Shrimp and Veggies Over Rice


  • 1 bag of raw shrimp that is peeled
  • 1 bag frozen veggies of choice
  • butter
  • olive oil
  • seasonings of choice (I used parsley, garlic powder, Goya, and
  • 1 cup cooked rice (with Goya, parsley, Garlic powder, Italian seasoning, and turmeric to give it the yellow color)


  • peel shrimp and cook on stove top with butter, olive oil, and seasoning
  • When halfway cooked add veggies and stir
  • You could add pepper flakes for an extra zing, but AJ would have flipped out if I did that
  • After shrimp and veggies are cooked, serve over rice.



AJ: ate just about every bite of the dinner

Mommy: loved this recipe, cheap and easy, and perfect for our family of three

Daddy: loved it as well, but wish there was a bit more. 


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Fall Shoes

I had to buy more shoes for my Dinosaur for the fall. I didn’t like the selection at Sears, but did find two Joe Boxer slip-ons for 12.00 each and a pair of converse sneakers for $15. Not a great price, but still a lot better than $45-$55 a pair.

He was so happy to try on the shoes and walk up and down the aisles seeing how they fit. It is so amazing watching him growing into a boy and become more independent. I miss my baby, but love the boy he is becoming.

Yesterday, he slept over my parent’s house. He had such a great time with them and will becoming back later on today. I am so glad my parents gets to spend time with their only grandchild. Having a child, being a mom, is a miracle I still can’t believe I get to experience. I am blessed that I get to watch my parents be grandparents.

How does this tie into buying shoes??? Well, as simple as it is, it is one I never thought I would be able to enjoy while we were grieving for six years. Buying him shoes, as furstrating as it can be at times, is still a miracle. It’s still a wondrous joy, a blessing that I get t experience. It is someitn I will NEVER take for granted. Buying shoes is an ordinary experience that is brings me extraordinary joy.

Pay as you go

I was sad to give up my Motorola droid global phone because we didn’t have the money for the monthly bills. I was terrified that I would have to

get a cheap phone similar to the ones from the 1980’s. I know that’s superficial, but I take so many photos and upload them to picasa for my blog. Without that I would be lost.

I went to best buy and was overwhelmed with the choices and was about to buy a phone with simple picture quality. A wonderful sales person came over to me, asked what I wanted and listened to my worries and needs. He explained that the Virgin Mobile pay as you go LG Optimus Elite would be the same exact thing as my the Motorola Droid.

Well it’s not…IT’S BETTER!!!!!!

Yes, BETTER. I was shocked at how a pay as you go phone can be such an amazing smart phone. Sure I had to pay $129.00 for the phone, but it was worth it. It’s my phone, camera, and video recorder in one, so I am really saving money by not buying a separate camera. I get UNLIMITED texts and internet for only $35 a month. YES…$35 a month. I only get 300 minutes to talk, but I rarely talk. It doesn’t have a memory card, but I used the one from my old phone, so that was a money saver.

With Verizon, I was a customer for thirteen years, but they would not offer any better deals and raised prices. I was paying about $100  month, isn’t that crazy? I will have to pay a cancellation fee…but in the long run paying only $35 a month saves us tons of money for other bills and groceries. I will NEVER get a contract phone again. Wonder if I can talk through skype on my phone?

Now…why is this phone better? Well, the camera is easier to operate and takes better quality pics, I can delete one or numerous photos from my phone at the SAME TIME. I can also share NUMEROUS photos at the same time. Connecting to wireless and back to 3G is easier with my  is quicker and simple.

I am so hooked and wished I had listed to my hubby sooner.


I now added my cleaning schedule to my sidebar, I will cross out the items I have completed. When a new month starts, I will delete the “strike through” and start over. What do you think of my new layout?

Maybe TOO much conditioner

After a trip to Rite Aide, I got these bags for a great price. They are normally are $4.19 each, but they were on sale 2 for $5.00.  Then I had two coupons, they were a dollar off two Ziploc bags. But Rite Aide coupon policy allows you to use both coupons and that is what I did. So I got them for $1.50 each plus tax. HOW GREAT IS THAT????

After a trip to WALGREENS I got

three conditioners and one shampoo for $15 and had a $3 coupon (regular price $4.49 each)
two Aussie gels for $6 and had a $3 a coupon (regular price $4.79 each)
two Arizona iced teas for $5 and had a $1.00 coupon (regular price $2.99 each)
Wonder white bread $2.99 had an amazing $1.00 coupon on bread
Could have paid: $36.51

THEN… I used a $5 and a $1 Register Reward to get
Desitin and eggs for only .48 cents
Could have paid: $4.79
Isn’t that flipping cool?

Total Savings:  $25.76
Did I do good? What do you think?
I don’t go crazy like those ladies on TLC, but I won’t have to buy conditioner,
shampoo or gel for a long time.

run washing machine if full, put away dried clothes, clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
change sheets and towels
vacuum inside sofa

What’s your cleaning agenda today? 

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A Kitchen One Size Too Small

I wanted to share some more pics of my small apartment how I set it up and organize the small space.

 This is our tiny kitchen, it looks bigger in the picture for some reason.
If we need to get in the fridge, the main door has to close. If I am standing at the stove or sink,
the other person has limited room in the kitchen.

We have a lovely shelf over the sink, with a window that opens. I keep our kitchen towels and cleaning rags and some garlic in a bag. Oh and after I bought some overly expensive kitchen rags from Kohl’s (at least I think they are expensive
Then I saw this post about reusable paper towels
 I cut up two of my old shirts and am going to see what hubby can donate to our kitchen. 
We used to keep snacks on the shelf, but the great sunlight was drying them out. We can’t even
keep snacks on the fridge, because the appliance is very old and generates too much heat 
and snacks were melting. 
So now we keep snacks next to our stove, not the best place since the grease gets all over them, but I have no other spot for them. I usually just move them over when the burner is on. Can you spot the two Ragu jars I am using for snack containers. Why buy more containers, when I can reuse? 
Saw this post on how to organize your home on a low budget


Also got this idea from organizing made funUsing storage for all of Dinosaur’s art and sticker supplies was a space and life saver. We keep it on the back of his bedroom door. I also use the idea in our closet. Both hubby and I share a closet, on the back of each door, we have a shoe orgaznier. In it we keep our undergarments and socks. It saves so much space and makes it easier to spot what you want to wear. I WON’T be showing you a pic of my unmetionavbles, sorry. 

What are some great organizing ideas you found online and use? 
Have any great tips you want to share?

run washing machine if full, put away dried clothes, clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
dust all furniture
pick one spot and organize it
What’s your cleaning agenda today? 
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One, Two, Velcro my Shoe…

I got all these shoes at Sears for Dinosaur for only $36.33 when I brought him to the mall, or as he says I tricked him. It’s not my best savings, but some stores sell ONE pair of shoes for $45 to $50 and I never understood that. I shop at Sears for shoes, since they seem to be the best price and the variety and quality of shoes are great.
They keep trying to get me to sign up for their rewards, but I did that before with my phone number and each time I went back I didn’t have any points. I got fed up with their incompetence and don’t give my phone number. I just wanted the shoes and that’s it.
The two flip flops were originally $5.99 each, but they were on sale for $3.99 each.

The car’s sandals were originally $22.99 but on sale for $14.99
The brown sandals were originally $17.98 on sale for $14.99
‘Here’s the receipt to prove how much I paid for the shoes. Did I get any for myself, NOPE. I’m a typical mom and always put my kid first. Though I do NEED to paper myself a bit more.
Original Price: $52.95
Sale Price: $36.33
Savings: $16.62

Not my best savings, but damn good if you ask me.

What’s the cheapest price you paid for shoes? Do you shop for your kids more than yourself?