Let’s Get Organized

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Pinterest Ideas: play dough and tunnels

FlyLady and Cozi:

I used to have my own cleaning schedule, but now I am FLYing with the FLYLADY. She has changed my life, the way I feel about cleaning, keeping my apartment clean and uncluttered, and the way I interact with my family.

I use Cozi Calendar to keep myself and my family organized…they banded together and I am beyond happy. Once you get it all set up…your life will be forever changed for the better.

I’m Flying

Clipping Curtains and the FlyLady

FlyLady and Cozi Calendar

Cozi Calendar Love

Still FLYing

Thankful for my Small Space


A Kitchen One Size Too Small

Loving my small apartment

Mommy Cleaning Schedule

Tiny Bathroom and Cleaning Schedules

Tiny Bathroom UPDATE

Cheap Organization


Organizing Dinosaur’s Room

Need Help with Meal Planning

Good News

My Meal Plan

Drying Rack

Rules of a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Organization Idea and Cleaning Schedule

Elf and Penguin Decorating


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