I Have Absolutely No Interest In…

no interest ftsf


Finish the Sentence Friday

“I have absolutely no interest in…LOTS of things.”  

Oh the list of all the things I have no interest in is quite long…where should I start?

I have no interest in reality shows. They are NOT real, they are mostly staged. They hold no interest to me at all. Seriously, do I really want to watch how you WANT the world to see you? NOPE

no interest ftsf

I have no interest in being someone I’m not. If you don’t like me for who I am…then you don’t deserve me in your life.

no interest ftsf       no interest ftsf

I have no interest in anti-aging gimmicks. I am not covering my grays or my “flaws”. I love my big, freckled nose. I love my splotchy cheeks. I love curly, black hair with some grays. I REFUSE to apologize for aging or having skin. Aging is normal.

no interest ftsf

I have no interest in hiding the emotions on my face.

no interest ftsf

I have no interest in sports but know I may have to REALLY get into it when Dino gets older. Hubby wishes I was into sports.

no interest ftsf

I have no interest in NOT reading…I NEED to get caught in a book and suffer from a book hangover until I get caught in another book.
no interest ftsf


 What thing(s) are you lacking interest? 

Dino Reads about Dinosaurs and Santa

main collage

Hi everyone, Dino here. My mom originally wrote this post from her POV, but we talked and decided to change it. Instead of my story being on Saturdays, I am going to post on the same Wednesdays as the Kid Lit Blog Hop. I love books and think this is a good way to talk about them and my story. Mommy reads me books every night in bed…it’s our special thing to do. I get to pick three books, two if I choose to stay up a bit later and play. Most times I choose to read three books. Mommy asks me lots of questions about the books, which is fun to answer and show her how smart I am.

When I slept over my Pop Pop and La La’s house, Pop Pop read me three books. He posted about it on Facebook

reading with pop pop

Kid Lit Blog HopMommy hosted a giveaway a LONG time ago for some of Sherill S. Cannon’s books. You can see that here. I loved reading Santa’s Birthday Gift during Christmas. I always wondered if Santa knew Jesus and if they were buddies and they are! I bet they talk all the time.

Mommy wanted to add: It was a great way to connect our faith with the magic of Santa. I make sure to convey the magic of Santa, so no matter how old he gets and no matter what he believes, he will always believe in the magic of Santa. I pray he keeps that magic alive for his kids as well. 

Kid Lit Blog Hop
My La La found this book at a book fair. It belonged to other kids before me and they decided they no longer wanted it. I am so glad I have it now, it’s fun to read and I remembered what is on each page. Mommy says I am super smart and have a great memory. I agree. Mommy and I have fun reading the end of this book. The last page looks like they farted, so we pretend they are talking and farting. I asked Mommy to write what they say and she did. What a good Mommy. 
Mommy wanted to add: I love seeing previous names on books, what a wonderful history and to know that this book brought joy to more than just Dino is magical. Sure some of the facts are outdated, but the love of dinosaurs is still there. My mother found a new copy of the book and what a treasure it is. .
Yes, we pretend they are farting on the last page…he’s a boy and I’m a mom of a boy…and  farts are funny.

dino book fartAnd now for some pics of me playing with dinosaurs. Want to play with me? 

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Kid Lit Blog Hop

Our Elf is Back

CollageIt’s that time again…for my story. Our elf, Scooby Doo, is back and he’s hiding and watching me. I think I’ve been a good boy. What do you think?

He hid in mommy’s cabinet with all her little figurines, on our tree playing with ornaments, on our living room shelf in the remote control holder (and had evidence that he ate a Hershey kiss), sleeping on our kitchen cabinets, and hiding in our snacks while eating veggie stick.

We have fun looking for him every morning. Mommy and me also open another day on our advent calender that La La bought for us.


It’s my turn to hide…Can you find me?

hidingHere I am!




Old School Blogging I was tagged by the lovely Janine from Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyaholic

What’s on my fridge doors?

Well, I have to warn you that with an old apartment, we have a VERY old fridge…the dirt stains are really just bangs from years of use.

topOn the top we have

  1. salary letter from my job…holding onto it until I get my first check….love being back full time
  2. the bill from Balboa’s vet this way we have their phone number and address
  3. expiration dates for our water filter and Nemo’s filter
  4. list of items in our other freezer
  5. Dino’s laminated schedule…this way he knows what is going on each day of the week. The weekend is in blue to separate it from the work week.


On the bottom we have….

  1. magnet of foods Balboa can and can’t eat…more for others than us
  2. Dino’s class picture from two years ago…last year he wasn’t there on the day they did pics…now being at daycare full time he will be there for this years pic! WOOOHOOO
  3. drawing Dino make in daycare – all the monsters he’s playing with
  4. drawing Dino made in daycare – “My Daddy is strong and scares away all the monsters” apparently these are the bad monsters.
  5. Walgreens magnet – where we go for our prescriptions
  6. Magnet favor from Dino’s Christening
  7. Emergency hotline for animals…too far away to use, but Dino likes it.
  8. Bottle opener magnet – I had tons of nice animal and letter magnets…but Dino has either destroyed them or made them disappear without a trace.
  9. Dry erase drawings from Dino…I do need to clean them up…but as soon as I do he’ll run over and scream to draw them again.


In our condo we used to keep received Christmas Cards on our fridge, since this fridge is too small we use the basement door.

What’s on your fridge?



Five things (Old School Blogging)

I was tagged by the wonderful Searching for Sanity to post FIVE THINGS (Old School Blogging). I’ve always seen these and wondered how I would answer…and now I can. So thank you for tagging me!!!! 

 5 Things I Have a Passion For

1. my son Dino
3. Listening to books on CD…so addicting, can’t stop reading
4. blogging
5. cooking

5 Things I’d Like to Do Before I Die

1. Watch Dino become an awesome dad…when he is old enough and ready…because he WILL know better.

2. Visit Italy with my hubby
3. Own a house
4. Visit every state in the US
5. Run a marathon

 5 Things I Say a Lot

1. FIVE….FOUR…THREE….TWO….ONE….by the time I get to one Dino runs to do what he needs to do…I have shown him that I follow through on what I say.
2. Take one bite at a time, you’re going to choke
3. Stop growling like a dinosaur/monster.
4. Did you wipe your butt? Is it just Dino…or is this every kid who forgets?
5. Go back and walk.

5 Books I’ve Read Lately

1. Why We Suck: A Feel Good Guide to Staying Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid by Dennis Leary FLIPPING AWESOME AND FUNNY- no one says it quite like Dennis.
2. Sworn to Silence (Kate Burkholder, #1) by Linda Castillo  – A Gruesome and gory book that is quite disturbing, but if you enjoy gory crime dramas…this is a great book. I can’t wait to read the next one… OF COURSE THIS JUST ADDS TO MY DISTRUST AND FEARS, LOL
3. Full House (Full Series, #1) by Janet Evanovich – It was such a great book, a mystery but after all the build up…the ending left me wanting more…I hate when that happens. It was a good read…I even read the next one in the series…but I won’t be reading the rest of the series.
4. Orchard Valley Brides By Debbie MaComber Okay this was a sappy romance…but sometimes that is just what you need. The bonus…it was two books in one.
5.A Turn in the Road (Blossom Street, #8). by Debbie MaComber The whole time I read this, I wanted to jump in the book and tell off and beat Bethanne’s MIL and daughter with a bag of rocks….they were so mean and nasty to her. I just wanted her to tell them to shut the **** up.

 5 Favorite Movies

While I can list Twilight Movies and some Jackson Rathbone movies…I’m going to list the kid movies I can tolerate without my eyes twitching.

1. The Rise of the Guardians
2. Wreck it Ralph
3. Toy Story
4. Spy Kids 3
5. Despicable Me


5 Places I’d Love to Travel to I’ve already stated that I want to see all the states…but I’ll list the states that are top on my list. Why? I don’t know…I just do.

1. Texas
2. Maine
3. Washington
4. Louisiana
5. Kentucky

 5 Blogs I’ll Tag

I didn’t want to leave any of them out….Even if you weren’t tagged come play along….

If you’ve already been tagged or don’t want to play…no worries.

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3. A Duck in her Pond
4. Mail 4 Rosey
5. Tragic Sandwich





This week’s Listicles: 10 ‘OH NO YOU DIDN’T MOMENTS.

These all take place before we had Dino…I’ve done some crazy things as a mom…but most of these moments were reminders from hubby. What a trip down memory lane.

1. When I was still living at home I hurt my ankle and was on crutches. I fell coming out of the door and landed on my nose. Thankfully, it’s just as hard as my head and was fine.

2. Met hubby in community college and tried to impress him by throwing a GLASS Snapple bottle into the garbage. Of course I missed and it broke. Everyone in the cafeteria cheered me…what a way to impress new boyfriend.

3. Before I met hubby’s parents, we were over his house watching TV, seriously watching TV, and his parents came home early. In a fit of ridiculous worry he told me run out of the house thinking he would be in trouble…mind you he was 20 and I was 19 and we were just watching flipping TV. He made me run out the back door…and as I ran out the back past the front porch, I ran past his parents trying to get in the front door. I was so embarrassed…especially when I had to officially meet him for the first time.

4. Trying to spit out mouthwash like hubby and spitting it all over my clothes…yeah, I’m cool.

5. While at dinner with hubby I went to hold his hand across the table and knocked over both of our glasses…water ALL OVER THE PLACE.

6. Many years ago for Christmas, we drove an hour to my parent’ house to sleep over. I feared I left the heating blanket on, so we drove back to turn it off, then drove back to my parents…boy was hubby mad.

7. Hubby bought tickets for us to see BonJovi in concert. We went with his wackadoo co-worker at t he time…what a moron that guy was. Anyway on he way there we stopped to have breakfast in a diner. I don’t know how, but I almost flushed my keys down the toilet (I only did #1 people). I held on for dear life as the water flowed around my hand…Thankfully I kept my keys (the only set we had that day). I washed my hands about a hundred times and used a full bottle of antibacterial spray.

8. While I was at work, Hubby locked himself out of the house…WITH …Balboa. He had to borrow a ladder and climb up and crawl through a tiny bathroom window.

9.While I was at work, Hubby locked himself out of the house but had a car key. He drove all the way to my job just to get the house keys-which was about forty-minute drive each way.

10. Hubby is always leaving keys, wallet, and cell phone, and winds up having to drive back to work to get them.Usually he will get home, look at me with his typical I messed up face and walk right back out.

Squirrely Blogger Award

Karen from Baking in a Tornado gave me THIS awesome award…

I need to divulge 7 to 10 quirky facts about myself and then name 7 to 10 bloggers who would be okay okay sharing quirky facts about themselves…*evil laugh*  Who can I torture???? BWAHAHAHAHA

I’m pretty much an open book, unless it is something that a parent or co-worker could see and might affect my work.

1. I rarely listen to music…mostly books on CD…when I do listen to music it’s mostly Jackson Rathbone, former 100 monkeys, Johnny Cash…and some Lady Gaga. Most of the time if you turn on my car…you either hear, an annoying kid’s song, the vivid details of torture and murder, or a sappy confession of love from one person to another.

2. I must have a large bucket of popcorn when I go to the movies…whether I pop it at home or buy it there.

3. I’m scared of the basement…there are evil spiders, bugs, and serial killers hiding down there, I just know it. Yes, I am crazy.

4. You can usually tell what I am feeling from the look on my face. I have a hard time keeping my emotions from showing. Whether its aggravation, anger, .silliness, fear, hunger, or exhaustion.

5. When hubby offers to go to subway for lunch he knows I am going to order the same complicated and crazy sandwich, but Dino loves it too. I order a foot long (that I share with Dino) Italian bread, with turkey, provolone, mayo, oil vinegar, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and olives.

6. I always hang my keys in one of two places: directly on my purse or on our key rack. If I can’t find my keys and they are not there I go into full panic mode. One time I couldn’t find them anywhere, hubby went on and on how I need to be more responsible and take care of my things…(meanwhile he would lose his head if it wasn’t attached). So where did we find them? In hubby’s other coat pocket…I tortured him for days/weeks for that one.

7. I’ve mentioned this before, I have a thing with water…like the girl from SIGNS. I can’t drink water in a cup, I swear there are all sorts of buggies and floaties in there. So I need it in a water bottle of my choosing and with some sort of crystal light just to add color…so I can’t see the floaties. Yes I have issues.

So which bloggers are being passed the sack of nuts? BWAHAHAHA

It’s NOT an obligation…so no worries if you can’t post…just feel honored.

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Let's Get Social SundaySuper Sunday Sync

Yup changing my Sunday format again…think it’s best just to do a roundup and silly photos on Sundays. It’s going to get hectic with September approaching. I think doing silly photos and a round up will still allow me time to post on Sundays but not be too overwhelming. 

Dino dressed me up and had me take a pic of us…he thought I looked good.

silly momThis is what I deal with whenever I use the bathroom

silly dino

Dinosaur dancing in undies with a bucket on his head…in our house that IS normal. dancingBalboa liking his lips for more peanut butter in his chew chew (bone).

lickingBalboa standing in front of the camera, demanding both treats and butt rubs, but refusing
to look at me.


The Golden Sideboob

What a boobtastic, boobawsome, booaliscious award, right? Boobies rule! They give nourishment and look great. I was never able to breast feed, but irks me when moms who do get grief for doing it in public. A woman can walk around, her boobs almost falling out, nipples almost showing, or headlights on full blast and that is not only hot, but okay. But when a mom feeds her baby, the way nature intended, it’s the most disgusting and embarrassing thing?

Seriously people…GET A GRIP.

Anyway this awesome award was given to me by Janine from

Janine's Confessions of A Mommyaholic

Of course I feel like a boob, because I didn’t see it until now…yup…my brain is mushed up. For this award you must thank the person who nominated you…THANK YOU JANINE FOR MY AWESOME GOLDEN SIDEBOOB AWARD! The second thing is to nominate another person who will appreciate getting the award…well…who would love getting boobies…hmmm. I wish I could nominate all of you…but that would be a long list. So I am nominating…

Lisa from The Squishable Baby

Karen from Baking in a Tornado

Carla from Real Into


eyes Collage  On Monday I participated in Listicles: 10 Ridiculous Things I Saw Online. NEXT MONDAY Both Hubby and I are listing our 10 Favorite Meals. Do you think they’ll be similar?

meal4 Collage   On Tuesday I posted another one of my meals-Italian Bread Pizza. NEXT TUESDAY I’ll post about another meal…Who hated it? Who loved it? Who only ate the sausage?

Collage  On Wednesday I posted pics of Dinosaur being silly. NEXT WEDNESDAY I’ll post pics of Dino playing with his toys in his closet.

oganization button  On Thursday I posted my first blog hop – Let’s Get Organized…NEXT THURSDAY I’ll have a guest host and talk about organizing fridges and blog posts. How do you organize either one or both?

PicMonkey Collage   On Friday I participated in Finish the Sentence Friday. NEXT FRIDAY I’ll finish the sentence “I wasn’t really myself when I…”

Collage    On Saturday I posted Dinosaur’s Story of dinosaurs everywhere. NEXT SATURDAY Dinosaur will talk about our walk over the Hudson River and how I freaked out a few times.


I normally post about meals on Tuesdays…but I thought today would be a good day for a change. Collage2

Sometimes Hubby will ask me to do something with almost no explanation or detail. I then have to pull the information out of him like I’m investigating a crime. At least I will be prepared for when Dino is a teenager and doesn’t want to talk.

WARNING: I am not responsible if any IQ levels or brain waves are disrupted and destroyed while reading this post. If you do find that you can’t think or feel extremely tired and at a loss for words…DON’T WORRY…normal brain function will return in about twenty minutes.

Hubby: “Can you scan something for me?”

Me: “Sure, put it on the scanner, the top near the arrow and let me know when you’re ready. Sitting on the couch waiting, and waiting, and waiting….“Did you do it yet?”

Hubby: “Yes.” thanks for telling me

Me: “Is it a document?”

Hubby: “No.”

Me: “What is it?”

Hubby: “A card.”

Me: “What type of card?” It could be an actual greeting card, business card, or index card….who knows with this man

Hubby: “A license.”

Me: Your license?” 

Hubby: “No.”

Me: “What type of license?”

Hubby: “Boy scout license.”

Me: “Are there any pictures?”

Hubby: “Yes.”

Me: “Are there words?”

Hubby: “Yes.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll scan it as a jpeg then.”

Hubby: “What?”


I finally got it done, I could have explained to hubby that I needed to know that information to get the best scan…but that would have been over his head. He did after all need me to scan and email it to him. For those of you wondering, No I did not get up off the couch…I finally sat down after washing dishes and cleaning and was not going to get up again. 

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