Thankful for Labels Everywhere


First off, I’m Thankful…

That my son will be soon be four. I have been blessed with watching him grow from a preemie to an exuberant, energetic,
and loving four year old.

That my hubby is starting to use the term “weekly home blessing” and “FlyLady” even though he still does not help with the cleaning. 

That I can get out and walk with my son most days after work. Nothing better than enjoying the beautiful weather and exercising with the little guy. Besides pushing him around is the best way to burn calories and making him walk up hills gets all those sillies out.

That hubby is willing to go out to the garage and get items I need when I fear a killer, mutant raccoon is on the loose.



My son is able to put his clothes away just by using labels on the drawers. We have been working on this for quite some time and he’s a pro now. He may not fold the clothes they way I would, but the fact that he puts them each item in the correct drawer is wonderful. 

Having the labels helps hubby too, not that he actually puts the clothes away, but at least he knows where to find them, sometimes.

anthony dresser

This is actually MY dresser when I was a teenager…still in pretty good condition and love using it for our son.

I do have to update the labels since some are missing and some are falling off. I just print out images for clothes that just about
match a current article of clothing son has.


I label the towels in our kitchen. We have dish towels for drying dishes and towels/rags for wet cloths for when son eats or cleaning up spills. Even with the labels, I think hubby still gets confused.  Our microfiber cloths are under the sink, I don’t want them being used frivolously. I should label under the sink as well, just to be on the safe side.

kitchen towels

I prefer to cut up old rags, shirts, and pajamas. Some people seem to get VERY upset by this, but I like being able to throw them in the wash and use them again. 

I also have labels for our laundry. I do our son’s clothes along with mine and take care of the towels and rags. Hubby has his own basket and I am thanfkul I don’t have to wash his stinky clothes. He would NEVER wash Dino’s clothes or put them away, but he does toss things int the laundry basket.

UNFORTUNATELY he couldn’t rememebr what side on which side to throw the clothes and towels in…what’s really werid is son can remember!!!! hmmmmmm……

I’d think hubby gets it right eighty-five percent of the time…even with the labels.

laundry basket

Still Looking Good


I’m Thankful…

that my son lets me push him around town in a stroller so I can get my exercise

that my son always greets people with a smile and wave

that my son loves to help me push his stroller up the steep hills

that our dog Balboa sleeps on the couch and lets me write my blog posts.




So now we are back in the kitchen with FlyLady and it was much easier cleaning this area. Under the sink cabinet and baggie/dog food cabinets are still in good shape.  The food cabinet is holding strong and the fridge is looking good.


Not only does FlyLady help you with your home, but she wants you to Love yourself and feel good about yourself. It’s been ages, but I finally cut my hair. I have wanted to for so long but didn’t have the money or time. It looks sophisticated and fits me. I wanted to show off all my natural curls, while having an easy style. I really didn’t like the long hair in my face or weighing me down. You all know, being a mom leaves little time for yourself, so whatever you have to do to make it easier is a necessity. 

new hair do (2)

I’m ready to keep going and organizing now. My only problem this week was keeping the counters organized. With the weather so nice I took Dino out for a walk every afternoon or after dinner. So, my counters got over crowded (negatives of a small kitchen), but I reorganized it.

Now with stinky weather there is no walking today, so I’ll make Dinosaur help me clean a bit. He loves to help his mommy, so hopefully this will keep him busy and keep me from going stir crazy.

Thankful for my Small Space


 Thought I would combine my organization of small spaces with Thankful Thursdays. First off, I ‘ll start with what I am thankful for….


I’m thankful for a son who loves to help me cook and clean,  he just loves to spend time with his mommy.

I am thankful for a son who always says please and thank you and means it.

I’m thankful I am blessed with such a determined and sweet boy.

I’m thankful I have a job to go to every morning and have a way to pay for our bills, groceries and daycare.

I’m thankful for a roof over our heads, I know in today’s economy that is just a dream for some families.

I’m thankful for a small space that forces me to get organized and focus on what’s really important.


I LOVE FlyLady and how she has helped me. Since this week is a combination of the living room and dining room/entrance/ porch I would show some pictures of those areas. I still have more to do to get organized, but I think it looks pretty darn good. My mother was up and she of course pointed out the pile of shoes (some no longer fitting Dino) still on the shoe flat. Why do mothers only see the things you need to work on and not what you accomplished?

Even with a small living room, let me show you how I organized it and sectioned it. Even with a small space, it’s important to have areas within, so it feels bigger and you don’t feel trapped.

We I limited what was allowed in the lving room. We got rid of DVD cases and keep them in a special accordion case, except for a few special ones. Hubby complains that he can’t find his DVD when he needs them in a hurry. I don’t think looking through a big binder makes it any harder than searching through 200 cases. He just wants to complain.

Many of my son’s art supplies are kept behind his door in a hanging organizer, but some are kept on the entertainment shelf. As long as it is kind of hidden in baskets, it’s all good.

entertainment stand

With a small space, you can’t have a table taking up room. Instead we use ottomans for eating if we really must eat in the living room or just sit at the dining table. My place is not perfect, it’s still a work in progress as I continue to fly with the FlyLady. I am hoping to instill good cleaning and organizing skills in my son now, so when he is older he will automatically  know what to do.

living and dining room2

living room

living room2

Now that the sun is shining and we can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, I am loving the porch. It was such a beautiful weekend, that I enjoyed sitting out there for quite a bit and loved how the picture turned out. Hubby has more junk and dust-collecting nonsense in the garage, more than he knows what to do with. He says it’s organized, but it just looks like contained clutter to me. It truly frustrates me. I know I can only do what I can and so I am going to clean and organize what I can control.


Any suggestions or ideas?


Cozi Calendar LOVE

Without my Cozi Calendar, I would freak out.

I have birthdays, appointments, vitamin reminders, meetings, FlyLady morning and evening routines, FlyLady Zones, and FlyLady Daily Focuses all in my schedule.

There is no way I can ever function without this calendar in my life. I try to explain to people what exactly it is, but I get so excited and possibly scare them. Oooops. I am just thrilled by how easy it is to use and how much it has changed my life.


My home page shows our picture and the various links we can go to.


My calendar page shows what I have to do each day, the color dots show each person who is involved in the task. You have a variety of colors to choose from.


My to do list…as I complete each task, I check them off. When all completed, I uncheck them and start all over again. DARN ringer volume…grrr.

What do you use to get organized? Do you have a cleaning routine?

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I’m FLYing

I’ve been posting about my love for FlyLady Clipping Curtains and FlyLady and FlyLady and Cozi Calendar…well, I can’t begin to tell you how much she has changed my life.

My place is cleaner than it has EVER been, cleaner than when I had my own schedule.

Between the

Habits of the Month

The Current FLY Zone and detailed missions

Daily Focus

My place is rocking, don’t get me wrong. I still have loads more to do, but what a difference…not only in the way it looks, but the way it feels.

With her swish and swipe  my toilet is clean enough to eat off, this is definitely a toilet I would want to get sick in. Balboa’s  toys can fall behind the toilet and I don’t care that he sticks his head there to get them, because it’s clean! I know that when my son goes to the bathroom and touches the toilet I no longer cringe and worry about what germs he’s contracting.


Now that son is old enough, he knows that he can’t play with the cleaning products. I can happily keep them within reach for a fast swish and swipe or wipe up.


My fridge is amazing and less cluttered. It’s not just about getting rid of clutter in your house, it’s about getting rid of clutter in your life. Can I keep my family healthy with items in the back of the fridge that I can’t see? I know what’s in my fridge and know when it needs to be tossed and I do it immediately.

Something spilled in the fridge? before I would pretend it wasn’t there saying I would do it later, now I WANT to keep it clean and quickly clean it up with just soap and water.

WARNING…It’s an OLD fridge in a rented apartment…despite that it looks GREAT! 


Everything has it’s place and container. In a few days the cold cuts will be used up and new ones will be bought and placed into the right container. The pot roast will be eaten, the container emptied and, hold a new dinner. I have room for my son’s lunch bag and even have room for mine (not pictured).


clean kitchen

clean kitchen2

clean kitchen3

clean kitchen4

this post is my opinion, I was not paid or asked to write it.

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FlyLady and Cozi Calendar

I am not being paid for this post, just sharing my opinion.

Does anybody use either? I have turned from both, thinking it was too complicated…but I have to say I am LOVING IT.

I still use my weekly and monthly chores. Doing two things every day, keeps me from cleaning like mad on the weekends. Sure, there are days I don’t follow through, but I also include days to catch up.

FlyLady also as five weekly missions, each day she gives you a detailed and QUICK thing to do in each area. It sounds overwhelming, but it’s not.  Today I have to remove smudges from windows and walls in my living room in QUICKLY. How simple is that? It’s quick and easy. My monthly chore is to clean the fridge and microwave and my weekly chore is to dust. I already dusted two days ago, so that’s one less thing to do. With hubby being expected to help it’s even easier. I was able to clean the fridge and microwave yesterday, so I’m ahead of the game.

Okay, so I know I am off this week, but I started this the week before spring break. Now I perfected the routine and know it will be second nature to continue this while working. Life will be easier. When you first start, you spend a few minute decluttering each day. I still have spots to declutter (hubby has boxes in the basement and garage) which I am scared to open.

The morning and evening routines are things that I pretty much do already, but I love having a list to follow. I often forget things…which is what happens with mom brain. At first I thought her “dressed to shoes” was silly, but now I understand. I am always breaking my toes and slippers do annoy me. With shoes on, I really can do anything. Quickly take out the garbage, go to the garage, or get something out of the car. When the spring and summer comes, I can go out as soon as Anthony wants.

Hubby laughs when I say I want the sink empty and shining each morning, but it really does make me feel good to walk into the kitchen or bathroom and see a shining sink. It makes me want to keep the sink empty at all times, I like to see the shine and don’t want it to ever pile up again.

Some people say there are a lot of emails, but if you create a filter for them, you can check them all at once. I create filters for most of the emails coming in, it’s easier to read a list when I have time rather than every time you get an email.

As a working mom, its not overwhelming at all, it actually helps me keep it all together. I’m lucky that my son loves to help and we make cleaning a game. So doing a simple and quick chore is fun for him and keeps his body moving-which is great for his sensory needs.

With Cozi, I use the free version. I just add birthdays as repeating yearly appointments. Cozi now works with FlyLady, so her to do lists and missions are updated on my calender.

The BEST part…each family member has a color and you can add their email to send them reminders. This is great, because hubby has to help with chores.  A few simple things each day keeps us running smooth. He also gets email reminders about family birthdays directly from the site, not me. So no more, “I didn’t know it was my mom’s birthday today.”

The mobile app is great too, works perfectly and alerts me to appointments and reminders. It’s very easy to add an appointment on either the app or website.

I print out each week, starting on a Sunday. I cross off each task as it is completed. This helps hubby see all that I do and how he has to help. It also helps me organize my time according to his work and extra hours.

cozi and flylady

Cozi Calendar with my tasks and FlyLady tasks


FlyLady opening page

print out

print out we have in kitchen

shiny sink

my shiny sink…what joy. Not bad for a small, outdated apartment.

So what do you think? Do you use either or both? Love it or hate it?

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Pinterest Ideas

So I LOVE Pinterest. Why? For ideas, of course.

I’ve heard other say that Pinterest makes you feel inadequate or makes them strive for perfection. I use Pinterest for ideas. That is the reason it was created. That was its original purpose.

When Dino and I try something and it doesn’t look the way it’s supposed, I am proud. We did it OUR way and had fun in the process.

With Dinosaur having Proprioceptive Sensory Issues, we tried one of the ideas here.


Pinterest Link:

Blog Link:

pay dough 2

I used some beads, a pizza cutter, a Lego, condiment cup, and a car.
Dinosaur was in his glory.


Dino was cutting the play dough and pretending to feed me.

play dough3

Then we added some cookie cutters and animals for more fun. This is the only time Dino will sit for about an hour and play.

box tunnel

Pinterest Link:

Blog Link:

I also tried this home made tunnel for Dino, with an empty diaper box. Unfortunately, it didn’t go over well. He decided to dump all his toys in it and tried to destroy it.

What Pinterest activities have you tried with your little ones? How did it work?

Rules of a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Before I get started on how to make the popular peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I have to explain how a movie got me on the topic.

Peter and Vandy (2009) Poster

Hubby brought home this movie. It was okay, but I fell asleep during it and didn’t really care to watch it another time. It time-jumped and was annoying and confusing.  So anyway, the reason for the movie, there was a scene when the guy, Peter, comes home after a terrible job interview and his girlfriend offers to make him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He in turn gets upset and flies off the handle, cursing and belittling her because she is making it wrong.

He rudely tells her how to make it. While yelling at her he spread the peanut butter on first, wiped it off on the other slice, then add the jelly with the same knive. NO WAY…cross contamination of peanut butter in the jelly.

I turned to my hubby and said they are both wrong. We then proceeded to have a lengthy conversation about the proper way to make a sandwich. He was in favor of two knives.

I told hubby he was WRONG and offered him a better method saving a utensil.

I spread the jelly first


Then was it off under


Next, I spread the peanut butter


Then I have only one knife to clean and I don’t have to worry about cross contamination. I need to know if I make son a sunflower and jelly sandwich for daycare, there will be no risk of peanut butter in the jelly and make those kids with allergies at risk.

How do you make your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

Cleaning Schedule This week

  • Thursday 31st dust all furniture, catch up/declutter
  • Friday 1st  charge car generator, vacuum living areas, wipe down bathroom
  • Saturday 2nd door knobs and light switches
  • Sunday 3rd wipe down bathroom, organize and declutter
  • Monday 4th change sheets and towels, clean windows and blinds (HATE cleaning the windows…have to do it though)
  • Tuesday 5th clean bathroom, wipe down table and chairs
  • Wednesday 6th vacuum bedrooms, clean out food cabinet (will save for Friday after I go shopping)

THRUSDAY 1-31 – Organization Ideas and Cleaning Schedule

cleaning chores done this week

Thurs 24th ~ dust all furniture AND Hall closet & basement shelves (dino helped me)
Fri 25th ~ baseboards in bedrooms AND vacuum bedrooms AND wipe down bathroom (dino helped me)
Sat 26th ~ doorknobs, light fixtures, and switches AND dust all fans (dino helped me…didn’t do the fans…ooops)
Sun 27th ~ declutter AND plan shopping list AND wipe down bathroom (dino helped me…need a different day to plan shopping list…grrrr )
Mon 28th  ~ change sheets AND clean fridge and microwave (dino helped me)
Tue 29th ~ clean bathroom AND wash out trash can (dino helped me…I cleaned out trash can, but hubby messed it up again…grrrrr)
Wed 1-30 ~ catch up/declutter AND vacuum living areas (dino helped me)



Do any of you use these ideas or do something similar? How does it work in your home?

organizing ideas on pinterest that I added to my “small spaces” board

Gotta stay organized ;)

I would like to try this, but afraid it will not work until hubby is on days. Though one day it might work as son gets older. I would like son to help decide on weekly menu…wishful thinking on my part?

Great Message Board Idea

I LOVE this idea and going to try it out…now just have to find some empty picture frames.

Keep track of all the goodies in your fridge and/or freezers with a dry erase marker!

I LOVE THIS and have written all over my freezer door. What a simple, but genius idea.

Cleaning and Drained

I have been so bad and let my cleaning and organization slip up, but I’m back on track now. I let the cleaning slide. While I really don’t care because playing with my son will ALWAYS come first, I do want him to have a clean and safe in which he can play. CAM00106-001


So, this is what I cleaned and organized last week…

  • Thursday 27th  – dusted all furniture Dinosaur helped me decluttered and organized my closet  Dinosaur brought a mess into my bedroom
  • Friday 28th – vacuumed living areas Dinosaur hid in his room cleaned the fridge and microwave Dino enjoyed throwing out items
  • Saturday 29th – cleaned door knobs, light fixtures and switches  Dinosaur helped me
  • Sunday 30th – rested Dinosaur made a mess
  • Monday 31st – changed sheets and towels Dinosaur helped me
  • Tuesday1st – cleaned bathroom
  • Wednesday 2nd – vacuumed the bedrooms Dinosaur was not here to help (he likes to put the vacuum away)

NaBloPoMo January 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013
What is your favourite way to recharge when you feel drained of energy?

Wow, this really got me thinking. How DO I recharge? hmmmm. I don’t think I do, which is sad. I’m usually drained by the end of the night and despite having work to do, I just crash. I just can’t function when I am drained, I’m not a good mommy or wife. I don’t take good care of myself to begin with, so I know if I don’t sleep I will be a horrible person the next day.

The funny thing is, I don’t sleep straight through. I usually wake up twice a night or get up about an hour before my alarm goes and just toss and turn until then. I should start (and did start yesterday) doing yoga/Pilates in the morning. Even a few minutes will help wake me up…I hope.

Even now as I write this, I am beyond exhausted but have some fuel left to check out other blogs. I rushed my son to the local urgent care in town tonight, because he had pink eye. I hated spending money on a bill we can’t afford, but Dinosaur needed to go. He was so knocked out and out of his routine (even though he goes with the flow, he is a stickler for his routine) he just about fell asleep on the way home from picking up his medicine.

Man, I feel my eyes itching, I’m sure I don’t have it, but my mind is playing tricks on me. Or I could be just delirious from exhaustion.

oh wait…another thing that recharges me is my son’s love. On the way to the pharmacy, he softly said, “I love you Mommy.” Words alone could not express how much I love him. I tried to express it in words. i know he knows, but he can’t comprehend the full extent of my love for him. Hearing those sweet words from him, keep me going when I think I am done.

How do you all recharge?