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Mommy Monday Blog Hop


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New Furniture and Toys


 Some new and exciting things happening over here. First mommy is trying to get me to sleep till 6 instead of 5. She says it will make me feel better in the morning and when she goes back to work she will have more time to get ready if I am still sleeping. I think she’s pretty mean, but if I get toys from it I’m okay with that.

chartMommy bought me the batman cave. Aunt Julieann and Uncle Adam bought me the Batman jail a few weeks ago. So now I have two cool places for my people.

cavesMy people bin is full of lots of people: superheros, Scooby-Doo people, Disciple Me people, Thanksgiving figurines, robots, and other people I picked up along the way.

peopleI told mommy any superhero, Spiderman, Batman, Scooby-Doo and robots would be great prizes for my chart. What other things do you think I should ask for?

I have been using mommy’s old dresser for my clothes, but it was so old some drawers didn’t close. So when my cousin Micheal got new furniture because he is a big boy, I got his old dresser and chest. Isn’t that cool?

I went from having one old dresser to having a NEW dresser and a NEW chest. On the dresser I have my TV, batman places and people. My easel fits between the chest and dresser, great place for it, right?

dresserOn the chest I have photos, my sleep machine, and other things that I need.


What do you think of my new furniture? Do you bribe your kids to do
what you want them to do?


Dino’s mom here…He is doing really well with the chart…I bought him these colored blocks that look like jenga…you can do a number of things with them. He is starting a new line and is almost done with it…soon I’ll give him the Spider man play castle. I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into. With each new toy he gets rid of another toy…but OMG…it costs money.


I am thinking about…

(a) smaller gifts (like small superheros and cars)

(b) choices of favorite things to do..which might be just as expensive

(c) putting ideas and tickets for toys/activities in a jar and letting him pick but what if he doesn’t like what he picked?

what do you all think? any suggestions? 

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Collage words

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Thankful for….

cheap but practical drawers for storage in my kitchen. With a super small kitchen I really need more space. Having four extra drawers helps a great deal and I even have the top for extra space when cooking or cleaning.

kitchen drawersPNG

 cheap but practical drawers for storage in our dining areas. The former drawer for our utensils is now the much needed “junk and catch all” drawer. So much easier reaching for napkins and utensils right next to the table.

dining drawers PNGThe other day in daycare, the artist Bill Hernandez came in and did a caricature of Dino…I plan on framing it for his room.

drawing PNG

My crocheting is getting better and I am now making granny squares with leftover yarn. I found great tutorials on you tube from Yolanda Soto Lopez her videos are easy to follow
and instructional.

granny squaresPNG

 I made a scarf, yeah it’s short, but I don’t like having long scarves that get stuck in your coat or are too long. This size is perfect for my neck.


I made Dino a hat…one that is perfect for him. Sure it’s longer than I wanted, but he’ll
grow into it.

dino hatPNG dino hat2PNG

I even made a hat for myself…it came out REALLY big…but I used some creativity and sewed a string into it and pulled it tight across…so it looks fitted and kind of like a beret…I do like that it’s bigger so it won’t crush my curls.

mommy hatPNG


J9Designs ROCKS

So, I have been wanting my OWN domain for a while now…but the thought of doing this on my own was scary and tedious.

Well after getting to know Janine from

Test Blog
and her awesome business
J9 Designs
she did it all for me!
It was worth every penny, a wise investment. I know I would have not only had a meltdown, but would have deleted my blog and caused bodily harm to innocent people.
Thankfully Janine saved my blog and innocent people everywhere. She easily transferred it all to hot monster and added everything I needed.
She even graciously accepted my psychotic and apologetic emails, mostly at the same time.
Check out the J9Designs services here

Sneaking in Veggies

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I’ve been dealing with a picky kid who refuses to eat or will chew and spit. After all the great ideas and advice, THANK YOU EVERYONE, I added some baby food to our mac and cheese. I was freaking out, afraid he would notice and wouldn’t eat, but Dino shocked me. He not only ate it, he LOVED it.

mac cheese veggies

this baby food includes corn, zucchini, green beans, brown rice, carrots, and garbanzo beans


It tasted a bit different, I knew it was the veggies, but son probably thought it was just “better”. I also said if he didn’t eat his food, he would go to bed hungry. I am going to pretend it was just the very different and tasty mac and cheese.

mac cheese veggies4

mac cheese veggies5

My NEW Blog Button

I am so glad that More Than Mommies did a a tutorial on how to make a blog button.

It took me some time but I finally got a design I like. Then I found an easy way to create a “grab my button” by Grab my Button Generator and it created the code for me. I am quite thrilled with the final result.

What do you all think? I was torn between the dinosaurs and MY DINOSAUR. I decided to make it more of my button than my sons.
I hope it fits me.

I’d LOVE to trade buttons with you
Dinosaur Superhero Mommy
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Silly Bike Rules

It’s Saturday and time for my story again!  I know you wait all week for this.


Remember the post of me riding my bike like a super cool dude? Well, now I am even better at it. I’ve been practicing and building my riding muscles. I don’t need mommy to push when I get stuck, I just use my powerful legs.

I want to ride my bike all over town, but mommy says I need more practice, have to wear a helmet, and have to listen when mommy and daddy says stop. Why do they have so many silly rules. I just want to ride. How about you talk to them for me, okay?

Oh, and there are other rules too. I have to keep both hands on the handle bar, have to not crash into the cars on purpose, and not go past a certain line in the driveway. I need to start making rules for mommy and daddy to follow.

new bike3

new bike2

Balboa thinks everything that moves in the wind is an animal he has to hunt down and eat. Mommy and daddy get mad, because he will throw it up in the house. The have to keep him on a leash to keep from running all over the driveway to eat falling leaves and sticks.

I know he’s not hungry, because I help mommy and daddy feed him in the morning.  Do your doggies eat things they are not supposed to and then get sick?


God Made Everyone

Dinosaur is quite curious about all things now. He is beyond “Why?” questions and on to “Why created him/her/it?” and “Who made them/him/her?” He wants to know more, learn more, understand it all. I am proud of his curiosity, but also overwhelmed in how I can give him an answer that he understands and will accept.

We spotted the sun rising…because he wakes up so darn early…one morning.

“That’s silly the sun is yellow.”

“When the sun wakes up and moves into the sky, it looks different colors because of all the trees, clouds, and houses.” Know it’s not scientific or accurate , but we are dealing with a soon-to-be 4 year old.

“Oh, who made the sun?”

“God did. He told the sun to get up in the morning to wake people up. And go to bed and let the moon come out so people can go to sleep.”

“God made everything, He made the sun and the Earth. The sun rises every morning and goes to sleep every night. If it doesn’t we don’t have day and night.” 5-5-2

After dealing with carpenter bees who were practically dive bombing me (which freaked me out) we were sitting down yesterday afternoon. There was the occasional carpenter bee and some other bees, but they didn’t come close at all. Using dryer sheets really does work. I got it off pinterest and still amazed. Am going to stock up on those sheets for the summer.

“Who made bees?”

“God did. They help flowers grow and make honey.”

“I don’t like them.”

“I don’t like them either, but they God made them. If they leave us alone, we leave them alone. If they try to hurt us, I’ll protect you.”


Showing me what he will do to bees if they come near us

“Who made the bad guy?” (watching Veggie Tales and asking about a villain in the movie)

“God made everyone, but people choose to be bad, which makes God sad.”

“Yeah, God doesn’t like when you are bad.”

“No, He doesn’t. But he will forgive you and always love you.”

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Cozi Calendar LOVE

Without my Cozi Calendar, I would freak out.

I have birthdays, appointments, vitamin reminders, meetings, FlyLady morning and evening routines, FlyLady Zones, and FlyLady Daily Focuses all in my schedule.

There is no way I can ever function without this calendar in my life. I try to explain to people what exactly it is, but I get so excited and possibly scare them. Oooops. I am just thrilled by how easy it is to use and how much it has changed my life.


My home page shows our picture and the various links we can go to.


My calendar page shows what I have to do each day, the color dots show each person who is involved in the task. You have a variety of colors to choose from.


My to do list…as I complete each task, I check them off. When all completed, I uncheck them and start all over again. DARN ringer volume…grrr.

What do you use to get organized? Do you have a cleaning routine?

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I’m FLYing

I’ve been posting about my love for FlyLady Clipping Curtains and FlyLady and FlyLady and Cozi Calendar…well, I can’t begin to tell you how much she has changed my life.

My place is cleaner than it has EVER been, cleaner than when I had my own schedule.

Between the

Habits of the Month

The Current FLY Zone and detailed missions

Daily Focus

My place is rocking, don’t get me wrong. I still have loads more to do, but what a difference…not only in the way it looks, but the way it feels.

With her swish and swipe  my toilet is clean enough to eat off, this is definitely a toilet I would want to get sick in. Balboa’s  toys can fall behind the toilet and I don’t care that he sticks his head there to get them, because it’s clean! I know that when my son goes to the bathroom and touches the toilet I no longer cringe and worry about what germs he’s contracting.


Now that son is old enough, he knows that he can’t play with the cleaning products. I can happily keep them within reach for a fast swish and swipe or wipe up.


My fridge is amazing and less cluttered. It’s not just about getting rid of clutter in your house, it’s about getting rid of clutter in your life. Can I keep my family healthy with items in the back of the fridge that I can’t see? I know what’s in my fridge and know when it needs to be tossed and I do it immediately.

Something spilled in the fridge? before I would pretend it wasn’t there saying I would do it later, now I WANT to keep it clean and quickly clean it up with just soap and water.

WARNING…It’s an OLD fridge in a rented apartment…despite that it looks GREAT! 


Everything has it’s place and container. In a few days the cold cuts will be used up and new ones will be bought and placed into the right container. The pot roast will be eaten, the container emptied and, hold a new dinner. I have room for my son’s lunch bag and even have room for mine (not pictured).


clean kitchen

clean kitchen2

clean kitchen3

clean kitchen4

this post is my opinion, I was not paid or asked to write it.

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