Dressing Joey

Oh I loved Melissa and Doug board puzzles when my son was younger. He outgrew them now, but is still struggling with regular puzzles, but I keep trying. 
Then I found this great Melissa and Doug activity that is perfect for him.
On the back it shows you all the different outfits you can put on Joey. (pirate, construction worker, knight, super hero, fireman, and police man.) Then it lists other activities you can play with the magnetic pieces.

You just have to make sure you don’t lose any of the pieces, or your child might turn into a
crazed animal until you find the piece in question. 

Dinosaur decides what outfit he wants from the back then I let him find the pieces on his own. 
Sometimes we organize the shoes, pants, shirts and hats into different piles.
Or we try to see if different outfits fit together. It’s a great way to challenge his mind.

I am going to have to buy the Jack one too. 
What new educational toy have you found for your kid that you BOTH love?

run washing machine if full, put away dried clothes, clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
plan shopping list, wipe down bathroom
wipe down dining table and chairs

What’s your cleaning agenda today? 

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Hummus, Detergent & Fruit Water

Should I feel sad that my son has chosen Trader Joe’s hummus/guacamole and chips over MY HOMEMADE meatballs? Should I feel like I have failed as a mom. NOPE. As much as I love to cook for my family and want them to eat healthy foods, I am glad he is just eating. And, I rather him eat the guacamole and hummus instead of candy, potato chips, and cookies.

Look at those delicious meatballs (with bits of squash inside) to give them extra nutrition. They came out so good and were really easy to make, but that will be a recipe for another day.

Yup, son is chowing down on his hummus/guacamole and chips, well actually he sucks the hummus/guacamole off the chips, he loves it that much. He’s quite the character.


I use coupons to buy products for my house, I only show product loyalty if I am genuinely impressed with a product’s 1. quality  2. price 3. Amount and quality of coupons.

There are a number of products Dinosaur and I one hundred percent love, they are listed on our sidebar. My newest love is for All oxi-Active. I had coupons and there was a big sale at Walgreens, the best part…I got $3 back to put towards diapers.

My clothes smells beyond amazing, I am particular to smells after I had Dinosaur, but the way All leaves my clothes smelling is perfection. I actually sat down and smelled my clothes for ten minutes. Sure I got weird looks from hubby and son said it smelled like poop. But, I still love smelling my clothes. Now, besides the clothes, the stains are zapped away. GONE. BYE BYE. A white dish rag that I used to clean hubby’s coffee spill was returned to its original, pre-stain appearance. Isn’t that amazing.

I just want to note that I am not being paid in ANY WAY for this review or any of the products that I listed on my sidebar. They are there because of their value, quality, and coupon availability. 


I am so tired of buying fruit drinks, I buy them for Dinosaur when he is at daycare. When at home I give him fruit water. What is that???? I’ll tell you. I cut up pieces of lemon or oranges along with strawberries, blueberries, grapes, or pineapples and put it in his cup. He loves to shake it all up, which makes more of the flavor come out. I know he is getting more water in his body with less sugar. Where did I get this idea???? From Momables Fresh Fruit Water


make it home from Cooperstown in one piece, unpack and wash clothes, get Dinosaur read for daycare tomorrow. 
wipe down bathroom, clip coupons & plan shopping list
clean porch
What’s your cleaning agenda today? 


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Chai Tea and Ice Cream

 Mommy’s Chai Tea
To me the perfect tea drink is my homemade chai tea. I know what is going into it and it’s cheaper than getting it in a store. Please ignore the duct tape in the background. We never know when we will need it, LOL. 

Start with sugar in the mug then add one Lipton tea bag, no other tea is quite like it.  I know they have iced tea bags, but I prefer the taste of hot tea cooled off.

Then add the boiling water, obviously.

In a tumblr add lots of ice
Trader Joe’s chocolate almond milk OR you can use their vanilla almond milk as well.
After tea has brewed in mug, pour tea into tumblr. I pour it in the sink,
to make spills an easy clean up. 

Then enjoy every delicious sip…oh so yummy and refreshing on a summer day. You can have it on the go or enjoy it at home.  

How do you enjoy your tea? Any special ingredients?
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 Dinosaur’s favorite ice cream

We love this ice cream, not only is it dairy free, but Dinosaur feels like he is eating ice cream he sees other people eat. They are  too big though, that is my only complaint.
 ALMOND DREAMĀ® Vanilla Dessert Bar

Now I wish I was able to find this in stores, but I don’t see it anywhere I live. Such a shame, a few of these would be the perfect portion for Dinosaur. 

ALMOND DREAM Dessert Bites

Dinosaur happily eating his ice cream bar. Don’t mind the wires to the right, lol
What is your favorite dessert?