Clipping Curtains and FlyLady

My mother gave me such a great idea!!! 

You know the clips you use for bags of chips? Well, my mother suggested using them for the curtains in my son’s room.

ant room

ant room2

It worked so well….

I then bought more and used them in the living room too!

 lamp curtain

shelf curtain

Can you see the clips?

The diaper box was SUPPOSED to be a cool tunnel for cars, but Dino has claimed it as a library book holder. Smart kid.

hidden clip

How about now?


Pretty AWESOME, right?

They do the job, no sewing required, you can change the length and style of your curtains, and if you decide to get different curtains, you have TONS of clips for chip bags. A true WIN WIN situation.



FlyLady cartoon  Last week I posted about using FlyLady and Cozi to clean and organize. Well, as I read and learn more about FlyLady I LOVE her even more. I have deleted my own cleaning schedule and now follow hers fully!

With the Zones or sections of the house to focus on certain weeks and the coordinating daily missions everything is expertly cleaned each month. With the Daily Focus I can set aside time for myself and specific tasks and quick cleaning. With the Habit of the Month, it just becomes second nature.

I love the morning and evening routines, I don’t have to look at the list anymore, I know EXACTLY what to do when Dino goes to sleep or before he wakes up. Even when he’s not feeling well and gets up early, I can still do my routine.

I sat down in my apartment yesterday, staring at the clean and was confused about what to do…so I got up and set my timer and cleared another hot spot… It’s really addicting.

It even works with kids of all ages. Dino loves to play “who can clean up faster.” He of course always wins. He also loves to vacuum with the carpet sweeper, wipe the walls, and help make his bed TEMPORARILY.

If you want to know more, check her out, it will be worth your time.

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FlyLady and Cozi Calendar

I am not being paid for this post, just sharing my opinion.

Does anybody use either? I have turned from both, thinking it was too complicated…but I have to say I am LOVING IT.

I still use my weekly and monthly chores. Doing two things every day, keeps me from cleaning like mad on the weekends. Sure, there are days I don’t follow through, but I also include days to catch up.

FlyLady also as five weekly missions, each day she gives you a detailed and QUICK thing to do in each area. It sounds overwhelming, but it’s not.  Today I have to remove smudges from windows and walls in my living room in QUICKLY. How simple is that? It’s quick and easy. My monthly chore is to clean the fridge and microwave and my weekly chore is to dust. I already dusted two days ago, so that’s one less thing to do. With hubby being expected to help it’s even easier. I was able to clean the fridge and microwave yesterday, so I’m ahead of the game.

Okay, so I know I am off this week, but I started this the week before spring break. Now I perfected the routine and know it will be second nature to continue this while working. Life will be easier. When you first start, you spend a few minute decluttering each day. I still have spots to declutter (hubby has boxes in the basement and garage) which I am scared to open.

The morning and evening routines are things that I pretty much do already, but I love having a list to follow. I often forget things…which is what happens with mom brain. At first I thought her “dressed to shoes” was silly, but now I understand. I am always breaking my toes and slippers do annoy me. With shoes on, I really can do anything. Quickly take out the garbage, go to the garage, or get something out of the car. When the spring and summer comes, I can go out as soon as Anthony wants.

Hubby laughs when I say I want the sink empty and shining each morning, but it really does make me feel good to walk into the kitchen or bathroom and see a shining sink. It makes me want to keep the sink empty at all times, I like to see the shine and don’t want it to ever pile up again.

Some people say there are a lot of emails, but if you create a filter for them, you can check them all at once. I create filters for most of the emails coming in, it’s easier to read a list when I have time rather than every time you get an email.

As a working mom, its not overwhelming at all, it actually helps me keep it all together. I’m lucky that my son loves to help and we make cleaning a game. So doing a simple and quick chore is fun for him and keeps his body moving-which is great for his sensory needs.

With Cozi, I use the free version. I just add birthdays as repeating yearly appointments. Cozi now works with FlyLady, so her to do lists and missions are updated on my calender.

The BEST part…each family member has a color and you can add their email to send them reminders. This is great, because hubby has to help with chores.  A few simple things each day keeps us running smooth. He also gets email reminders about family birthdays directly from the site, not me. So no more, “I didn’t know it was my mom’s birthday today.”

The mobile app is great too, works perfectly and alerts me to appointments and reminders. It’s very easy to add an appointment on either the app or website.

I print out each week, starting on a Sunday. I cross off each task as it is completed. This helps hubby see all that I do and how he has to help. It also helps me organize my time according to his work and extra hours.

cozi and flylady

Cozi Calendar with my tasks and FlyLady tasks


FlyLady opening page

print out

print out we have in kitchen

shiny sink

my shiny sink…what joy. Not bad for a small, outdated apartment.

So what do you think? Do you use either or both? Love it or hate it?

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Pinterest Ideas

So I LOVE Pinterest. Why? For ideas, of course.

I’ve heard other say that Pinterest makes you feel inadequate or makes them strive for perfection. I use Pinterest for ideas. That is the reason it was created. That was its original purpose.

When Dino and I try something and it doesn’t look the way it’s supposed, I am proud. We did it OUR way and had fun in the process.

With Dinosaur having Proprioceptive Sensory Issues, we tried one of the ideas here.


Pinterest Link:

Blog Link:

pay dough 2

I used some beads, a pizza cutter, a Lego, condiment cup, and a car.
Dinosaur was in his glory.


Dino was cutting the play dough and pretending to feed me.

play dough3

Then we added some cookie cutters and animals for more fun. This is the only time Dino will sit for about an hour and play.

box tunnel

Pinterest Link:

Blog Link:

I also tried this home made tunnel for Dino, with an empty diaper box. Unfortunately, it didn’t go over well. He decided to dump all his toys in it and tried to destroy it.

What Pinterest activities have you tried with your little ones? How did it work?

Rules of a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Before I get started on how to make the popular peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I have to explain how a movie got me on the topic.

Peter and Vandy (2009) Poster

Hubby brought home this movie. It was okay, but I fell asleep during it and didn’t really care to watch it another time. It time-jumped and was annoying and confusing.  So anyway, the reason for the movie, there was a scene when the guy, Peter, comes home after a terrible job interview and his girlfriend offers to make him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He in turn gets upset and flies off the handle, cursing and belittling her because she is making it wrong.

He rudely tells her how to make it. While yelling at her he spread the peanut butter on first, wiped it off on the other slice, then add the jelly with the same knive. NO WAY…cross contamination of peanut butter in the jelly.

I turned to my hubby and said they are both wrong. We then proceeded to have a lengthy conversation about the proper way to make a sandwich. He was in favor of two knives.

I told hubby he was WRONG and offered him a better method saving a utensil.

I spread the jelly first


Then was it off under


Next, I spread the peanut butter


Then I have only one knife to clean and I don’t have to worry about cross contamination. I need to know if I make son a sunflower and jelly sandwich for daycare, there will be no risk of peanut butter in the jelly and make those kids with allergies at risk.

How do you make your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

Cleaning Schedule This week

  • Thursday 31st dust all furniture, catch up/declutter
  • Friday 1st  charge car generator, vacuum living areas, wipe down bathroom
  • Saturday 2nd door knobs and light switches
  • Sunday 3rd wipe down bathroom, organize and declutter
  • Monday 4th change sheets and towels, clean windows and blinds (HATE cleaning the windows…have to do it though)
  • Tuesday 5th clean bathroom, wipe down table and chairs
  • Wednesday 6th vacuum bedrooms, clean out food cabinet (will save for Friday after I go shopping)

THRUSDAY 1-31 – Organization Ideas and Cleaning Schedule

cleaning chores done this week

Thurs 24th ~ dust all furniture AND Hall closet & basement shelves (dino helped me)
Fri 25th ~ baseboards in bedrooms AND vacuum bedrooms AND wipe down bathroom (dino helped me)
Sat 26th ~ doorknobs, light fixtures, and switches AND dust all fans (dino helped me…didn’t do the fans…ooops)
Sun 27th ~ declutter AND plan shopping list AND wipe down bathroom (dino helped me…need a different day to plan shopping list…grrrr )
Mon 28th  ~ change sheets AND clean fridge and microwave (dino helped me)
Tue 29th ~ clean bathroom AND wash out trash can (dino helped me…I cleaned out trash can, but hubby messed it up again…grrrrr)
Wed 1-30 ~ catch up/declutter AND vacuum living areas (dino helped me)



Do any of you use these ideas or do something similar? How does it work in your home?

organizing ideas on pinterest that I added to my “small spaces” board

Gotta stay organized ;)

I would like to try this, but afraid it will not work until hubby is on days. Though one day it might work as son gets older. I would like son to help decide on weekly menu…wishful thinking on my part?

Great Message Board Idea

I LOVE this idea and going to try it out…now just have to find some empty picture frames.

Keep track of all the goodies in your fridge and/or freezers with a dry erase marker!

I LOVE THIS and have written all over my freezer door. What a simple, but genius idea.

Elf and Penguin Decorating

I try to post about organization and cleaning on Thursdays. I am so bad with my cleaning schedule as I try to get used to my work hours. Though the hours will be increasing in January, so I will REALLY have to juggle cleaning even more. Anyway, I though it would be nice to post about Elf decoration today.

elf in bathroom

Scooby Doo and Penguin playing with toilet paper

elf on shelf

Scooby Doo and Penguin eating gummies

elf drinking juice

Scooby Doo and Penguin drinking juice

elf in basket

Scooby Doo and Penguin playing in the pen and marker basket

What silly things have your elves done?

Good News

It’s Thursday and I have a cleaning schedule idea from another blog I’d like to share. Though, before I do that I want to tell you all the good news I mentioned two weeks ago. I got a part time job. It’s less then I was hoping to get, but puts me back in the education field. It’s a bit of a commute, but it totals two and half days of work so I can still have time with Dinosaur. Possibly he may need to do three days at daycare, which I think he desperately needs. I start today, after heading over to human resources to do all their paper work.

Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.

So now on to the cleaning schedule…you know how much I love those. Over at Imperfectly Polished she did something so simple but clever. She put her cleaning schedule in a picture frame. That is sturdier than laminating and easier to switch out and change if you change your cleaning schedule. I started laughing aloud at how clever this was and wanted to smack myself for not thinking of it sooner. Go check out her blog for more ideas. 

Need HELP with Meal Planning

Before I talk about how BAD I am at meal planning, I want to say that I have ONLY one cabinet for food. I have an inventory for that cabinet, since it is well-packed, and I don’t want to lose track of the food.  The cabinet over the stove is for spices, oils, baking supplies and desserts. It helps to keep from over-buying foods, but because we are in a small apt (950 sq feet) we have limited space. Which means our fridge/freezer is old and small, but still does its job. So NO freeze ahead meals.

food cabinet, you will sort of notice wine glasses on top of the cabinet. They have been moved the shelves in the basement.

spices over stove

Hubby wants to put a small freezer in the basement, but I REFUSE to have any food items anywhere in the basement. It is dirty, smelly, moldy and unsafe for humans. Can you tell I hate the basement?

So with only a cabinet and a half for foods and a small fridge I have a hard time with meal planning. This is one area I can NOT get organized in.

Now, let me show you the other cabinets in our kitchen and how little space we actually have.

cabinet for plates, glasses, mugs, tea, and sugar

narrow cabinet for bags, garbage bags, and dog food

A few weeks ago I posted about keeping reusable towels on the kitchen shelf. I have moved them under the sink on a lift, I now use the shelf to store Dinosaur’s paintbrushes, let items dry and holiday items.

Another change I made was putting snacks above the cabinets. We don’t eat them all the time and I need more counter space.

Cabinet facing the living area for our Tupperware. Dinosaur is ALWAYS emptying out the cabinet, so it’s never organized

Now this brings me to my main point…

I STINK at meal planning.

I need to better portion hubby’s food and often forget about breakfasts and lunches.

Hubby will eat all the cold cuts in three days and leave us with nothing OR not eat any cold cuts and waste money

How do you meal plan on a TIGHT budget? 

Now that being said…I NEED HELP.

How do you all plan your weekly menus that include breakfast, lunches, dinner and snacks? How can I do that and make sure I don’t run out of almond milk, bread, eggs, and so on…?

I’ve seen sites out there, but what are YOUR favorite resources? What do you use that helps you plan meals? Like I said… I NEED HELP!

Organizng Dinosaur’s Room

Before I show you Dinosaur’s room, I’d love to show off your cleaning schedules every Thursday. Do you have one? Want to get inspired?

This schedule was made by Cassie over at Momity, I love how she added “relax” to her schedule-that is quite important. Every cleaning schedule is wonderful and fits that mom and her needs. It can be a simple weekly one or a detailed daily, weekly and monthly one. For more cleaning schedules checkout my other organization posts. You can also check out my cleaning schedule along my sidebar, I cross off each item as I complete it.

I’m a day behind on my cleaning schedule, but that just means life happens. I don’t claim to be a cleaning guru, my mother can attest to that. The main goals of my cleaning schedule are to make sure I don’t go crazy on the weekend and EVERYTHING gets cleaned and not forgotten about. I WILL get to things eventually…but always know time with family comes FIRST…no matter what. My son will not remember my cleaning schedule or how clean the kitchen floor was, he WILL remember how I twirled him around outside, roared while I played dinosaurs, and how much fun we had playing hide and seek in our home.


Now onto Dinosaur’s room.

Well, I love how the closet it set up, I have space for two types of shelves in there. We had to put the crib in front of the left door, but it moves easily enough if we need to open that door. I tried to organizable it based on need. The metal racks holds toys that I rotate and our out of season items. The bookshelf holds clothes that are out of season but he still wears, like that pile of shorts hidden by the chart paper, we could have a sudden hot day. I am not packing them away for another week.  I also keep trucks that I can’t fit in his other organizer shown below, books and shoes hidden in a basket on the bottom shelf. Dinosaur loves being able to go in his closet and get what he needs. I hang in season clothes on hangers, as well as, outerwear. On the shelves above the hangers are TONS of diapers and wipes and the pieces that change his crib into a day bed.

The toy organizer labels have changed as Dinosaur has gown and outgrew toys. I used hubby’s label machine to label the bins for hubby or anyone else helping Dino clean up. I have had to help Dino find a toy that was put in the wrong bin ONE TOO MANY TIMES. I also printed off a large picture of each type of toy and taped it to the inside of the bin. I want Dinosaur to know where his toys go when it’s time to clean up. He is really good about this and will tell you if a toy is NOT in the right place. Some bins are blank as we have miscellaneous items that may change too quickly. As long as his dinosaurs, trees and rocks, big and small cars, Disney Cars, and robots have a home he is good.

not sure if you can see the big robot picture taped to the bottom of the bin

His dresser also has both labels…for Dino and others. I want him to start picking out his clothes and putting them away. He has a drawer for socks, underwear and undershirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants, long sleeve shirts and pants, pajamas and diapers-which I have NOT labeled yet. He is pretty good about putting away his clothes. I only keep a few pants and shirts in that one drawer and the rest I keep in the closet. I will rotate them so he doesn’t wear out just a few. Of course his church clothes always hang in the closet…I can’t have him stain them up by wearing them everyday.

have to peel the old label off the handle, but that tape is on there really good

This is actually MY dresser from when I was a teenager. My parents and in-laws offered to buy him a new furniture set, but I refused. What is wrong with using my STILL IN FAIRLY GOOD CONDITION dresser? He is only three years old, he does NOT need new furniture or a desk until middle school/teen years. He has a great crib that will transition into a day bed, what else does he really need?