Dinosaur Approved Dinners – Pizza

PIZZA PIZZA We made pizza… PIZZA! Dinosaur LOVES pizza. Making the pizza is ALMOST as fun as eating it.

We add some Ragu pizza sauce, pepperoni, and left over meatballs. Pizza is a great way to use leftovers in the house. Toppings can be chicken, broccoli, sausage, carrots, pineapple, pork, green beans, hummus, olives, or any toppings you like. That’s what’s great about homemade pizza, there are NO rules and you make it the way YOU want.

If I don’t watch dinosaur he’ll eat all the toppings and try to eat the sauce all before we finish the pizzas. He’s a hungry dino.

In our electric stove it only takes twenty minutes until they are perfectly ready for a hungry dinosaur with a huge appetite. I put them right on the rack, to ensure the bottom is crisp but not burnt.

Mini pizza’s are perfect for Dinosaur to hold and take a crazy dinosaur bite. It is important for dinosaurs to try to fit the whole slice in their mouth. YUMMY!

What dinners do you love to make with your kids? How much do they help?

Pineapple Pancakes and Egg Cupcakes

Yes, pancakes again…but this time with pineapples. YES, pineapples. They were delicious and perfect. I cut the pineapples into tiny slices and added them into the batter. I did my usual mashed banana’s in the syrup. Dinosaur loved them, even my picky dad ate some. 
More leftovers into eggs, only this time I have dinosaur calling them “Egg Cupcakes”. Mom’s are so good at being deceitful.

As you can tell from my previous recipes, I like to add lots of spices such as curry, garlic, onion, parsley and allspice. YUMMY

We used leftover fries, broccoli and fried chicken.

 Look how great that batter is, now time to cook the egg cupcakes.

Dinosaur couldn’t eat them fast enough. Even though he saw green in the cupcakes, he gobbled them up. They were healthy, yummy, and filling.

What breakfast/lunch are you most proud of this week?

Mini Banana Muffins and Leftover Egg Muffins

Dinosaur loves to eat food he can hold in his hand. He can eat with a fork and spoon rather nicely, but the best way he eats is when he eats with his hands. As moms know, we have to get our kids to eat anyway we can.

I love taking a trusted banana bread mix and using it to make mini muffins. I follow the directions, instead I pour the batter into a mini cupcake pan.

Dinosaur loves to lick the spoon and being an only child you get to lick two spoons! 

After they are done, they look so yummy and smell delightful. They are the perfect size for Dinosaur’s hands.


 These are perfect for daycare as breakfast or lunch, or even dessert with coconut or soy ice cream


After seeing this all over pinterest, I had to try it. I chopped up our leftovers from the diner (chicken fingers, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and french fries)  and put them in a bowl with four eggs. I added parsley, onion, curry and garlic.

 They came out so unbelievably delicious. Dinosaur ate them right up.

Reminds me of quiche, may have to make these when company comes over. Would make a great appetizer.

Proud Mommy

Cashier at the grocery store said my son had good manners and was on the right path. Then she said it was a reflection of his mom. I almost cried.
Every mom wants to hear that. I want my son to be that kid that every loves and other parents know he’d a good kid. So glad that ours evident at only three years old.