated, or cherished…you don’t want it to end. Then you start a new book and the possibilities are endless, but you never forget your old friends.


AJ is going to be six next month! Can you believe it? 6!!! Where did the time go? The fact that it took us 6 years to become parents and that is how old our little guy is! All those years of depression, worry, anger, jealousy, worry, fear are now replaced with love, hope, joys, craziness, passion and family.

Every milestone, every accomplishment, every worry, every frustration is truly a blessing I once thought I would never get to enjoy.

I think it’s time to start working on his party supplies and gift bags. I have to start taking his 6 year old picture make a collage of his previous b-day pics. Do you go to a professional or do it yourself? I have been using PicMonkey to edit pic and make collages and it’s a BIG money saver. The more you practice the better you get at it, besides it’s fun to create your own!