Proud Mommy

Cashier at the grocery store said my son had good manners and was on the right path. Then she said it was a reflection of his mom. I almost cried. Every mom wants to hear that. I want my son to be that kid that every loves and other parents know he’d a good kid. So glad that ours evident … Continue reading

REUSING Shoe boxes

So, after seeing so many great craft ideas on Pinterest, I was struck with an idea for shoe boxes.I took brown construction paper and drew roads and trees on it with chalk.  Then I taped it on the shoe boxes with packaging tape to keep it from getting wet or ripped. Son loves them and uses them every day to … Continue reading

Crunchy Sandwich

Superhero Dinosaur loves eating ham sandwiches, but they get boring. So I decided to spruce them up and make them fun. by simply grating carrot and cucumber onto the sandwich, it gives it a coleslaw like flavor. There’s a great crunch to the sandwich and son goes crazy for it. I’ve also added apples and pears. *As mom’s we have … Continue reading