God Made Everyone

Dinosaur is quite curious about all things now. He is beyond “Why?” questions and on to “Why created him/her/it?” and “Who made them/him/her?” He wants to know more, learn more, understand it all. I am proud of his curiosity, but also overwhelmed in how I can give him an answer that he understands and will accept.

We spotted the sun rising…because he wakes up so darn early…one morning.

“That’s silly the sun is yellow.”

“When the sun wakes up and moves into the sky, it looks different colors because of all the trees, clouds, and houses.” Know it’s not scientific or accurate , but we are dealing with a soon-to-be 4 year old.

“Oh, who made the sun?”

“God did. He told the sun to get up in the morning to wake people up. And go to bed and let the moon come out so people can go to sleep.”

“God made everything, He made the sun and the Earth. The sun rises every morning and goes to sleep every night. If it doesn’t we don’t have day and night.” 5-5-2

After dealing with carpenter bees who were practically dive bombing me (which freaked me out) we were sitting down yesterday afternoon. There was the occasional carpenter bee and some other bees, but they didn’t come close at all. Using dryer sheets really does work. I got it off pinterest and still amazed. Am going to stock up on those sheets for the summer.

“Who made bees?”

“God did. They help flowers grow and make honey.”

“I don’t like them.”

“I don’t like them either, but they God made them. If they leave us alone, we leave them alone. If they try to hurt us, I’ll protect you.”


Showing me what he will do to bees if they come near us

“Who made the bad guy?” (watching Veggie Tales and asking about a villain in the movie)

“God made everyone, but people choose to be bad, which makes God sad.”

“Yeah, God doesn’t like when you are bad.”

“No, He doesn’t. But he will forgive you and always love you.”

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Am I not a Good Catholic?

I will probably lose some readers over this, but it’s what I feel. I would LOVE your opinions and ideas as long as it is respectful.

Am I not a good Catholic, because I had IVF to be a parent? Adoption was not covered by my health insurance. If I didn’t become a mother, I would have died. Being a mom means no sleep, but waking up everyone morning knowing that I wasn’t a mom was more difficult. If God didn’t want me to be a mother then the procedure would not have worked. Is my son a sin because I didn’t just wait to see what God would do? Perhaps, he was giving me the opportunity to have a child through whatever means necessary.

I want my son to respect all people. I am teaching my son to value the differences in all people. God loves us all, no matter what we believe. It is the devil that judges and excludes. It is the devil that pretends to be good and hurts others under the guise of religious beliefs. DON’T GET ME WRONG, I am not a pushover, I teach my son to trust his instincts and to stand up for himself.

I am raising my son to respect people. He should never tell anyone what to do with their body. I am teaching my son that real men don’t violate other people. The sad part is society still teaches women to not get attacked. He WILL know the difference.

I am raising my son to value love. If two adults love each other than they have every right to marry. No one should tell you who you should or shouldn’t marry. I want him to see that love is love.

I am raising my son to value families. Families come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and religions. Some families have one child, seven children, no children, a mom and dad, two moms, two dads, only aunts and uncles, only grandparents, one mom, one dad, or only sisters and brothers.

I am raising my son to be respectful. We show respect by cleaning up after ourselves, speaking nicely to the ones you love, using please and thank you, helping those around you, believing in your religion but not judging others. I teach my son to pay attention to his instincts, stand up for himself in a respectful manner, doing what is right.

I want my son to have a religion. I want to share my beliefs with my son. I need my faith. I don’t want to change my religion, but it hurts me that my religion judges and excludes instead of welcomes.

What is your religion or denomination? Do you practice 100% or occasionally? Are you a devoted follower or just follow the beliefs in a limited manner?

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Soul Warming Book

Every time I read a book, I swear it’s the best book I have ever read. It’s the book that has changed my life. This time I mean, I really do.


Fannie Flag wrote a book about a time that made me imagine my parent’s lives. Even now I’m cruing as I write this. The once kids in the book, Annalee, Bobby, Mackie, and Norma could have been my parents growing up. Sure they live in New York and book takes places in Missouri, but the concept was the same.

As they grew, married, and had children of their own they looked back on their lives. They looked at all that had changed, terrible things, wondrous things, and some questionable.

As Mackie and Norma left their hometown and moved to Florida they were stunned by all that had changed. There were no more mom and pop shops and everything was commercialized. As Bobby returned to his hometown to attend the funeral of his childhood friend who died too early. Nothing looked the same, nothing was as it had been when he was a kid. Once where he was known by everyone, he was that strange man walking around town.

I cried for my parents, how the world must have changed before their eyes as their daughters grew and married. I cried for me. One day my son will go off in the world and I can only imagine the wondrous and terrifying things that will be waiting for him. Things have changed so much from when I was just a kid. With new technologies and inventions everyday, we are faced with evils that go along with each one. 

I pray that I have instilled in him the values and morals that will help him stay on the good path. I pray that he will make choices that will keep him safe and will not be swayed by peer pressure to do things that he knows are dangerous or hurtful.

The book was a wonderful read. Each character was so easy to fall in love with and want to get to know. 

I swear if you read it you will be forever changed.

What book(s) do you swear have changed your life or haunted you for days/weeks?

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Our Family Works

Another Sensational Sunday

car stickers

Most days I am happy with my decisions that Dino is an only. I have my sad moments when I wish I could have another, but they are rare and quickly fleeting. I guess since my decision was made for me by unfortunate circumstances I sometimes feel sad.

In the end, I got my miracle, I got the chance to watch a three day old embryo be placed inside of me, I got to feel my baby move, I got to take home a baby that is part of my hubby and myself, I got to be a mother. I get to be a hero to a handsome and smart little man, that I know will always love me as much as I love him. That is all that matters, I am a mother. I thank God everyday for my Dinosaur miracle. Not everyone gets that miracle, I am truly thankful.

Last night I got a little sad and my friend reminded me why it is okay and wonderful to have an only. Thank you Carlin, thank you for getting me out of my silly sadness and open my eyes to the fact that Anthony could know another only-boy. We definitely have to get these wild boys together and pray that they don’t destroy too much.

Having an only means when he becomes more independent, I get a little more freedom. He will never be that little baby again, so I am going to enjoy watching him grow and develop and enjoy some moments for myself.

When I pick him up at day care, he walks out with his backpack on his shoulders and gets into his car seat all on his own. When we go to the store, he is controllable with doughnuts and has the scanner all to himself. When we go on trips, he doesn’t have to share his toys or gets to go on rides with mommy or daddy, and the other parent gets a moment to relax. When we he is sick I can cuddle with him and still go on my laptop or listen to an audio book.


We only have to worry about saving for one college fund. We can buy him a happy meal each time or get him his own dinner when we eat out. Thankfully, he is a social little guy and makes friends wherever he goes. I know he will make friends and even create strong friendships that he will consider family.

All families are special and blessed, all families are meant to be just as they are.

What size family do you have? What do you love about your family size?

All Worth It

Messy living room, pillows with dog drool, couches used at trampolines…no worries


2-23All worth it….

Balboa loves his family and will never tire of skittering us to scratch his butt 2-23#3 

Dino loves his family and will never tire of professing his love of us and dinosaurs.

Thank you God for my wonderful gifts.2-23#4

Thank you God for letting me see the good even in messes.

Please, God, give me patience when I forget to be thankful.

ALSO love this app http://androidvilla.wordpress.com/ for my phone. I can my blog URL on pics right on my phone. It saves time when creating blog posts. The text size, font, and fade percentage stays the same. I have to work on the size and fade, but it ROCKS!

Sensational Sunday

If you had told me that I would be squished on a couch with two men who constantly farted and squirmed all over me. I would scream NO WAY.
Now as I look at the two boys both trying to get on my lap, while letting go of the most horrendous farts imaginable. I look down and know I am so lucky. I would take the tiny space on the couch and inhale the pollution a million times over.

There is nothing better in life. I am truly lucky.

Thank you God, for giving me such wonderful gifts. Thank you for giving me such wonderful boys that love me so much that they want to sit as close to possible to me and are comfortable enough letting loose in front of me. Sure one is a dog, but he thinks he’s a human.

I could still be sitting on the couch alone, not knowing what it means to be loved unconditionally. I am truly blessed.

boys chilling
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Love My Family

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Dinosaur was so happy to have bought us home yesterday. Sure we were trapped in a small apartment because of the blizzard, but he saw it as having his mommy and daddy close by. He kept hugging and kissing us, remind us that we are family. I reminded him that he made us a family, before him it was just mommy and daddy. We were so lonely without him.

He looked at me and laughed, “But I here now mommy.”

I held back my tears. “Yes, you are. I thank God everyday you are here.”

Despite times where we were going stir crazy in our 950 square foot apartment, we still had fun.

We had fun playing


playing air hockey


playing “Cars” Dominoes then stacking them up and seeing how high we make make the tower before it falls


building train tack tracks and playing with our train


Even though the plow didn’t come and I had to shovel the driveway by myself, I think I did a great job. Hey, it’s not perfect, but I did the best I could with a 3 year old running around (only a dusting is left). After I was done, I looked at my hard work. At first I was upset, but then I really looked around and was thankful……




I am thankful…

to have a driveway to shovel

have the ability to shovel

have a three year old to watch play around in the snow (even though he WASN’T listening)

have a car to clean off

have eyes to see the snow

can see the beauty in fallen snow

After all that shoveling and sweeping, there is nothing better than a slice of confetti cake with peanut butter frosting and a cup of hot chocolate.


Sensational Sunday – Sick Dino


Why is a sick Dino make for a sensational Sunday? I’ll tell you….

sick boy2

While it’s tedious and tiring taking care of a sick kid…the fact that I have sick child to care for is a wondrous thing. When he looks at me and coughs, my heart melts. When he sits on the couch quietly and slinks onto the floor, unable to move too much my heart breaks. Forget the fact that I can hardly do anything because he wants me with him on the couch all day. Forget that he sneezes and coughs in my face. Forget that I have to suction and wipe boogies all day. Forget that I have to watch endless episodes of Max and Ruby, Shrek 2, Scooby Doo and the Pantosaurus ALL DAY.

Despite all that, I am a mom. I know I have said this before, but I never thought I would be a mom. I never thought it would happen. So bring on a sick Dino, I welcome it. I am so blessed that he knows his mommy will cuddle and kiss him when he is sick. I am so blessed that I have a child to to care for. I am so blessed that I have a home to keep him warm, blankets to cuddle him in, and arms to hold him with.

sick boy

What do your kid(s) like to watch when they are sick? I am going to try to get him watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or ANY other movie I can find on Demand for free. Any suggestions?


The Sussy Project

sussy project

Yesterday, at our favorite local diner our breakfast was paid by a friend.  Hubby and I were in shock when the waiter told us after we asked for the bill. I immediately emailed her and thanked her. She explained that she is taking part in the http://thesussyproject.com/

I paid it forward and then looked into this project once I got home. I was overwhelmed with happiness and joy as I read story after story of people helping out others. I try to show son how to be a good person and help others and this gave me more ideas.

You can sponsor the next Sussy project http://thesussyproject.com/sponsor-a-sussy/#comment-2164

You can nominate someone http://thesussyproject.com/nominate-someone-as-a-recipient/

It got me thinking about all the things I can do for others monetary and non- monetary. Have you heard about this or help others in your own way? How do you show your children to help others? Have you ever been the recipient of a kind act?