What’s For Dinner?


I know I haven’t posted or read blogs in a while. There is so much to do and I miss reading all that everyone is up to. I will get back to my regular posting and checking out all your blogs. I truly wish there was more time in each day to do all the things I need to do.

So, now for today’s post….

collageChicken tenders with creamy pasta and veggies is always a simple meal and a Dino favorite. As you know I marinate my chicken in baggies and toss in bread crumbs, and shake it up…has to be simple and quick. I bake them in the oven and they come out superb. Pasta Roni is great for a quick pasta and all you have to do is add veggies to the pot as it simmers.

chicken tenders chicken and noodles

He devoured his chicken first, then ate most of his pasta and all of his veggies. Okay…I did bribe him with a Hershey Kiss…but at least he ate, right?

all doneI tried something new for myself. I bought pre-cut squash and cut up an apple. I seasoned it with olive oil, butter, honey, and Goya seasoning. It was beyond amazing. While it was not a Dino favorite, it was a mommy favorite.

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As soon as I get our snacks, I separate into smaller bags if I buy a larger bag. This makes it easier to quickly pack lunch or control portions. I also include baggies in his lunch bag with the snacks that come prepackaged. This way his teachers can put the extra snacks in a bag for the next day. I DIDN’T INCLUDE the pics of carrots and grapes already separated into bags…this also makes for easy lunch preparation.


snackssnacks2Snacks for this week


snacks to go

Extra snacks for when we run low

more snackso


I do the same with my veggies…potatoes that are cut and seasoned…then frozen. I have sliced zucchini seasoned and frozen (pic not shown). As it defrosts it marinates, and ensures that the veggies will last longer.

I do something similar with chicken, but instead I pour the seasoning of my choice in the frozen bag and as it defrosts, it marinates.  I try to separate before I store in fridge or freezer, this controls portions and makes it easier when making lunches, defrosting, and cooking.

potatoesI often run out of ideas when packing our lunches, so by writing down some lunches that work…it makes it easier….for both me and anyone else who has to pack Dino’s lunch.

chartIdeas for dinner this week…though open to changes

  • Sunday: spaghetti and meatballs
  • Monday: goya chicken, rice, veggie
  • Tuesday: Tacos with ground pork mac and cheese, with leftover veggies and chicken
  • Wednesday: tacos with ground pork

dinner Collage

What are ways you get organized for snacks, lunches, and dinners? Do you marinate then freeze? Or do you freeze then marinate after it defrosts?

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Sometimes Simple is Best

PicMonkey CollageSo I was sick all weekend, actually I think I’ve been sick for two weeks, but slowly fought it off until my body gave up the fight and gave in to cold. I went through three boxes of tissues in four days and was starting to think that my brain fluid was leaking out of my nose. Thankfully my parents took Dino Saturday to Sunday to give me time to recuperate, but I still needed to take yesterday off from work and I’m glad I did. I am feeling better and can handle getting rid of this lasting cough. And yes, my brain is fine…well as fine as it can be now that motherhood has consumed most of it’s functions.

While sick I learned that

  • I need to sleep more, but not sure how when hubby dog snore so loud. I may have to get a sleep machine for the living room so I can get some sleep, but then will I be able to hear if Dino calls me? Either way I NEED sleep.
  • I need to stop stressing about my job. I have to accept that I am doing a great job and need to rely on my competence and skills…and of print all emails so I have a hard copy of everything.
  • I need to exercise…not sure when I will find the time or energy…see sleep problem


Now onto the simple meal that EVERYONE loved. Sometimes it’s wonderful to have hot, slow-cooked meal waiting for you at home. Other times it’s better to just keep it simple and stick with the meal you know they will eat. 

Our simple Dinner?

  • Two boxes of mac and cheese (I substitute almond milk for regular milk and added shredded cheese)
  • five chicken tenderloins and frozen veggies (marinated /seasoned and baked in the bast iron


Now before you scroll down the pics…

Yes, his shirt is off, he spilled water on his shirt and pants and insisted on taking them off. I will gladly let him eat in his underwear if he is happy to have the TV off and have a conversation with me about his day.

Yes, the mug of water is on the edge of the table, he keeps pulling it towards him and I keep moving towards the middle of the table…this goes on all through dinner.

ready to eat happy boyeating full tummy




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CollageI found this recipe for Easy Ravioli Lasagna on Just Dip It In Chocolate and I had to try it.

Now it didn’t come out as pretty as hers and I only had shredded cheddar cheese…but it ROCKED…even if I did add too much water when baking. panThough you should know by now that with me…I like recipes I can substitute and make changes to at whim…I like to experiment and know I can change it if I don’t have some of the ingredients.  Sometimes I change them up because it was a mistake, but it turned out good anyway. This is why I am a terrible baker.

  • I used round ravioli
  • shredded cheddar cheese
  • ground pork
  • canned sauce

Dino and Hubby had no idea what the original recipe looked like therefore to them it was an awesome meal.

Hubby FINALLY got the lasagna he wanted

Dino enjoyed the sauce and “ground meatballs” dino eatingI thought it came out pretty darn good…though I have been staying away from pasta sauce…too much of it and it makes my tummy ache. I can easy scape most of the sauce off and it would be perfect.




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Table for 7Tuesday Tastings

Italian Bread Pizza: so many ways to make this dinner…
  • Chicken sausage with sweet apples…only bought this because it was on sale
  • pearl, tri-color couscous…added McCormick siesta lime seasoning 
  • frozen green beans and carrots…added Goya seasoning
  • baked the sausage and veggies at 350 degrees for 30 minutes 
  • cook couscous according to instructions

couccousDino…Ate a few bites of the couscous and beans, but mostly ate just the sausage.

Hubby…Refused to eat any of it…which angers me. He went out and got pizza and ate it in his car. If Dino saw that he would have refused to eat any of his dinner.

Mommy…I LOVED It…another great meal…I’ll make it again. 


ten fav mealsFor this week’s Listicles, Stasha’s hubby suggested this weeks list…Ten Favorite Meals

Okay, Both Hubby and I are going to list our TEN favorite meals. You can find all the meals I have previously posted about here


  1. Lasagna with buttered garlic bread
  2. Sicilian Pizza
  3. Bacon, egg, and home fries with buttered toast.
  4. Cheese burgers…with or without bacon
  5. Chicken cutlets
  6. Steak (medium well), potatoes, and vegetables
  7. Spaghetti with marinara sauce and meatballs
  8. Pasta and sausage
  9. Chicken Parmigiana with spaghetti
  10. Sausage and Peppers on a roll


  1. Nachos with all the fixings sans jalopenos
  2. Deep dish pizza with spinach, olives, and meatball
  3. Salad with all the fixings…oh I LOVE salads
  4. Tacos with all the fixings
  5. Muscles with linguini in a marinara sauce
  6. Medium rare steak with grilled zucchini, corn, carrots, apples, and pears
  7. Quesadillas with all the fixings
  8. Banana and peach french Toast and Ham
  9. Hummus and Guacamole mix with tortilla chips
  10. Pasta salad…any variety with any and all fixings

Do you see why it is so hard to plan meals with hubby. Dino seems to prefer foods form both our lists. Which list would you prefer?

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Italian Bread Pizza: so many ways to make this dinner…
  • Italian Bread, coating it with olive oil to prevent bread from burning or getting too hard.
  • Scoop on pasta sauce (you can substitute with any variety of your liking)
  • add cubed ham (you can substitute pepperoni, ground beef, ground pork…even add in veggies)
  • sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese (substitute any variety of cheese)

Dino…Ate it all, even asked for it at lunch the next day

Hubby…ate every bite…and took one for the road as he went off to umpire

Mommy…I LOVED It…glad that it came out better than I thought it would.





Mini Pizzas: using up some odds and ends in our fridge.
  • Pillsbury french bread
  • pizza sauce
  • shredded mozzarella cheese
  • broccoli and cauliflower
Dino…EVEN though he will eat the veggies, he either picked them out of the pizza or spit them out. Otherwise he was happy with the meal.
Mommy: LOVED the meal…it was delicious and perfect…definitely a new favorite
raw pizzA raw pizzA2 pizza
Beef Tips, mac/cheese, veggies: trying something new