New Experiences and Challenges



This past Sunday, for Mother’s Day I ran walked the Run Like A Mother 5k and AJ did the 1 mile for kids. What an experience it was, wish I had done that sooner. This was my first time attempting anything of the sort. At one point I almost cried. It wasn’t because I couldn’t do it, it was the overwhelming power of the moment. Just looking up and seeing all the kids in their blue shirts and all the women, moms, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmas, and friends in their pink shirts. What a sight it was. I could feel it in the air and I am so proud to have been a part of it.

I walked the 5k in 55 mins! For me that is darn good. Next year my goal is to jog it in 45 minutes, if I do better than that is great. Even AJ is excited for next year. He said he will practice running so he can run with the big guys. I think he wants to challenge himself to run faster as well!

rlam collage

I recently learned how to effectively tie my sneakers when running walking. I never paid attention to this extra hole and really could have used this for my 5k. I tried it and it’s AMAZING, it really works. I didn’t have the irritation above my heel or on my pinky toe! Even the bottom of my heels didn’t hurt as much. Did you already know about this?


What do you listen to when you exercise? Music used to be my motivation for long commutes and exercise, now it’s a good book. I don’t own an iPod, but with Audible I can listen to any book, anytime, and anywhere. All you need is the Audible app and an Amazon account. You simply download the book and listen till your heart’s content. Want to know what books I’m reading and read my reviews? Do you post about your book reviews? If you do you can link them up every Monday. Here’s my latest book review and linky.

Sign In to Audible        bookreviewbutton-2

I still borrow CD books from the library, we should all take advantage of that. Though they may be cutting back on CDs they can send from other libraries to your library. Did you know you could do that? If your branch doesn’t have the book you want, you can go onto bibliomation and have the book sent to your branch when it’s available. Not sure what to do, just ask a librarian. Neat, right? Well, I really hope they don’t cut back on that, but afraid they will.

Each new book brings on a new journey, a new adventure, a new family. I don’t want to leave this place,

I want to press a button and like magic additional chapters appear and the story continues. 

It really is devastating when a book ends. No matter if the ending is what you wanted, feared, hated, or cherished…you don’t want it to end. Then you start a new book and the possibilities are endless, but you never forget your old friends.


AJ is going to be six next month! Can you believe it? 6!!! Where did the time go? The fact that it took us 6 years to become parents and that is how old our little guy is! All those years of depression, worry, anger, jealousy, worry, fear are now replaced with love, hope, joys, craziness, passion and family.

Every milestone, every accomplishment, every worry, every frustration is truly a blessing I once thought I would never get to enjoy.

I think it’s time to start working on his party supplies and gift bags. I have to start taking his 6 year old picture make a collage of his previous b-day pics. Do you go to a professional or do it yourself? I have been using PicMonkey to edit pic and make collages and it’s a BIG money saver. The more you practice the better you get at it, besides it’s fun to create your own!

Run, Walk, or Perhaps Crawl

picjumbo.com_HNCK4578 (2)

So after watching the race for years, I’m joining the Run Like a Mother Race 5K in my town on Mother’s Day!

No, I will not be running, but I will be walking. I thought I would be crawling after a few minutes, but I surprised myself as I trained for the race. I walked 2.3 miles in just 47 minutes last weekend! Then today I walked 3 miles in 55 minutes!!!!! I did it!!!!

AJ will be joining me too! The kids get to run one mile before the moms run. How exciting is that! He gets his own shirt and a medal for competing.

What do all the contestants get for participating? We get a recyclable tote/grocery bag, a Jockey Performance Tech Tee, a race bib (with timing chip affixed) and some small goodies. Pretty awesome right? After the race we get a ribbon I believe. I’m going to pick up our shirts and goodies Friday afternoon.

I hope Hubby takes lots of pictures, I want to capture all the great moments. I got some great advice, don’t worry about the other racers, just focus on me. Don’t worry about competing with anyone, just compete with yourself! So I plan to do just that, I’ll continue listening to Tess Gerritsen’s new book on Audible.

Die Again: Rizzoli & Isles | [Tess Gerritsen]

At the finish line, which is the local park, they will have stands with activities. I really am looking forward to the being a part of it all. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Mother’s Day? I’m hoping to go to one of the local restaurants and get have brunch with my guys afterwards. Then we have to all walk back up a hill to get home, but after a 5K it shouldn’t be too bad, right?

How about you? How will you be celebrating this Mother’s Day?


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Boy, Was I Wrong


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Janine's Confessions of A Mommyaholic


When I was a kid, I really believed that…

I could do whatever I wanted. 

I knew it all, didn’t we all as kids? I gave my parents hell as I told them numerous times all the things I was going to do as an adult. I was going to…

  • eat what I wanted
  • dress how I wanted
  • work where I wanted
  • stay up as late as I wanted
  • make my own rules
  • stay out as late as I wanted
  • drive where I wanted

Then reality hit

I was not in charge, I had TONS of responsibilities.

  • going to college to earn degrees
  • applying for jobs
  • going on interviews
  • working all day
  • planning lessons all night
  • going to bed early
  • waking up early
  • cleaning my house
  • cooking food

Sure I had money…but that money needs to go for rent/mortgage, food, bills, clothes, and gas. Yup…I could do what I wanted…but I would not like the results.

Then as a parent I had to do all this and care for another human being…OH BOY!  This little human thinks he’s the one in charge and slowly I’m turning into my parents. One day he’ll tell me he’s going to do all these cool things when he’s an adult and I just may laugh in his…then call my parents and apologize for putting them through that.


I also believed I would NEVER get any tattoos…well after our furbaby passed I knew I needed a tattoo to keep him with me forever. I got the tatto on the side of my calf, right about Balboa’s height. Please ignore the hair, you can’t shave a new tattoo for about two weeks. 

tattooo better

So at the age of 38 I got my first tattoo! Now of course I have to get one on my arm for Dino. I’m thinking his name with a cute dinosaur under it. Perhaps closer to Christmas break, so I have those two weeks to heal at home.

What did you think when you were a kid?
Do you still believe the same things? Or has age/time changed your mind?


What is one thing you would never compromise?

Getting Stronger and Healthier for my Son


I am now squatting 95 pounds! That’s right, 95 pounds.

I can wide squat 85 pounds.

And closed leg squat 65 pounds 

I can do 30 burpees with ease!

Why lower weight with closed-leg squats???? I started that weighted squat later than the regular squat and you have to squat down pretty low…which really works your butt.

I haven’t measured insured in a while, but I’ll wait till the end of the summer for bigger/better results.

My personal trainer, who I love, said I am getting stronger, have more endurance, and of course cracks up with me while I work out.


Weight: Inches:

Thighs: 5.5 6.5 7.0 7.5  inches LOST 

Waist: 5.5 6.0 6.5 7.0 inches LOST

Arms: 2.0 2.5 3.0 inches LOST

Bust: 2  2.5 inches LOST

Dress Size: 1x 18 16 

PicMonkey Collage


1. 10 15 knee push ups 5 regular push ups with Dino on my back

2. 10 15 20 regular push ups WITH EASE

3. 10 15 regular tricep push ups

4. 10 30 40 correct burpees with ease

5. climb 70 flights of stairs on the stair master

6. regular squat 50 lbs 60 85 95 105 lbs 

    wide leg squat 85 95 lbs

    closed leg squat 65 75 lbs

7. dead lift 40 50 lbs  

8. do 5 pull ups


I found this site and just LOVE it…When I have the money I am so going to join. You pay once and you’re a lifetime member.

Staci and Bronwyn are my motivation…LOVE their stories and I know this is what I want. They have tons of useful info and resources


Our Healthy Meal Plan

meal plan blank 00197c color

  • 3rd Thurs Dinner: takeout
  • 4th Fri Dinner:  hot dogs, burgers, and potato salad
  • 5th Saturday– family bbq
  • 6th Sunday – girls night with friend
  • 7th Monday –  grilled chicken, coucous, and spinach
  • 8th Tuesday – rice and beans with veggies
  • 9th Wednesday – leftovers

3rd     4th dinner 4th fireworks

To me there is nothing better than homemade potato salad… I had chicken pesto burgers, Dino had organic hot dogs, Hubby had his hot dogs and burgers. We were all happy. Before that Hubby and Dino let off some fireworks in the driveway. I hid on the porch but captured all the pics.

5th bbq

We enjoyed a family bbq, my sister’s mother-in-law invited us and had a pool out for Dino. He loved her dog, Rocky. He was so excited that he looked like a wolf. I think he also understood that he was older and needed more kindness…Dino wanted to hug him goodbye and take a pic with him.


Dino spent to days with my parents, giving me time to hang out with my friend. I was able to buy better fitting bras, since I lost tons of inches, and more workout clothes.


Hubby and I were alone for our dinner, Balboa enjoyed the peace and quiet. We grilled chicken and made couscous with spinach. I used a lemon dill seasoning, but I think there was pepper in the mix…it was TOO HOT… Of course Hubby thought it was fine, I needed extra water with my dinner.


There is nothing better than rice and beans… This time instead of soaking the beans over night…put them in the slow cooker. I put three times the amount of water that I had in pinto beans. I added tons of seasoning and fresh basil and cilantro. Once the beans were soft, I added the jasmine rice and veggies…the water had turned into a delicious sauce, which added tons of flavor to the rice and veggies.



It was a hectic day, poor Balboa had a seizure. We don’t know if it’s from his shots, the heat, or his liver. We are going to keep a close eye on him. I am praying it was just a one time incident.

I cut up the grilled chicken from two nights ago, added some mayo, fresh basil, walnuts, and sliced avocado. Dino now has karate on Wednesdays too! He is doing so well, we wanted him to have two days of it. Therefore we had a quick meal before we went to karate. He also had a container of strawberry almond yogurt. After karate and after Daddy got home from the vet, he quickly grilled his and our hot dogs.


So Dino has been better about eating more almonds and cashews, I am trying to get him to eat some walnuts too. I have been mixing a small amount of the protein mix into his milk.

He loves coconut and almond yogurt, but doesn’t like granola. I am trying to change that.

I’ve also been making trail mixes…using a variety of…annie’s bunny crackers, raisins, chocolate chips, cashews, and chocolate almonds. There are now NON-GMO marshmallows, once they are at Whole foods, I will buy them.

Any other suggestions for trail mix ingredients?


Yes, buying organic/NON-GMO is expensive. Until there is a big change in food production and what consumers buy, healthy choices will always be more expensive. If you want to start small with organic…here are some great tips.

How to eat organic on a budgetPractical ways to eat well when you can’t afford organic.  Dear Mom who can’t afford organic.


Products that participate in and are NON-GMO can be found here





      Mini Van Dreams


Getting Stronger and Healthier for my Son


Guess who thought she was squatting 50 lbs…but was really…

squatting 85 lbs?


I was adding wrong and was squatting more than I thought. I was so thrilled to know I was stronger than I thought.

I’ve started dead lifting 40 lbs…but plan on stepping that up. My personal trainer showed me how to add weights to the barbell and use a clip to keep them from slipping off.

The best part about getting stronger, is not only feeling better and looking better, but feeling powerful.

Last week I showed you how I squat with Dino on my back and walk around with him. Now I can walk around with him on my shoulders…I feel so powerful.

This weekend, I am going with my friend to buy new bras, since my old ones obviously are swimming on me. It’s going to be such a great feeling seeing more results of strength training.

Instead of the numbers on the scale, how do you know you are getting fit?



not too many big changes…but the personal trainer will help with that. 

Weight: Inches:

Thighs: 5.5 6.5 7.0 7.5  inches LOST 

Waist: 5.5 6.0 6.5 7.0 inches LOST

Arms: 2.0 2.5 3.0 inches LOST

Bust: 2  2.5 inches LOST

Dress Size: 1x 18 16 


1. 10 15 knee push ups 5 regular push ups with Dino on my back

2. 10 15 regular push ups WITH EASE

3. 10 15 regular tricep push ups

4. 10 correct burpees with ease

5. climb 70 flights of stairs on the stair master

6. squat 50 lbs 60 90 lbs 

7. dead lift 40 50 lbs  

8. do 5 pull ups


I found this site and just LOVE it…When I have the money I am so going to join. You pay once and you’re a lifetime member.

Staci and Bronwyn are my motivation…LOVE their stories and I know this is what I want. They have tons of useful info and resources


Dinosaur Reads…Nate the Great and the Pillowcase

nate the great and the pillowcase

My library is having a summer reading program. I love to read so I am going to win all the prizes. I know Mommy reads to me, but I make her read the books over and over. Plus, after she reads me the book, I remember what it’s about and read it to myself. I’m super smart and awesome.


For reading ten books I got this awesome poster.


I just finished another ten, which means twenty books. So now I get a bag. We will go back to the library on Friday to get my next prize and more books.

knight for a day

Amazon SummaryIt’s two o’clock in the morning when the telephone rings and Nate the Great learns that Rosamond’s pillowcase is missing. She needs it now because her cat, Big Hex, likes to sleep on it. 

Outside it is damp, dark, and dreary, but a good (yawning) sleuth knows that the hunt must go on. Can Nate the Great find the missing piece of laundry before the sun comes up, and before his bedroom slippers wear out?


Dino Review: He’s always sleeping when they call, that’s not nice. I’d tell them to not call me when I’m sleeping, I need sleep. (points his finger at me as he tells me this). Nate always solves the mystery. They couldn’t find the pillowcase, but Nate did. I’m a great mystery solver too. I always find my lost toys and Mommy helps me. 


Mommy Review: Best read with short breaks and constant reviews. We stopped after Nate talked to each person and decided if he/she took the pillowcase. It’s fun to try to solve the mystery and great for making predictions.   

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Dino is FIVE today

Dino’s 5th birthday party was a success.  I love that Dino was so happy to see all his friends and family. It’s so amazing to see how much he has grown and matured since his last birthday. He ran around like a boy, wow! He’s not a little guy anymore, he’s a boy…sighs. 

Enchanted Garden hosted a wonderful party for Dinosaur. The food and kid activities were better than I imagined. 

Me: Did you like your party?

Dino: Yeah, it was super awesome.

Me: What was your favorite or best part of the party.

Dino: Running around with my friends. (tumble mats and bounce house for the first part of the party)

Me: I am glad you had a good time. What do you think about being five soon? 

Dino: I’m super big boy now! See. (shows off his muscles)

Me: Yes, you are. But, you’ll always be my baby, no matter how big you get.

Dino: I know, Mommy


Questions for Dinosaur at age 5: (I love how much his answers changed from last year. Though I was a bit disappointed Daddy and I were no longer his best friends, sniffles)

  1. What is your favorite color? red
  2. What is your favorite toy? star wars toys
  3. What is your favorite fruit? pineapple
  4. What is your favorite vegetable? broccoli
  5. What is your favorite show? Scooby Doo
  6. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? pizza
  7. What is your favorite thing to wear? my dinosaur shirts
  8. What is your favorite game? Scooby Doo Sorry
  9. What is your favorite snack? applesauce
  10. What is your favorite animal? dinosaurs
  11. What is your favorite song? The ABC song
  12. What is your favorite story? Dr Seuss ABC
  13. Who is your best friend? Luke
  14. What is your favorite cereal? not cereal, Mommy’s chocolate chip pancakes
  15. What do you like to do when you go outside?  ride my tricycle
  16. What is your favorite drink? my camouflage cup filled with water
  17. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas Day
  18. What do you like to take to bed with you? teddy
  19. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? hard boiled eggs
  20. What is your favorite thing to eat for dinner? chicken nuggets with sauce, and carrots
  21. What do you want to be when you grow up? a superhero

Dinosaur when he was still in his preemie clothes…my tiny little man


Dinosaur over the years


blogger collage

 Five Year Old Dinosaur

PicMonkey Collage

Our Meal Plan March 23rd – 29th

meal plan main collage (3)

I’ve been doing pretty good with my healthy eating. I lost another 2.2 pounds for a total of 13.2 POUNDS! Though I need to eat more protein. I got lots of tips and ideas on Facebook, thanks everyone. 

As you all know I have cut out some processed foods (tomato sauces, low fat, fat free, sugar free) and now cutting out even more. I recently got sick again, in fact just last night, so I am really wary about eating anything that I  did not make myself. Because of my IBS, I will need to still eat white bread but will look for an organic, non processed bread. I will only eat gluten free pasta (because it is made with rice) if I do eat pasta at all, and need to incorporate brown rice into my meals. Going to stick with chicken and fish and try to cut out all red meat, since Dino doesn’t like and it’s another trigger. 

I will cut out coffee and only drink tea, so it’s not a trigger, and try to find organic and non processed snacks, pancake and cake mixes for Dino, and make my own seasonings for using spices in my cabinet. 

Thinking back to my recipes from a year ago when I made the cheapest dinners, I now realize they were the most unhealthiest for us. Sadly in our world cheap and easy means filled with sugar and chemicals. I would love to be able to buy organic, but that is not feasible with meats at this point, unless it’s a great sale. I look forward to the nicer weather and going to farmer’s markets to get locally grown foods there as well.

Yes, it’s tough after working all day then coming home and cooking, but the end results are so worth it. 

Now onto my meal plan…which is from the week befrore, so not all the changes I want to make yet. 

Sun  Monterrey chicken with baked potatoes

Mon Dinner mini Italian Bread Pizzas
Tues Dinner leftovers

Wed Dinner  ham, cheese, and broccoli casserole
Thurs Dinner slow cooker steak, rice, and veggies                                          
Fri Dinner slow cooker honey garlic chicken, rice, and cauliflower and carrots 
Sat  leftovers


Sunday – Monterey Chicken: DinoHeroMommy Style I used fresh tomatoes and some baked green beans from my potato sides. After seasoning with a Caribbean lime seasoning, I baked in a cast iron skillet, topped with the tomatoes and greens, and sprinkled with cheese. I seasoned the potatoes and greens with goya and onions and baked in a glass pan. I swear, the more the I cook with the cast iron skillet, the more I hate using anything else. The taste is better and the cleanup is easier.  

monteray chicken Collage


Monday – Italian Bread Pizza: Version 2. Used my new blender to pure tomatoes, garlic, onions, and spinach to use as the “sauce” for pizza. Made three varieties; meatball, spinach, and tomato. 

pizza Collage

Tuesday–  left over enchiladas and raviolis Decided to use my new blender once again. Boiled a half a box of ditalini (love using up every bit of food). Then pureed kidney beans, onion, garlic, and seasoning. Sauteed the sauce in the cast iron skillet, added broccoli and poured over the pasta. Dino ate EVERY bite. What a healthy and satisfying sauce.

kidney bean pasta Collage

Wednesday – Ham, Broccoli, and Cheese casserole what a simple and tasty dinner this was. Two ham steaks cut into cubes, frozen broccoli, and shredded cheese. I really liked this and as usual Dino ate every single bite. 

broccoli collage

Thursday – Slow Cooker Steak, rice, and veggies I TOTALLY FORGOT to set up the slow cooker with the steak. I realized this as I drove into the parking lot at work. I could have asked hubby, but it’s just easier to do it for the next day. So we had leftover gnochi and pork casserole and Italian bread pizza. 

leftover Collage

Friday – Pasta, tomatoes, peas, onions, and parmesean cheese I decided to have the slow cooked steak, rice and veggies instead. Wow…I used my own spices to make one hell of a dinner. 

steak Collage

Saturday –  Hubby suggested we use another gift certificate and go out to eat…it was a nice break to not have to cook, but hard trying to eat healthy real foods.




Between using EasyLunchBoxes  and planning what I eat ahead of time, I am in control at work and I know Dino is eating healthy at school. 

MONDAY: OOOOPs totally forgot to take a pic. 

Mommy-turkey and cheese on a pita with mustard, apples, bananas, grapes, granola bar pretzels,
Dino-ham and cheese sandwich with sliced apples, pickles, apples, pretzels,
Dino Morning Snack-toaster strudel and strawberries 


lunch tue

Mommy-leftover monterey chicken made into chicken salad with mustard in a pita, extra chicken salad mixed with potatoes, cheese stick, tomatoes
Dino-leftover pizza, grapes, and applesauce
Dino Morning Snack– french toast and raisins


WEDNESDAY: OOOOPs forgot the pic again, but took the pic of my lunch at work. 
Mommy– leftover pizza and grapes, granola bar, apples, pretzels
Dino-wanted to order pizza from school so he’ll have pretzels and carrots along with his pizza
Dino Morning – Egg and cheese quesadilla cut into long strips, strawberries,  



lunch thurs

Mommy-pita with turkey, swiss cheese, mustard, and pear slices, raisins, extra pear slices, pretzels, peanut butter bar. 
Dino-ham and cheese sandwich, raisins, applesauce, pretzels, teddy grahams, fruit chew
Dino Morning Snack-hard boiled egg, 1/4 bagel with a little butter

PicMonkey Collage

Mommy-turkey, swiss, pickles, mustard on pita, tomatoes, grapes. Granola bar, banana, special k, almond milk, pretzels. 
Dino-Dino really wanted pizza again, makes lunch prep easier, pretzels, grapes, carrots.  
Dino Morning Snack-egg and cheese sandwich and strawberries


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Our Meal Plan March 16-22

meal plan main collage16-22

I’ve been doing pretty good with my healthy eating. I lost another 2 pounds for a total of 11 POUNDS! I am so excited and feel great. I love the feeling of being in control of food and eating healthy food that doesn’t make me sick. Plus cutting out those modified foods, processed foods, and switching tomatoes for tomato sauce has made me feel better. 

So now onto our meals for last week. I was recently asked why I post meals that are a week behind. Though it would be easier to list our meal plan for the current week, I prefer to show you what our meal plan was last week, how the meals went, and if Dino approved. I also like to show our lunches and how we are sticking to a plan and eating healthy. 

Mar 9th-15th

Sun  Fish, Potatoes, and Green Beans
Mon  chicken enchiladas
Tues   left over enchiladas and raviolis 
Wed   steak, rice, and veggies using this recipe  smoked sausage, peppers, onions, rice
Thurs meatball tacos
Fri  shells, tomatoes, peas, beans, and parmesan cheese
Sat  leftovers


Sunday – 

fish potatoes and green beans

Monday – Chicken Enchiladas with Green Beans and Spinach 

chicken enchiladas collage

Tuesday–  left over enchiladas and raviolis 

Wednesday – Steak, Rice, and Veggies 

steak, rice, and veggies collage

Thursday – Meatball Tacos, though this tasted good it didn’t agree with my tummy. I think the preservatives in the seasoning made me sick. I have to find a way to make taco mix from scratch. 

meatball tacos Collage

Friday – pizza from our favorite restaurant

Saturday – Tony took us out to eat before he attended an umpire meeting. We had a nice dinner (gift card included) at Applebeas. 

Meatball Tacos

  • frozen meatballs
  • Taco kit
  • tacos
  • shredded cheese
  • olives
  • tomatoes

reheat meatballs in cast iron skillet with seasoning then add olives
put slide tomatoes and shredded cheese in separate bowls
It was a quick and easy dinner, but I think I will still with my ground pork tacos made from scratch. I think the processed seasoning is what made me sick. 

Chicken Enchiladas

  • Enchilada kit
  • skinless and boneless chicken breast
  • spinach
  • string beans
  • cook sliced chicken, spinach, and string beans in cast iron skillet
  • mix chicken and veggies with seasoning
  • place chicken mixtures on tortillas and fold over in pan
  • Pour sauce over folded tortillas, bake according to directions on box and sprinkle with cheese

While this was also a pre-made seasoning, it did not affect my tummy in a negative way.



Between using EasyLunchBoxes  and planning what I eat ahead of time, I am in control at work and I know Dino is eating healthy at school. 



Mommy-mini pita with turkey, american cheese, and apples and balsamic vinegar, strawberries, pretzels, nature valley bar, special K cereal, almond milk, cheeze-its
Dino-ham and cheese sandwich with sliced apples, pickles, apples, pretzels,
Dino Morning Snack-hard boiled egg, cheese stick, half banana 

lunch Tue

Mommy-turkey and cheese with mustartd and pears in a pita, raisins, carrots, extra pears, nature valley bars, special k cereal, almond milk, peanut butter, apples,   
Dino-ham and cheese sandwich with pears, raisins, carrots, extra ears
Dino Morning Snack– one chocolate chip pancake, cheerios, grapes, (fruit bar and pretzels for the afternoon)  

 lunch wed

Mommy– bean and cheese quesadilla, strawberries, peanut butter, apples, special k, almond milk, pretzels, cereal bar.
Dino-wanted to order pizza from school so he’ll have pretzels and strawberries along with his pizza
Dino Morning Snack-french toast, apples, I keep forgetting they also have snacks at school for the kids, I should pack less snacks and let him have the school snacks. 

 lunch thur


Mommy-leftover steak, rice, and veggies, grapes, tomatoes, crackers, raisins, pretzels, carrots, and a a granola bar. 
Dino-ham and cheese sandwich, grapes, carrots, hummus and chips, pretzels
Dino Morning Snack-toaster strudel and raisins

lunch fri

Mommychanged my lunch after I started to feel icky from the tacos. I decided to change from leftover tacos to just a bean and veggie quessadilla. Also have grapes, extra veggies with cheese, special k with milk, granola bar, and pretzels. 
Dino-Dino really wanted pizza again, I have to make mini pizzas the night before so he has them. xExtra Snacks fruit snack, pretzels, granola bar, 
Dino Morning Snack-french toast, grapes 

I also made a few freezer meals. It would be nice to make more freezer meals, but don’t have kitchen space and am afraid that it won’t taste as fresh. As always I make lots of breakfasts items and freeze them. This week I made banana and choc chip pancakes and egg muffins. Sorry no pic of the pancakes. 

egg muffins collage

I also tried a chicken freezer meal. All in a cast iron skillet, I made Goya chicken, cheesy rice, broccoli, and beans. We saved the leftover chicken broth to use when I make another dinner. I have a steak broth leftover as well. I saved both the broth and chicken dinner in separate freezer bags. I pushed out the air and kept them flat to save room in the freezer. 

freezer meal

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