New Products and Store Frustrations

I found this new product, well it’s new to me. I have always liked Skippy peanut butter, but can’t always bring it to daycare since they restrict peanut products. At home I can eat it every day for lunch; adding apples, bananas, mangoes and other fruits to the sandwich to mix it up and add nutritional value. I’ve used a … Continue reading

Five Question Friday

1. What is the funniest thing you saw on Facebook/twitter this week?  I like all the fake greeting cards, they crack me up. This is one of my favorites. I crack up every time I read it.     2. What is your favorite Olympic event? I find the diving and sprints amazing. I am not athletic at all and am in … Continue reading

Never again will I…

…let hubby plan and book a vacation, no matter how hard he pleads to help me. Hubby  meant well, but we are staying at the hotel in hell. He booked a package deal for Sesame Place and got the hotel in the worst part of town with NO pool. What was he thinking.. or rather NOT thinking? The first room … Continue reading

Pineapple Pancakes and Egg Cupcakes

Yes, pancakes again…but this time with pineapples. YES, pineapples. They were delicious and perfect. I cut the pineapples into tiny slices and added them into the batter. I did my usual mashed banana’s in the syrup. Dinosaur loved them, even my picky dad ate some.  More leftovers into eggs, only this time I have dinosaur calling them “Egg Cupcakes”. Mom’s … Continue reading