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Hubby and I LOVED it at the Rocking Horse Ranch…while it was a bit on the expensive side, all meals were included and there was an abundance of activities each day. So we feel the price was more than worth it. In addition, Dino loved it, so therefore we loved it. Dino explained why he loved it in yesterday’s post…you can read that here.

Rocking Horse Ranch

The cleaning staff did a fabulous job keeping our room clean…and our room was darn big, bigger than I expected. The bathroom did not have any mildew, grime, or stains…I was thoroughly impressed.

The staff was all helpful and courteous and next time we plan on taking advantage of the day camp so hubby and I can do our own things for a bit. I would love to go to the spa and Hubby would just love to sleep, LOL. At first I was leery of leaving Dino with strange people, but after speaking to all the day camp workers I was quite impressed with their knowledge and competence.

Pros of going on vacation with an only child:

  • Hubby and I took turns on rides/activities to give each other takes a break/breather
  • Hubby and I took turns dealing with a temper tantrum
  • Hubby and I took turns bringing Dino up to get food while the other one ate.
  • Hubby and I took turns bringing Dino to the bathroom
  • Dino didn’t have to share his parents or activities with a sibling
  • Dino would happily and easily join in with other kids on the playground as if they were long lost friends
  • Dino could do whatever activities he wanted, the schedule for the day was based on what HE  wanted.
  • Dino didn’t have to share his popcorn, drinks, snacks or food
  • Once Dino is asleep, no other kids to worry about

Cons of going on vacation with an only child:

  • Dino often relies on us for all their fun activities and play time
  • Dino would often be sad if the playground was empty 
  • Dino didn’t have a sibling to stick up for him or just keep him company

though the pros once again out weigh the cons, the cons still broke my heart at times. Perhaps when Dino is older (like in middle school) we can invite a friend along on vacation. Of course, he may prefer having his own vacations. We’ll have to see how he feels about it when he’s older. 


Cool Colors: the lake does look cool and refreshing…but I was also freaked out that Dino would tip over…luckily Hubby knows what he is doing. cool colors

Leaves: Love this pic of Dino riding the horse and the leaves in the background

Iced Beverage: It was supposed to hold a cool beverage, but instead they use it for holding popcorn….free popcorn for everyone at the resort.


iced beverage
Cooling Off: After running up and down the hill about twenty times, Dino decided to chill out and cool off

cooling off
Raw: It was amazing to watch the horses leave the barn, cross the road, and go back to their fields at night…but the smell of horses and the poop trail they left was like raw sewage, lolraw





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Dino has come down with a stomach bug…I guess. I am fighting it off with acidophilus and lots of fluids. Poor Dino is happy one minute and suddenly filled with terror as he knows any minute he will throw up. I am not making matters any better by rushing over to and invading his space with a bucket as I wait for the inevitable. At one point he cried to not make him throw up…poor thing thought I wanted him to throw up…I hate when my normally happy, wild, energetic, and sweet boy is not feeling well.

About two weeks ago I mentioned that I was not feeling well and had a bunch of tests done…the results….I am fine?!?!?!?!?! I am lacking in some Vitamin D, but normal? Having tests tell me I’m normal when I know something is not right is scary and frustrating. I just don’t know what to do and hoping God leads me in the right direction. I am continuing to pray to Him and hoping that I am just stressed and this is His way of telling to focus more on myself to in turn be a better wife and mom.

Now onto Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Camouflaged: Okay, Balboa’s not really camouflaged…but he is trying to hide from a sick Anthony and mommy who is washing and wiping everything.

Nutty: We are all feeling a little nutty with Dino being sick…I have never washed so many sheets and towels in one day. 


Alike: How are these alike???? They are there to replenish a queasy mommy and to have in case I get sick too…which I am NOT…I have taken acidophilusto hopefully prevent any bugs.

Identical: According to Dino, each and every car and truck is the best and coolest…all the same in bringing him pleasure…but we love to sort by color and size.

Jaunt: I would so love that tiny piggy bank to be filled with $100 bills that I can use to just get away for a day…a day of massages and food service….sighs




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Tools: Nothing prepares me for a hot afternoon than cool refreshing iced tea…though I dilute it with water…for a refreshing but sweet treat. Now more than ever I need these cool drinks. I’ve been having way too many hot-flashes that result in my clothes completely soaked. Even in a shaded and breezy spot while sitting and doing NOTHING, I can sweat so bad that it drips off my face. I am having other symptoms and waiting for test results to see what is going on with my body. My worst fear is that the tests will show NOTHING is wrong.


Motion: Balboa returning after chasing and catching his toy. I caught him as he dropped the toy and looked at me to throw it again. Balboa never passes up an opportunity to play.


Sweet: Left over red velvet cheesecake from the Cheese Cake Factory. Oh man Dino and I really enjoyed this treat, even though he got sick afterwards. I think we both agree it was worth it. Now I have a late night snack…shhhh…don’t tell anyone.

red velvet cheesecakePNG
Dots: Dino once asked me what the dots on my face were. I proudly said those are freckles. I do love freckles…I find them so beautiful and wish I had more. In the summer they become lighter even with tons of sunscreen. I DON’T like getting a tan, so this shade of sepia is the only tan you’ll ever see on me, LOL.


Stripes: Dino using his imagination and pretending the striped comforter on the couch is really an ocean teaming with dangerous snakes. Thankful that he has such a great imagination and sees things so differently. I hope he holds onto that wonderful gift.

striped couchPNG

Long, Thin Scarf

sen sun

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Fun: What could be more fun than playing with a bean bag toss, riding your bike, and spitting on ants? Boy, this four year old has it made.

Arts & Crafts: This was from my post on Wednesday, he is so proud of his work. I love to read with Dino and work on comprehension skills with him. Whether it’s drawing scenes from the book, talking about what happens next, or acting like characters from the book. I drew the fish, but he drew the small fish all around Stanley.

Messy: Can someone HELP me clean Dino’s room? No matter how much I make him clean there are toys everywhere. I am going to do a major overhaul in his room, time change some things now that he’s older. Eventually buying him a new dresser and a desk and chair. I’m going to chuck his toy bin and keep everything in the closet, so he’ll have more room to play and color/write.

Blessing: My SON is my blessing. I’ve posted before out my struggles with infertility and IVF. Never thinking I would be a mom, Dino is truly a gift from God. I’ve been blessed.

Effort: I’ve tried knitting before and I scared the person by throwing the needles across my living room into wall. I don’t think she would have ever tried teaching again after that, not that I wanted to try anymore. Yesterday, I was chatting with with one friend at another friends baby shower (another blessed mom). Alanna knitted a spectacular baby sweater with buttons and all. I was mystified, of course. Alanna suggested that crocheting might be better for me, knowing of my tantrum with the knitting needles. So, you know me, I went to a craft store and bought yarn and two crochet needles, in case one suddenly disappeared *whistling and looking away form the screen*. To might delight it was easier after watching numerous videos and crying at the foreign language of crocheting. While I still HAVE A LONG WAYS to go and have to learn to not pull the yarn too tight, I find the movement and only having one dagger crochet needle is easier and smoother.

Thanks Alanna!


Can anyone suggest any videos/tutorials/sites that helped them with crocheting? I am having troubling starting a new line and it looks weird on the ends. Even if I end up with SUPER long and thin scarves and “snakes” for my son to play with I’ll be happy. I could probably put buttons on the one above and convince son it’s dinosaur, LOL.

Getting out and Father’s Day


I’ve been lucky to have a dad that did more than just work. He was there for us. When my sister and I were younger, he gave us baths, changed our diapers, and fed us. He cleaned and cooked, he was a great dad. Is a great dad and an awesome Grandpa. I am so lucky to have him in my son’s life. I am blessed that my son has such a wonderful relationship with my father, his Pop Pop. He always puts his family first. Thanks Dad, Love you.

grandpa Ray feeding Anthony CAM03352   

While we may not always agree and often have differences of opinions, I am happy to be married to my husband. Our life may not be perfect, and there are MANY times I want to stab him in his sleep, LOL. Even with those thoughts of homicide, I still love him and am glad that I have a faithful husband. I know I am crazy and hard to get along with, but he loves me too. When it matters I know I can count on him, we can count on him. He works hard and loves his family. We love you too babe.

daddy rocking Anthony CAM03101

6-16 sunday2

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 Summer: Even though we had to eat between rain showers, it was wonderful to get out. Nothing better than eating outside, getting fresh air, and running around.  Then Dino being in a silly mood made a crazy face, he just cracks me up.  We even had fun rushing in the house during the rain…sweet family memories. Looking forward to a picnic in the park on Father’s Day.

6-16 sunmmer3

Dance: This was the closet thing I could get to Dino dancing while he ran back and forth. I try to tire him out anyway I can, even if that means having him run into me at full force.

6-16 dance4

Laughter: While working on our gift for for Father’s Day, we had lots of fun outside. Dino was overjoyed that I let him get messy with the paint. He was even more delighted when he got to take a bath and paint the tiles. Ah, the simple joys in life.

6-16 laughter

Helper: Actually this is NOT helping. He is pretending he can’t hear me as I ask him to hand me some items. If I ever tried that when he wanted something it would be the end of the world.

6-16 helping

Water: The rain was coming down hard one day. The droplets looked magnificent on the plant, a truly beautiful gift from God.

6-16 water

Shining Down on Him

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I enjoyed participating in Scavenger Hunt Sunday and happy that I am joining in again. 

When we moved into our apartment my mom suggested we buy smaller flatter dishes to fit in our small cabinets. She picked out some dishes and I fought her a bit. I was never into china, what is the point? People come over to celebrate and party with us, the people that truly matter to me would never critique me on my choice of dishes. Besides, I like being different, if you didn’t already know. I am glad I have these different patterns, I like mixing and matching and feel like eating on different plates each day. THANKS MOM for picking them out! She did a great job, didn’t she?

6-9 dishes
Favorite Color:
My favorite color is brown, all colors go with brown. You can read about that here. I love the outfit I was wearing, a long blue skirt with a short-sleeve brown shirt. I loved it-summery and comfortable. Before we lost our condo, our walls were painted various shades of dark brown…it was decadent and beautiful.

6-9 favorite colors
Okay, I was gong to use a pic of him that looked like he was praying and that I added sun shine to. Then I took this pic last night while we were at the park and it was perfect. He has a blessed spirit within him. He is gracious and thoughtful for a four year old. He is always using his manners and thanks people from the bottom of his heart. Whether I added the sunflare or not, I know God is shining down on him all the time.

6-9 sunbeams
This is the expression of a doggy who just wants his treat. If I had to guess what he was saying, I think it would be. “GIVE ME THE DARN TREAT ALREADY.”

6-9 expression

I had a hard time finding a pic for this. Either I kept forgetting to take a pic of a messy Dinosaur or he cleaned himself before I could take a picture. I loved the Alaskan cod fillet we made last night, a perfect combo with the breaded shrimp and stuffing with hidden veggies and fruit. LOL What hubby doesn’t know won’t hurt him.  Thankfully it’ll be easy to clean.

6-9 sticky

Capturing the Wonder

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This is my first time joining in on Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I LOVE this and can totally work this into my Sunday posts. Luckily this week we can choose what we want to capture-a great way to ease me into the fun.

Yesterday was big day for us, Dino’s 4th birthday party was yesterday. Stew Leonard’s did a fabulous and spectacular job with the party. I recommend them for all kid’s parties. I will post more on that tomorrow, Dino’s actual birthday. Spider-Man stopped by and joined in on the fun. What a joy to watch the excitement in my son’s eyes.

Though as I sit here preparing this post, I can’t help but laugh at all the drama that comes from kids birthday parties. I swear sometimes I think if this situation was being filmed it would be perfect for Arrested Development…which I have now been hooked on ever since hubby forced me to watch a few episodes. I LOVE THE SHOW. Believe me, I’m far from normal, so I can’t judge…just laugh.

Anyway, now onto the Scavenger Hunt

  1. anticipation: Balboa’s eyes will track that toy, not losing focus, knowing any second
    it will be thrown and the  fun of retrieving it begins. Love how excited our dog gets over playing with us.
    scavenger hunt anticipation
  2. proud: Dino loves showing me all the wonderful things he can make by himself, even
    better when he can pose for a picture with his creation.scavenger hunt proud

3. Beauty: Beautiful tree in our shared driveway that I love looking at. Dino loves to run up to it and run back to me for fun. What a great reminder to look at the beauty all around us.


4: concern: Darn carpenter bees won’t go away and I am always scared of going in the garage. Despite this, I am thankful we do have a garage to store our items in and keep all of Dino’s bikes and outdoor toys.


5: clean up: The worst part about eating outside is cleaning up, really wish I could blink my eyes and it would all be done for me. The best part, having a family (Balboa included) to clean up after!

clean up


I’m Sorry Dino

Mommy is sorry Dino for how I reacted to you being overtired last night.
I’m sorry…
I got mad when you wouldn’t eat your dinner.
I got frustrated about you spitting out your food.
I got because cried.I had a bad mommy moment and I am very sorry. I know you can’t tell me when you are so tired and cranky. I know you can’t tell me when you need to go to bed or just not hungry.
I am glad you let me apologize and hold you tight. I am glad we got to cuddle on the couch after your bath. I am glad
we watched Veggie Tales before bed.  I promise I will be a kinder and more patient mommy today. I will listen to you and if you can’t find the words, I will help you. I will provide you will healthy meals, even if you refuse to eat them. I will let you decide when you want to eat. It’s tough being a soon-to-be four year old and I will be more understanding.
Do you apologize to your kid(s)? I feel apologizing is important. It not only teaches my son how to apologize, but it also shows
him that I respect him enough to apologize.
Have you had bad mommy moments? How long did you feel guilty? Did you do anything extra to make up for it?

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Pirates and Nemo

Yesterday we went to a fair in a town nearby with my SIL, her hubby, and their kids. Dino had fun going on all the rides with his cousin, Vanessa.  Dino will post about the fair on Saturday, his day of the week to tell his story. I LOVED watching Dino go on all the rids with his cousin. They had a blast and brought so much joy to my heart.

He won a goldfish for throwing a ping pong ball in a bowl on the first try! He named his fish, Nemo! So today we are headed out to get Nemo a proper tank and accessories.

I did NOT want a fish, but once I realized how much Dino immediately loved Nemo, I loved him too. So now we are a family of three with a dog and a fish! LOL.


On the way home we stopped by Walgreens and Dino saw swords, even though they are for playing with in pools, he wanted one. He also told his daddy to buy one too, so they could play pirates. That is just what they did when they got home, Dino was beyond happy. He wanted to play with his daddy, because he knows his daddy will always play silly games with him. When hubby does things like this…it fills my heart will even more love than I imagined.

I AM HAPPY, that my toilet is clean! Thanks FlyLady!



No worries, the swords are Styrofoam…super soft. The heavy breathing you hear is our dog, Balboa. He wanted to protect both Daddy and Dino from each other and eat the swords, LOL. I am holding him back while trying to film their sword fight. Dino LOVES roughhousing with his daddy.

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Blessed with Motherhood

Many years ago motherhood was just a dream. Many years ago I feared that I would never be a mom, but you came into my life.

You, my dear son, have shown me what motherhood and unconditional love really means.

I may joke about how crazy and loud you are. I may joke that I sometimes bang my head on the wall with your incessant screaming or jumping. I may complain about lost toys, ruined furniture, uneaten dinners, and temper tantrums.

Motherhood is hard, we sometimes need to vent to other moms, it does not take away from our love or devotion to your children. Venting and laughing with other moms does not take away from being awesome mothers, it only makes our bonds stronger and our appreciation of what we have deeper.

I love my son, love him more deeply than words could ever explain. I loved him when I first saw him as a three day embryo when he implanted that wonderful Saturday morning. My love grew each day for the beautiful son growing inside of me. My love grew when I finally held you in my arms. I knew at that very moment you were my life, the beautiful gift that your daddy and I created. You are a gift from God, a blessing, a miracle I will cherish for the rest of my life.

two days old




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