As you may realize about me already, I like to create my own forms. I have one for my budget and now need it more than ever that I am unemployed. I created my on an excel spreadsheet.

I love using excel, I can create formulas to add or subtract amounts of money. I put in FALSE amounts of money, wishful thinking, so you can play around with the sheet and see how it works. I really like using excel for my budget, I can add a sheet for each month and then create a chart to see how much money I have spent on certain items in a year. Pretty cool, right?


Hubby doesn’t budget, no matter how hard I convinced him. He has his set ways doing things…spending money and paying bills, then complaining when he suddenly has no money for another bill or something of equal importance. But, if it works for him then who am I to complain, LOL *rolls eyes*

What do you use for your budget? Do you budget?


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How are you doing with your cleaning schedule? I’m a little BEHIND…Dinosaur was in such a mood yesterday, so I have double chores to catch up on. Thankfully he’s in school today.

Cheap Organization

Living in a small space forces you to get organized. One way I did this was by creating my Home Central Binder with the help of Simplify 101.All you do is sign up and get all the details you need for getting organized in a binder. I have the following sections; activities, daycare, Anthony, Karen, Tony, Restaurants, entertainment, upcoming events, addresses, emergency, insurance, miscellaneous, holidays, cool ideas, birthdays. I try to put things in there immediately, but sometimes I forget. I still need to update my emergency section and upcoming events.

Then created my own personal organizer. Firstly, because I needed to get rid of my smart phone and the wonderful calendar in it. Second, the ones in stores are too expensive and I don’t want to pay for refills.

So I came up with this sheet. I keep one on our bulletin board and one in my personal binder. I use this sheet weekly house schedule

to organize each week with our family. It’s a chore to get hubby to remember to fill it out. When he does it makes life easy all around. I need know dates in advance, so I made this 2012_yearly_calendar_sep_1-1FOR BLOG  with Microsoft word templates. I also love the free printables form from Organized Home They are great to print out or give me ideas to make my own forms.

How do you keep organized? What organizing websites do you LOVE?


From now on to save on post space I added my cleaning schedule to a page, you will see what I have done and what I am terribly behind in.

Dinosaur Mommy’s Cleaning Schedule

What’s your cleaning agenda today?


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Tiny Bathroom UPDATE

Last week I posted about our tiny bathroom and asked for some ideas, and I got great ones. My mom found a four pocket organizer for the door, which works perfectly. I use it to store all my personal products, makeup and hair accessories.  

I ripped off the sink skirt, it was being pulled by Dinosaur’s feet each time he washed his hands. Instead I used a big basket to store all my hand towels and washcloths. I put it on top of a metal shelf so the basket doesn’t get wet in case of a flood and to keep my hairdryer under the basket. Even with a messy hubby and Dinosaur the towels don’t get wet, which makes me happy. Cool right? I’m a genius.

Then I gave hubby the space above our only cabinet, over our toilet. He has two fabric boxes to store all his razors, and other manly items that are an eye sore for the bathroom, LOL

Across from the toilet is a shelf my father put up. It holds decorative washcloths, air freshener, and disinfectant wipes. The decorative hand towels are right below it. I wanted to get a picture of my shower liner with the pockets, but it was hard to get a good picture in such a small space.

Our body towels have always been in the two lower drawers of this wicker basket. The top draw was for the wash cloths and towels, but now hides all of Balboa’s leashes, extra toys and accessories. The top two shelves are our “junk drawer” of sorts. Since we don’t have space in the kitchen, this seemed like the best spot. We do have a cordless phone, but need this phone if we lose power; we still have a land line. The basket does cut into the doorway of our bedroom, but now we are used to that. The shiny object in both photos is just Balboa’s reflective collar, glad to know it works, LOL.

(see Mom…three days later and it’s still looking great!)

What do you all think? Did I do a good job? What would you have done differently?



run washing machine if full
put away dried clothes
clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur

dust all furniture

declutter and organize

What’s your cleaning agenda today?
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Tiny Bathroom and Cleaning Schedules

We  have tiny bathroom, it goes without saying when you have a 950 sq foot apartment. Needless, to say I love our cozy little place. While it is small, there is less chance of collecting useless clutter

The hand and show towels are behind the door on the left. You can see the sink skirt on the right.

View from the tub.

We originally hung towels over the door, but they didn’t get enough air and got smelly. I am going to buy an over the door clear plastic shoe rack for storage. Any suggestions what I should put in there? I don’t want it to look too messy or cluttered.
We already have a pocket shower liner, where we keep Dinosaur’s toys, gels, soaps, razors, and hair products.

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A Kitchen One Size Too Small

I wanted to share some more pics of my small apartment how I set it up and organize the small space.

 This is our tiny kitchen, it looks bigger in the picture for some reason.
If we need to get in the fridge, the main door has to close. If I am standing at the stove or sink,
the other person has limited room in the kitchen.

We have a lovely shelf over the sink, with a window that opens. I keep our kitchen towels and cleaning rags and some garlic in a bag. Oh and after I bought some overly expensive kitchen rags from Kohl’s (at least I think they are expensive
Then I saw this post about reusable paper towels
 I cut up two of my old shirts and am going to see what hubby can donate to our kitchen. 
We used to keep snacks on the shelf, but the great sunlight was drying them out. We can’t even
keep snacks on the fridge, because the appliance is very old and generates too much heat 
and snacks were melting. 
So now we keep snacks next to our stove, not the best place since the grease gets all over them, but I have no other spot for them. I usually just move them over when the burner is on. Can you spot the two Ragu jars I am using for snack containers. Why buy more containers, when I can reuse? 
Saw this post on how to organize your home on a low budget


Also got this idea from organizing made funUsing storage for all of Dinosaur’s art and sticker supplies was a space and life saver. We keep it on the back of his bedroom door. I also use the idea in our closet. Both hubby and I share a closet, on the back of each door, we have a shoe orgaznier. In it we keep our undergarments and socks. It saves so much space and makes it easier to spot what you want to wear. I WON’T be showing you a pic of my unmetionavbles, sorry. 

What are some great organizing ideas you found online and use? 
Have any great tips you want to share?

run washing machine if full, put away dried clothes, clean up disaster areas from Hurricane Dinosaur
dust all furniture
pick one spot and organize it
What’s your cleaning agenda today? 
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Loving my small apartment

Living in a 950 square foot apartment has its challenges, but we I prefer this space to our former 1200 square foot condo. We rent the lower apartment of a two-story house and share a big driveway and two-car garage. The woman upstairs is very quiet, we sometimes forget that she is upstairs.

The best part of our apartment,

1. LOTS of outdoor space for Anthony to run around. Before we only really had a parking lot, small grass patch and a beaten down playground. Now he can ride his tricycle in the driveway, play catch with daddy, draw with sidewalk chalk, and find worms (which he is currently obsessed with).

pretending he is “Mike the Knight”
pretending the sticks are worms and crawling on his bench

shared driveway looking out to street

lawn on other side of house

2. We have a washer and dryer, after tens years of having to go up and down stairs and into another building, we FINALLY have our own washer and dryer. This alone made the apartment a must have for us. It’s in a small closet without room to organize around it, but I LOVE IT. LOVE IT. We just throw clothes, sheets and towels into the washing machine and when it fills up we run the wash. No, I don’t separate. After hauling laundry up and down for ten years we didn’t have the time to separate. Everything gets washed together, then we hang up the dedicates and dry the regular clothes. Having the washer and dryer is in the bedroom, putting away laundry is a breeze.

3.  I love that I can sit on the couch and watch him play in his room while I clip coupons and watch TV.  Or, when I’m cooking in the kitchen I can see him in the living room. Dinosaur loves that he can see me too, gives him a sense of security.While our condo had more indoor space, he could never see me from his bedroom and I think that is why he ended up always playing in the living room.  

Can you spot Dinosaur in the living room?

This doesn’t mean that dinosaur’s toys haven’t taken over the living room. They are all over the place, but he enjoys spending more time in his room now that he can see me.

The toys somehow crawl out of his room and onto my couches.

even with all those cars, he knows if one is missing
couch cover ripped off and turned into magical hideaway for cars.

Apartment Therapy has given me inspiration on how to utilize and love living in a small space. There are great ideas on organizing, space saving, and keeping kids happy in a small space.

Now, hubby has had the hardest time adjusting to the smaller space, but he is the glass as half empty kind of guy. Basically he’s a pack rat and will keep things he no longer needs just to have them. Most of the items in our basement and our side of the garage are his. I made him throw a ton of stuff out, but he still has more than me. Future Thursday posts I’ll show you how much more closet space he has than me and all the kitchen appliances he has but doesn’t use.

So, what do you love about your space, whether it’s too big, too small, or just right.

Mommy Cleaning Schedule

Over the years I have seen several sites that offer strategies and cleaning routines. Me being me, I need to always create my own that caters to MY needs. Therefore, I created my own easy to use cleaning schedule. I like to do two/three things a day (besides the needed daily routines like washing dishes and tidying up).

So my cleaning schedule is below. I have laminated it and keep it next to my door in my small kitchen. I check off each task I complete and when it’s filled up I erase and start over.

I adjusted it for our new apartment, since our 1200sq foot condo had more space to cover. Though, 950sq feet is harder to clean, because one thing out of place makes the entire space look messy.

I have a crazy three year old dinosaur and by no means expect things to be REALLY tidy. Life with my guy has taught me to just let it be. He WILL break the curtain rod, he WILL break the wicker basket, he WILL break the plexiglass cover over the screen door.

I teach him to clean up after himself and so that he feels better about hsi space. If it’s messy he will feel messy too. It seems to help, he can find his toys and relaxes in organization.