I Keep Going

city-people-walking-blurI haven’t participated in a while and thought its about time I contributed.


hosted by Kristi and Michelle (who thought of today’s sentence)

After a hard day’s work…I keep going. 

Yes, it never ends…not even when I put my head down on my pillow to sleep. My mind keeps spinning a list of all the things I must do the next day, and the day after, and so on…

It all begins with me leaving for work about 6:40 in the morning and starting my 70 mile round trip commute. As an itinerant reading specialist, I often travel to various schools.   It’s a long drive, but at least I can listen books on tape and try to enjoy the ride.

When I finally arrive in my town, I can’t go home.

Why? Well we live on a main road and next to stop sign. The traffic going to the stop sign is horrendous from three to well after five, just when I need to get my son. If I go home for a bit, then try to leave again, chances are it will take some time to get back out. The wait often turns into ten or fifteen minutes. Other drivers, even thought they aren’t moving, will inch up and refuse to let me go…it’s really sad. Let me say there are some sweet people out there who will let you go…thank you!!!!

Therefore I choose to either stay a bit later at work and then drive to my son’s daycare to pick him up. Other times I pick up a few items for the local health food store or stop by the library to get the latest book I put on hold.

“Hold on…didn’t you say your kid was in kindergarten?”

Yes he is, but I don’t make it back in time to pick up him. I don’t want to say I will get him and then not make it back in time. Instead I like knowing the daycare picks him up and brings him back there. It’s a great way for him to decompress after being in school all day.

Once I get him then get home a little after 5 pm, the craziness begins. All within in a few hours I have to…

  • empty out his lunch bag and clean it
  • empty out my lunch bag and clean it
  • make lunch and snacks for him
  • make my lunch and snacks
  • see what he has in his backpack
  • get out of my clothes and into panamas…after being in my clothes since 6 am I want out!
  • make side dishes to go with the (hopefully already prepared the night before) main dish
  • go over his homework and read books
  • get my clothes ready for tomorrow
  • try to put away growing pile of clothes on laundry rack
  • wash and dry clothes and towels
  • get his clothes ready for tomorrow
  • cook a main course for the next night
  • compromise and argue about cleaning up and getting ready for bed
  • getting him cleaned and ready for bed
  • cleaning up the living room
  • getting his teeth brushed in bed
  • reading a book or two
  • rubbing his back and having some special cuddle time

This does not include the days I have late meetings, when I take him to karate (and get home even later), or the time I spend on lesson planning.

By the time I get to bed, I lay down and fall right to sleep, only to wake back up because my brain is going a mile a minute.

So after a hard day’s work, I come home and work some more. At least I can work in my pajamas.

How would you finish the sentence, After a hard day’s work…