My Favorite Italian Foods

Top Ten Thursday 

Top Ten Favorite Italian Foods

In no particular order. Yes, pizza is good, but I wanted to list foods that I don;’t always get to eat.

  1. Zeppoles: Italian pastry consisting of a deep-fried dough ball


2. Tiramasu

recipe image

Source: COoking With Nonna


3. Anisette Cookies

anisette cookies

SOURCE: Italian Dessert Recipes


4. Ricotta Cheese Cookies

ricotta cheese cookies

SOURCE: Italian Dessert Recipes


5. Fried Calamari

Fried Calamari

SOURCE: Giada de Laurentis


6. Polenta

COLLAGE polenta and eggand cheese


polenta, sauce, sausage, cheese Collage


7. Chicken Parmigiana

SOURCE: My Italian Grandma


8. Mussels and Pasta

Italian Mussels & Pasta

SOURCE: Eating Well


9. Gnochi

Potato Gnocchi

SOURCE: Simply Recipes


10. Easter Meat Pie

SOURCE: King Arhtur Flour


Love or Hate Blogging Challenges

Top Ten Thursday 

Top Ten Things I love / hate about blogging challenges

  1. Hate when I fear I won’t get out my post on time.
  2. Love when I can schedule a post not only on my blog, but also on Hootsuite so it posts on all my social media.FREE TYPING
  3. Hate not coming up with an instant idea for the prompt and spending days trying ot think of what I will write. Or when I do write, it’s not good enough and I have to change it all up.
  4. Love getting an instant idea for a prompt and my fingers canpt type fast enough.FREE TYPING
  5. Hate that I can’t get to read and comment on all other posts in the challenge as soon as possible
  6. Love reading all the other posts
  7. Hate when other bloggers don’t have their social media buttons linked up to easily share their writing. It makes it difficult to share their work and link them to the post.
  8. Love when other bloggers have their social media buttons linked up to easily share their work and attach them to the post.
  9. Hate running out of ideas to give out as prompts FREE TYPING
  10. Love reading blogs and remember the prompts I gave. It;s such a nice surprise to see what I wrote and how the blogger used it for her own idea.

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