Finding Comfort in Prayer

Today at church, the seats were almost all filled. Families holding onto each other, mothers giving extra kisses and hugs, fathers wiping tears away. We were all there for the same reason, to celebrate our faith and to pray to God to find answers. The priest spoke openly about the horrific tragedy and how we need to keep our faith strong and continue to pray. That is all we have at the moment. To pray for the families of those innocent children. To pray for the families of the educators who only wanted to shape the future of their students. To pray for children who survived but will have to live with the trauma of those horrific events. To pray for families who were not there, but still feel the grief and fear. To pray for good to prevail. To pray that these senseless acts of violence and evil will end.


Long Term Goals

Another Sensational Sunday and Dinosaur was so good in church again. Whenever he hears the word pray he does the sign of the cross prays aloud for God to keep his family and home safe-he truly makes me a better mother. We also pray for family and friends in need, keeping those we love and ourselves happy, helping those in need, helping all children live in a warm home and gets lots of love from their family.

Already out of his church clothes but posing for pics with a monster shirt

The priest spoke about the Gospel and how John and James wanted to make sure they were seated on either side of Jesus. The priest explained that while it is important to have long term goals, we should focus on WHAT the goals are and how valuable they are. While having a good career and providing for your family is necessary, what about leading a life filled with faith and teaching that faith to your children? We often forget the latter goal, but it should the most important goal.

I think about Dinosaur and his often wild nature, but his good soul. I want him to live life in the right direction, a life filled with faith. As he grows and becomes a man, I want him to always include goals for a Catholic life. I want him to carry those goals with him throughout any situation, I want him to know he will never be alone in making any decisions, God will always be there guiding him.

I will be making my long term goals for our lives very different now. I will make sure God is always in our plans. How about you? Do you include Go din your plans?

Happily watching the SMILE station we found, it has tons of Catholic based cartoons. I will post about it on Wednesday. Dino loves some of these shows.

Seeing God in Every Person

Another wonderful Sensational Sunday…Dinosaur once again racing to get into church-he is such a happy child.

The morning was colder than usual but what a beautiful fall day. Dinosaur happily sat down and asked politely for his snacks. If you have read my previous Sensational Sunday posts, you know I let him eat and play with his toys in church. I know he is listening to the mass, I know he is paying attention in his own way. As long as he attends church and has faith, does it matter what keeps him next to me?

The priest spoke about St. Francis of Assisi and seeing God in every person. He spoke how Jesus became upset with his disciples when they pushed parents away who wanted Jesus to lay hands on their children. Jesus reminded them that God is in every person, that faith has no age limit. I looked around overjoyed to see all the children in mass with their families. Each family, like me wanting our child/children to live a faithFUL life and understanding what is means to be a Catholic, and how to be a good person. It’s not easy getting kids out of the house and having them sit in mass for an hour. It is not easy keeping them quiet when they need to be constantly moving. We do it though, because we believe, we have faith and want our children to have faith as well.

It hurts me when I see people looking at the children in mass and shaking their heads. Children make noise, they celebrate in their innocence and simple joys in life. As parishioners we should be welcoming families into church not getting upset with them. It breaks my heart that my son might see an adult getting annoyed at a family. It breaks my heart when my son walks up to a person to shake their hand say “peace you” and they ignore him. How do I explain to my son, who is saddened by the man ignoring him just because he is a child? How do I help him see God in every person, when there are people who do not let goodness into their hearts?

Despite the disappointment, he is still smiles and find the next person to shake hands with…I hope his joy and love NEVER leaves his soul. He is my inspiration.



Another lovely Sensational Sunday… Dinosaur was great in church, every day he surprises me. The priest was delighted that he was racing to get into church. Dinosaur shook the priests hand and said Peace be with you. I smiled overwhelmed by my son’s love. the priest was thrilled and got a good chuckle out of him. As the procession began, Dinosaur was eager to watch them walk and was overjoyed by the priest waving to him-My cup runneth over.

The priest spoke about the Gospel, at first it seemed as though Jesus was being mean to his disciples. He explained that Jesus was telling us to get rid of all that would harm us-illnesses and bad thoughts. If we surround ourselves with negativity and evil thoughts, they will consume us. Therefore, getting rid of that negativity, will leave the positiveness and love for God.

It is easy to fall into jealously, anger, and malicious thoughts. I try to teach my son to see the best of it all, the joys in the world, the good things that come out of every situation. Instilling this in him now will ensure that he continues to see the wonders throughout his life, even when I can’t be there.

I want to share a video of my son praying. Last night at dinner out with my parents, he was eager to show how he does the sign of the cross and how he prays. My father only got the last few minutes of Dinosaur praying, so happy to share his faith. At first Dinosaur didn’t want my dad to tape him, but then he happily let him video him. My father had trouble uploading it to youtube, so here is the link for the video on Picasa- Anthony Praying


Today’s sermon was something wonderful. The priest began with an explanation of the gospel. All the while Dinosaur played with his dinosaurs in a quiet whisper, while other kids were talking, some crying, other playing with their toys. Some patrons were upset about the “noisy children” which broke my heart. Do they not realize they are the models for appropriate behavior for children too AND they were not TRULY listening to the priest’s sermon.

The priest explained that greatness is being generous, altruistic, and hospitable, NOT for acknowledgment or praise, but because you want to. Greatness is not showing off how wonderful of a parent you are, but by loving, supporting and giving your child faith. By living a faithful life, we are in fact teaching our faith to others, and our children and that is greatness in God’s eyes.

The sermon left me thinking about how I could model greatness for my son. While I want him to feel good about himself and have positive self-esteem, I don’t want him to look down on others. I am sure there is a fine line between self-esteem and being conceited. How do you ensure your child will always help others but not let others take advantage of him?  How do you ensure that you child is proud of winning a soccer or football game, but not brag and boast to others? How do ensure that your child will always love who they are without showing off in front of others? How do you ensure that your child will continue to live a faithful life when faced with peer pressure?

What do you think about greatness? How do you ensure that your child, no matter your faith, will live a faithful life of greatness?

Anthony loves his daddy’s hugs. I tried to connect this to greatness, but I could say that I am honored to witness the greatness of father and son love.


Today is another beautiful Sunday. I messed up the times of Mass in the church hall and pulled into an empty parking lot for 7:30 when mass starts at 8:00. My beautiful and wonderful son made this mistake easy for me. We drove to the gas station and he happily ran into the store to help me buy a paper. He was smiling and soon got the attendant to tgell him a joke.

Man “Why did the skeleton cross the road?”
Son proceeded to answer but I explain to him the rules of the joke
Man after a laugh  “He needed to find his body.”
Son “yes, he needed to be a little boy like me.”

This got another laugh out of the man and made me smile. A simple mistake brought us to that store and spread my son’s happiness and joy to someone else.

Dinosaur watching TV as I got ready for church. Doesn’t he look so cute?

Today at church a new priest in our church and was welcomed wonderfully. He was nervous during his sermon though, and I felt for him. In time he will master his sermon and soon his words will flow with as much ease has does his faith. He brought together the Gospel with his sermon at the end and it made me smile. He explained that you can’t help people bear their crosses if you can’t bear your own. You can’t say you have faith and not show you have faith.

Living a life full of faith can be challenging at times.There are MANY people out there who want to challenge your faith and prove you wrong. There are times in our lives that will test our beliefs. If you hold onto your faith and live a faithFULL life, the rewards of a faithFULL life are amazing.

It makes me think of the saying “The grass is always on the other side.” Perhaps the grass is greener because it is filled with such love and faith. Instead of trying to figure out how to “out do” your neighbors, focus on your living your best life. Soon you will see that the grass has become green, but it won’t matter because your wonderful life is the new focus.


I am totally behind in my cleaning schedule…totally honesty here. Dinosaur is spending the day and night at his La La and Pop Pop’s house. I feel a little guilty but also know he is going to have a great time. I just hope he sleeps through the night. So today and tomorrow morning I am catching up on my cleaning schedule.


Dinosaur posing with his dinosaurs in his church outfit.

I love my church for a many reasons,

They consider children part of the community and want them attending mass. There are no family rooms for noisy children. The priests welcome children at mass.

Now that Dinosaur is older he loves shaking everyone’s hands and says “peace you”, he really brings me so much joy. Today he enjoyed shaking another little boy’s hand.

I love how he moves and hums to the music, he can feel it in his body and soul and that makes me happy.

The priests’ sermons are relateable to real life. They don’t talk AT us, they talk to us and connect the scriptures to our lives.

We attend service at the hall in the school. It is easier for Dinosaur to move around and kneel down to read a book or play with his cars. He’s not old enough to sit still through the mass yet.

Today’s sermon was about miracles and once again it was related to our lives. The priest spoke about the movie “Moonstruck” and how Cher’s character says it’s modern times and there aren’t any miracles. The priest eloquently connected that to the Gospel, showing us all the miracles there are if we choose to see them. My son is a miracle. Every day he wakes up, even though too early, I still wake up as a mom with a wonderful son. What miracles have you seen?

when Dinosaur was only two weeks old and
still not even five pounds



I changed the look of my blog, I love change and just wanted it to reflect what I was feeling.

I changed my cleaning schedule ONCE AGAIN. I moved it to the sidebar and checked off what I have done.  What do you think?

I used to post products or activities that I love on Sunday, but now I am going to post what we love about Sundays, happenings at church, and what we learned.

Tried it and Liked it

So after seeing this post 10 Must Do Activities for Little Ones from Chirping Moms. ….
I had to try the two of the activitie

1.  Shaving Cream and Cars: Dinosaur LOVED IT! He spent an hour outside playing and singing. In the end he was soaked but truly happy. This will be a popular activity for us in the winter. I can see putting Dinosaur in the kitchen with the table (as long as I am not cooking).

sorry the videos are sideways, though it’s going to be fun imagining all of you tilting your
heads to watch, LOL

3.  Mess Free Painting: Well, Dinosaur ripped the bag off the window and ran around the apartment. I was terrified that he would rip it open and spread it all over. I had to rip it out of his hands and give him a cookie. Not my best mom moment, but I needed to contain the mess, LOL

Then I had to give him another outdoor activity, just to keep him busy. I drew a large intertwining road on our driveway. I included a gas station, and two houses for the cars to sleep. He played for a bit, but got bored. Why? Because it wasn’t messy! Such a boy, but I love it.

What fun activities do you have in your “mommy toolkit” for your kids?

run washing machine if full
put away dried clothes
clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
plan shopping list
wipe down bathroom
clean out car
check batteries in fire alarms
What’s your cleaning agenda today? 
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Out with the Girls

While I was given permission to use my sister and friends’ photos, I decided not to and focus on the places we went and food we ate. I only want to post pics if we can ALL be in taken from:
Had a great night out with my friend, Cathy, and sister, Janet, last Saturday. I live in CT, so I went out closer to where they live and slept over my sister’s house. I needed a break and as I found out Dinosaur did a great job with his daddy. I may have to go out more often.So, we started our girl’s night adventure at Double O’s in Wappinger Fall’s NY. I have never been there before and truly wish there was one in my town. The food was beyond amazing, it was presented in such a gorgeous manner and the taste was out of this world. Just look at what we ate.

My sister, who is really doesn’t care what people think about her. which can be scary at times, but I love her for it. She is intelligent and fierce, but loves her family. You know how sisters are, we may fight, we may get angry at each other, the but we will always love each other. She got the Barbecue Ranch Chicken Salad

Cathy, who started out as a co-worker, has become a dear friend,I can tell her anything and she will totally understand. We have sent each other crazy texts and wild photos. She knows more about my wild and dark side than anyone. She has always been there for me and I can’t express how much that means to me.  I love how honest she is and will always tell  me the truth. She had the Grilled Chicken Tostado Salad.

I had the Benny’s Maui Salad without the nuts…can we say…YUMMY.

After our belly’s were filled we took a drive over to Paula’s Wine Bar.

Again, I have never been there, but was impressed with the design and atmosphere.The bartender was so funny and knowledgeable.The appetizers were PERFECT. Now, being allergic to dairy, I LOVE when a restaurant provides olive oil to dip your bread in. Paula’s not only provided the olive oil, it was decadent and tasty. I wished I lived closer. I may have to just visit my sister so I can go to Paula’s wine bar again.

We sat outside and talked about life, our husbands’, the economy and other sorted topics that will REMAIN secret to only us. Yeah, it was a fabulous night.


Then just this Friday I went out with my other friend who lives in my town. Actually we met when she and her fiancé moved in right next to us. LITERALLY.  We hit it off and have been friends ever since. We don’t get to see each other too often, even though we live two blocks away from each other.

With Kit I can be a completely silly and wild and she will join right in, that’s what makes a good friend. I don’t have to control my thoughts or worry I might offend or embarrasses her. We wind up laughing so hard our stomach’s ache.  Even though I was starting to feel ill on Friday, I did not want to cancel, I need my girl night outs whenever I can get them.

We started off our night at Sesame Seed in Danbury, CT.  It was a beautifully decorated place, very cozy and inviting. The best part they have a Mediterranean menu, which meant most of their food was dairy-free. I hope they are still around when Dinosaur is older, he would love to eat there; if his tastes don’t change. They are NOT a family restaurant.

The appetizer of tabuli was out of this world.

I got the Maui Maui Marengo

Kit got the Cajun Maui Mau

Then we headed off to the Golf Quest for some mini golf at night, also located in Danbury CT. I took some crazy pics and those will be for our eyes only, we sure will get a lot of laughs as look back on those. Dinosaur was NOT good for hubby this time, which makes me very sad. He cried for over an hour till he fell asleep in his daddy’s arms.

run washing machine if full, put away dried clothes, clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
plan shopping list, wipe down bathroom
wipe down fans and light fixtures
What’s your cleaning agenda today?

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